The Sapphire beast

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Chapter 4

England, London

He was not alone, some woman is with him. She has extremely beautiful, fiery red hair, skinny, tall and she is filled in all the right places. She held his hand and is not let go some time soon, and she looked at him as if he were some kind of god. Why that scene struck me so much, I hated her at this point, but why when I don't even know her. I feel so jealous and I don't even know why, and this feeling scares me. "Persephone, come let us take a picture and then find our seats," I jumped at her voice."Here I come," I reluctantly looked away from him and joined Scarlett to take a picture.

"I'm calling you like some crazy person and you're not even responding," I looked at the floor, a little embarrassed."I'm sorry, Scarlett, I've wandered off a bit," she didn't believe me."I saw who you were looking at, the man who came with Valeria," I averted my eyes at her comment. "Don't be a crazy woman, of course I didn't look at him, and why should I when I don't even know him?" her look told me you can't lie to me.

When we finished taking our pictures we continued on to the ballroom and the butlers served us champagne and directed us to our seats, saying that dinner would be served soon.

Our table was right next to the stage where the orchestra was located and they were playing classical music at the moment. I took a moment to admire the decorations a bit more, I saw how many people are actually here and I started to get a little anxious, "Persephone, are you okay, your hands are shaking", I didn't even realize that my hands were shaking until Scarlett put her hand on my to calm me down a little bit.

"I'm a little better now, thank you. But you have no reason to worry," I laughed. "Okay but if you feel sick any further, tell me we'll go out to get air a little bit," I gave her a look of gratitude. She continued to talk to someone who was approaching our table.

While she was talking to someone I continued to admire the ballroom.

Large windows stretched from the entrance of the ballroom all the way behind the orchestra that now plays one of Bach's compositions. Through the window you can see a garden with various roses and lanterns to light the way if someone wants to walk around the garden.

Inside the ballroom, tables were set up to go around the dance floor. There is also an exit from the ballroom that leads to a beautiful garden. The ballroom is decorated with various light bulbs and flowers that hang by huge windows, and the light bulbs look like small fireflies. I couldn't even imagine how much was invested in all this.

At one point I felt Scarlet push me with her elbow to get my attention, "Yes, Scarlett?"I asked her. "We have guests dear," she muttered through her teeth, and of course I didn't notice it because I was admiring the decorations. I looked up to see who it was. I did not expect this scene at all, nor could I have imagined such a similar scenario to happen.

"Its nice to meet you, I'm Valerio," he said as he extended his hand to me. He looks nicer up close, like everyone else,he wore a black suit with a tie and a mask that matched his suit and Scarlett was right, he looks like he's going to the gym, I have to tell her that later. After kissing my hand he returned to his original position. His gaze is on Scarlet, who grinned like a small child. "I'm Svetlana, it's a pleasure," she said with a fake smile. Her dress was emerald green, which went very well with her red hair. The dress itself was so extravagant. She looked enchanting in her and I couldn't help but notice a little more provocatively. she had thin straps and a deep "V" look, so that her breasts would be prominent.And I was right, she didn't detach herself from him or let him out of her sight. "Persephone, my pleasure," I said sharper than I intended.

It was his turn to introduce himself, my mysterious gentleman. He was also dressed in a black suit but unlike Valero he had a black shirt and no tie or bowtie and in that moment my heart seemed to want to jump out of my chest. And again, as if time stood still around us, as if there was no one in this world except us. But at that moment, my phone rang, which broke the illusion. I took it out of my purse to see who was calling me, "Excuse me, I have to answer this." I headed for the exit that leads to the garden.

"Is that my beautiful niece?" My uncle asked me. He is a war doctor who is currently in Afghanistan. "Uncle, how are you, how is it there?" I worry about him always, because it is not safe there because of the war that is still going on. "Yes, don't worry. I called to congratulate you," what he meant was not clear to me. "What exactly are you congratulating me on?" I asked him. "Well, on your article, which you wrote a couple of months ago, they published it." I can't believe I forgot about it. "Thank you, it means a lot to me," tears of joy welled up in my eyes. "I have to go now little one, they need me here, I'll call you again when the situation here calms down a bit," he said a little busy. "I love you and take care of yourself there," I said a little sadly.

