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The Neophyte series: The Virtuoso (4)

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Rumours of Dean Ryans' return float around as he plants seeds of distrust and chaos within the seams of Orchidville. Tristan and the other Sages find a way to stop him before he gets to Heidi. Heidi, on the other hand, struggles to suppress her past as they return to haunt her. Will Tristan be able to save her in time before her past completely consumes her? This book is 4th part to the 5-part The Neophyte series.

Fantasy / Thriller
Dina Syariza
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I dreamt about his red eyes every night. They chased me in my sleep and sometimes when I was awake.

I admit that I had been avoiding a lot of people—including the two that I was closest to. Wynona advised me to seek them out when I needed help but for now, I couldn’t face them.

It was like facing my past and everything that represented it.

Anger was an understatement. My father made them promise something without giving me a choice. His decision came from a place of love and protection but all I inside felt was a storm.

Vicky had tried to reach out to me several times but I ignored her calls. She did save my life from her lunatic boyfriend who not only tried to kill me, but also tried to convince me it was a good idea.

Like I said, I dreamt about his eyes red every night.

However, there was one face that I could not summon in my dreams. Perhaps if I did, I would not forgive myself for the disappointment I had caused him despite his willingness to sacrifice his oath in order to protect me.

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