The Neophyte series: The Adept (3)

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Wynona's Warning


I flipped through page after page, searching for anything that could give us the upper-hand against the Necromancer and her cultists. I didn’t have much time and I was skimming through books, in hopes to find an answer. Instead, I found in one of my books, an in-depth study of the forbidden spell; the Necrocall.

A couple of quick raps on the door of my office. Wynona’s voice from the other side asked if she could enter. I replied with an affirmation.

“Good, you’re here,” she said, closing the door behind her. Then she scanned the office before asking in a half-whisper, “Is Heidi here?”

“She’s gone to join the Adepts and Virtuosos in the North Wing,” I replied, shutting the book. “Are you looking for her?”

“No, just asking.” She laid out a map of the Academy on my desk. “We’ll need a strategy.”

I hovered over to see her X’s scribbled all over it—two in blue and the rest in red. She explained her battle strategy, placing every ten Virtuosos to twenty Adepts. She also said we might need more, so the Acolytes and Neophytes would be on stand-by. She pointed a finger to a blue X at the West wing, “I will be stationed here while you”—she moved her finger to the East wing—“will be here.”

I nodded. “What about the South?”

“We have scouts on the ground, saying that the djinns are gathered closer to the North. But I have three of them ready at the South, especially around the nurse’s office. Which reminds me; we’ll need more nurses.”

I studied the map. The guardians should have placed themselves at the posts by now.

She exhaled. I turned to her and waited but her mind seemed far away.

“Are you all right, Wynona?”

She snapped back to reality. “I went to find out about Heidi’s family and if she had any connection with Dean Ryans.”

I knitted my eyebrows, “And why would you do that? We know what we all need to know about her history. That was the Vampires’ job.”

Wynona shook her head, violet eyes darting back and forth. “It’s not just that. I also found out that Heidi and Dean aren’t the only ones with dark energy in them. But the others who did, unfortunately did not survive to tell their story.”

I leaned against my desk and folded my arms. “I’m not seeing your point—“

“Heidi is currently the only survivor, which makes her the last woman standing. Synto will do all it can to take it back...unless she starts manifesting the energy herself.”

I stared at her. “I don’t follow.”

Wynona wiped her face, frustrated and restless. “Tristan, she’s dangerous. She’s a bigger threat than the Necromancer herself.”

I thought I misheard her but I knew I did not. Those words were loud and clear. “And why would Heidi be dangerous? Hasn’t she proven time and time again that she isn’t Dean Ryans? Hasn’t she helped save us from many dangers? She’s on our side, Wynona.”


“You’re sounding just like Commissioner Clarke. She’s been selflessly helping us look for the missing people—your husband being one of them—and you say she’s dangerous?”

Wynona inhaled and exhaled. Then she closed the distance between us, maintaining her gaze up at me. “Tristan, you must remember your Sage’s oath. We are to protect the realms; especially the Magic realm and everything in it. If the time comes, and I’m not saying that it will, but if it comes, you’ll have to fulfil your oath.”

I dreaded to know where this was going.

Wynona continued, “I know you love her but if she becomes what we’re all dreading, then I’m afraid you’ll have to put your feelings aside and do what’s best.”

“This is Heidi we’re talking about,” I rebutted. “There is no proof that she’ll use her dark energy.”

“Dean Ryans is proof.”

“Dean Ryans was already halfway out the door the moment he learned spellcasting. He never had good in him.”

Wynona sighed. “Just promise me, Tristan, that between saving the world and saving Heidi, you’ll choose what is right for the three realms.”

I did not offer any reply. She whirled on her heels and walked right out the door.

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