The connection was broken, I hugged the phone to my chest and sent a small prayer that nothing happens to him while he is there. I headed back to the ball, and on the way back I thought about the article, I still can't believe they published it. It wasn't badly written but I didn't even think it was good enough to be published. "Is everything all right, you rushed out of here in a hurry," Scarlett asked me anxiously. And then I noticed that I had already reached our table and that everyone was looking at me like I was a little crazy. "Don't worry honey, it's good news actually," I told her excitedly. "So let me hear what it's about, don't keep me in suspense," she said with the smile playing on her face. "Uncle John just called me and congratulated me. They published my article for the poem 'Having a CoCo with you,' which I wrote a few months ago and sent," she jumped into my arms. "That's good news, I'm so proud of you. We have to celebrate it now, my dear," she said as she called out to the waiter, I tried to stop her before she calls the waiter, "No, we're going to celebrate now. You were trying so hard to write that article, be proud of yourself," she said encouragingly, and she kept on calling the waiter. There's no way I'm going to divert her from that idea, she's too stubborn. "Scarlett is right Persephona , now is the right time to celebrate something like that," Svetlana said, interrupting my thoughts.

"We have to celebrate that success, don't you agree with me, love," Svetlana asked my mysterious gentleman. "Don't you agreed at this point. He rolled his eyes,"It is her choice whether she wants to celebrate now or later. And I would say that she certainly does not want to celebrate something like that in the company of unknown people. " His voice sounds hoarse, a bit deep. It's husky, and I can't say I didn't like it, I liked it very much. But I can feel the anger in his voice. Why is he angry I wonder, did something happen while I was not presant or maybe he is angry at me for some reason. But that cannot be right, right?

I couldn't think too much about it now, because the waiter with approaching with a bottle of champagne. We took a glass of champagne poured for us by our waiter. "Well, let's make a toast to my extraordinary friend Persephone, for the first of many articles published. Congratulations, my dear. Cheers," she said proudly, and I even saw tears of joy in her eyes. "Congratulations Persephone, you should be proud," Valerio said with a smile, but that smile was more addressed to Scarlett than to me. "Thank you, Valerio, it means a lot to me. And thank you Scarlett, because you I wouldn't sent that e-mail,and none of this would happen, "as I took a sip of champagne." Congratulations, it's a very nice achievement, especially because you're so young",Svetlana said in a mocking tone. Or so it seems to me. But I don't want to pay attention to that, I'm too happy to let something like that affect me right now.

He didn't say anything, he didn't even look in my direction. But it's not like I expected something like that from him. I sat down next to Scarlett and told myself I wouldn't pay attention to him.

The evening was divine, the music was extraordinary and the food was excellent. This is definitely a night to remember. Everyone was talking, laughing, telling funny stories from childhood. Occasionally I would add something too but mostly I kept silent and listened to their stories or listened to some composition that I liked at the moment.

There was a Bach composition that I could not recognize. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Valerio getting up and adjust his tie as he was approaching Scarlett. "Can I ask you for this dance?" He asked her, and I could seen that Scarlett was speechless for a moment but soon regained her composure and told him. "Yes you may," she told him as she held out her hand for him to take it. And he took her to the dance floor.He bowed, and took her in his arms. Her hand was on his shoulder and his around her waist. He drew her so close to him that there was nothing between them, not even the air. They moved gracefully across the podium, swaying to the rhythm of Bach's music. They look like a real couple at the moment, but I just hope she doesn't fall in love with him to much. They are from two different worlds, from two different countries. But who am I to judge, it may be something that will last forever.Who knows.

"Will you invite me to dance?" I turned my head to see what it was all about. Svetlana sits facing him. She expects him to invite her to dance, but he was on his phone I presume doing some business, his expression is cold. It's like he's ignoring her while typing something on his phone. She didn't give up, "I'm not interested in dancing, go ask someone else," he snapped coldly. She is furious and at that moment you could see the steam coming out of her ears. Demonstratively, she got up and went in some direction. Probably to find someone else to ask to dance with her.

I better not look in their direction anymore, lest I need is stick my nose in someone else's business. I turned my attention back to Scarlett and Valerio, but they were nowhere to be seen. They must have sneaked out somewhere to be a little alone and have privacy. I will definitely have to ask her later what happened and where they went.

I heard something happening behind me again so I turned to see what it was all about now. The mysterious gentleman got up from the table and headed somewhere. He must have gone to find his better half who was here somewhere. And I was left alone at that moment and so I decided to take a little walk in the garden.

The garden looked beautiful and these roses are enchanting. They certainly use a lot of things when they keep them looking like this. A few meters away is a labyrinth and from a distance you can see it decorated with the same small light bulbs as the windows in the ballroom. I headed for the maze to see what it looked like up close. As I approached the maze I heard someone arguing. They say curiosity killed the cat, but technically it doesn't apply to humans. And curiosity killed me a little. So I came closer and heard his familiar voice.

"Don't you ever think of addressing her like that in the future, do you understand Svetlana, know your place," he said, not holding back his anger as he shouted at her. "I understand, but why are you acting like that , she is not one of us ... ", before she could finishe her sentence I ran back to the ballroom.

My mind was spinning, what was that supposed to mean, "She's not one of us," and what she meant when she said it.

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