The Loss of Her Mate. Ella's Story

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She Lost everything, She left home, to find herself once again. After the Death of her beloved Mate and their unborn child. Mirabella (Ella for short). Left her pack, her family and moved across the country. She is in for a journey that no one could have seen coming. How does this Young She-wolf handle the loss of her Mate, Her Child? One Name Say's it All Beth. See how Ella gets Beth and learn what it mean's to move forward not let go but move forward.

Fantasy / Romance
Aloura LaFay
Age Rating:

Chapter 1. Ella

I watch as they lower him into the Ground, My heart breaks. He was my whole world. My Mate. We have been dating for two years now, he found out when he turned eight-teen, three years before I did, he had five years to love me. I got two whole years. Not only did I lose my mate and husband. I lost my unborn son. The future beta of our pack. I look up as I hear the voice of our Alpha, Marco Nightingale, also known as my Brother, I blame him and our father, I can’t take my anger out on Father he died in the same fight as my Jack.

“Aron Jackson (Jack as he preferred ) Jones, was not Only my Beta, or my brother-in-law.” He says looking at me. I turn my head “but my brother and best friend. He died trying to save my father.” His voice breaks for a moment. “Bella, I am so sorry.” He says. After that, I can no longer listen. I just stand up and run. I make it to mine and Jack’s home, run to my room and grab a backpack. I move to our closet, remove all the clothing I can, and one of Jack’s favorite sweaters. I opened the safe we have, it has more than enough money to start over. We were saving to care for the baby. I might be the Alpha’s sister and him the beta. But we wanted to do everything on our own as much as possible. I pull the file that Cantante’s all the baking information.

Once everything is collected and ready to go. I move to the desk in his office. I remove my favorite photo from its frame. I place a call to the bank and have them pull everything and let them know I will be retrieving it shortly. They are a bank run by the pack but humans work there. And since the whole pack is here no one will even know.

I pull out a sheet of paper.

Dear Alpha,

I am leaving. I can not be here anymore. The day they died was the day I died. I not only lost my mate, but I also lost my child all because you and Father wanted more land and could not stop. I am done. Don’t come looking for me Marco. Because I promise I will never forgive you.


I Love you, Never forget that.


I am sorry I was not at home when you came back. I am sorry for leaving you, I know that my leaving is going to hurt. But I have no choice, little sister. I just can’t.


It takes me an hour to reach our border. I say the words that cut my bond to my family and pack.

“I Mirabella Marie Nightingale Jone’s hereby cut all ties to the nightingale pack.” I feel the pack link break. And before Marco can reach me on the family link I cut it off. “Sorry willow but I can’t be here.”

She whimpers “I get it, Bella.”

“How about we shorten it more just Ella from now on.” She nods her head.

I have been running for hours when I come across a woman who can’t be much younger than me standing at a tree looking around. The she-wolf keeps peeking out from behind trees. She all of a sudden turns and lets out a gasp. I raise my hand “Sorry I didn’t know I was this close to another pack.”

She smiles “No it’s ok and I am actually outside the pack borders.” I raise an eyebrow. “My Mate is Alpha Shade, I am hiding because he says that now that I am his Luna I need to come out of my shell, But I don’t want to. I want to go back to being invisible. And I don’t want a mate. I just turned 18” I look down. And huff. “Come hear.” She looks worried. “Don’t worry I won’t hurt you. My name is Ella. What’s yours? ``Rose″ She says shyly.

“Not to sound mean or anything, but you should give him a break. Alphas are very territorial, and Well The Alpha King is more territorial than the rest I am sure. My Mate…” I pause trying not to cry. “My mate died a few days ago in a pack-on-pack fight. I would give anything to have him back. Anything, you’re lucky that Alpha Shade is known for being benevolent.”

She smiles and Huffs. “Where are you going?”

“Anywhere but home.’

“Stay with me at the pack.”

“What will your Alpha say.” She shrugs.

The Alpha never even sees me but gives me permission to stay when I give my name to his Beta. He knows my brother and has agreed to not tell my brother until I have already moved on. I think it was His mate, Rose.

It’s been two weeks and I am packing my bag. I found out that there is a town in Georgia that has no supernatural anywhere close. So I have decided that is what I want, Willow has agreed. So we are packing. I have already had all my Money transferred to a new account. A human bank there. Once I have finished packing I make my way with my back to see Rose and let her know that I am off.

I knock on her door, “Rose” I Wait a bit then hear

“Come in” When I get in her hair is all over, the room reeks of sex, I hear the Shower. “Well I take it you are good now” She nods her head. “I am taking off, I’ll keep in touch,” I say to her, moving to give her a hug.

“Are you sure you don’t want to stay? You can, you know. Adam has already said you could”

“No, I want to be on my own for a while. I’ll call when I get settled.” I move to the door just as the shower turns off. “I am leaving now,” I say with a chuckle.

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