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The Shadow of a Rainbow: Book 1 -- The Academy

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The world has been aware of the existence of supernatural powers and entities for quite a long time. However, with the coming surge in their appearance in the newest generation of children, almost no-one agrees with the acceptance of them. One of these people is a demon called Ms. Ty, who runs a school on a secluded island for teenagers with these abilities. Hidden behind unnecessary luxury and a synthesized barrier is a facility that conforms these teens into average beings. This story follows the students as they face the school's chaotic challenges.

Fantasy / Action
October's Descent
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Arrival of Hell


"Precious cargo has arrived. All idle hands report to the front of property."

One of the guards of Yosuru had called over the P.A., announcing a new bundle of students.
Most of them were either brought against their will or by request of their parents, so it was important that every available guard assisted the school enforcers.

"How many?" Another guard queried as the one who spoke over the P.A. came through the halls. "Around four, I believe."

As the helicopter landed, four teens were dumped onto their knees. Three intimidating figures, the enforcers, stepped out from the shadows to greet them.

The largest of the group was Hellhound, who had extraordinary strength and obviously acted as the muscle. In contrast, the smallest of the group, scoring the combat skills of an assassin, went by the name of Tiger's Eye -- For the relatively infamous quirk that his left eye resembles that of a tiger's and is completely green.

The leader of the three and overall ruler of the school was simply known as Ms. Ty. Nobody knew her true capabilities, but she was supposedly more dreadful than anyone could possibly imagine...

"Hellhound. Where are their sheets?" Ty gestured to the former, who likely held them.

"Here." Hellhound's impossibly large hands held them up for his superior to see.

"Read them off to me." Ty requested simply. Her subordinate nodded and scrambled to a reading position.

"What are you waiting for?" Ty stopped and glared at the larger man.

"You can't read, can you...?" Tiger's Eye snatched the sheets from his hands. "Idiot. As a first, mistress, it appears that they are all the same age, at a ripe 16."

"I believe I could've guessed that, Tiger's Eye." Ty's word were cold as she began walking again.

"Yes, mistress. My apologies." The servant profusely apologized to his leader. About then, they arrived at the front of the school, where the new students announced by the P.A. awaited on their knees.

Tiger's Eye pointed to the first one of the group. The scowling teen had shaggy black hair that clearly was due for a trimming. He sported a simple outfit -- An undone black-vest over a white shirt, the tips of which appeared to be burnt off, complete with black jeans.

"Tracy Lautner. Witnesses reported extensive combat skills and aggressive use of pyrokinesis on his entire neighborhood on an anger-induced rampage. The reasons were unknown, but we suspect the odd amulet he refuses to take off plays a part."

The next had red, spiky hair, donning a calm but cocky smirk on his face. Typical business casual attire would be the best way to describe what he was wearing. "Wilbur Jones. Reports of unaccounted shapeshifting into various animals that lived around his neighborhood. His father requested he be sent here."

The third looked a lot more scared than the rest. He wore a purple dress cape, almost like the kind royalty would wear. Appropriately, you could almost mistake the boy for a male version of a certain ice queen if you looked at the rest of his black and blue outfit.

"Jacklyn Asaroy. Apparently born into a family with inherent magical abilities, mainly cryokinesis and other winter-related abilities. Inconveniently, it appears he grew up in a town dominated by mundanes that cared not for the boy. They were the ones that landed him here."

The last was almost ghost-like. He wore a gas mask, a black turtleneck with matching pants and shoes, and a worn-out leather tail coat with a hood attached that decisively hid the back of his head and wherever else the mask couldn't.

"Mistress... This sheet is near empty. It merely says he goes by Reaper as a codename. Is this...?" Ty scowled at the curious figure upon Tiger's Eye giving his piece.

"It may appear that we have a dud on our hands. Tiger's Eye, take him to the lab, institute a DNA test, then throw him into solitary while it runs."

He nodded, though visibly confused, then approached the hollow, collapsed Reaper to force him to stand up. "Let's go, dud."

The assassin lightly jabbed him forward with one of his blades. Although the boy, who you could almost mistake for a floating, masked corpse, seemed unresponsive, they were on their way soon enough.

"As for the rest of you... On your feet." Wilbur and Jacklyn stood up like they were told, but Tracy remained defiant.

"What did I tell you, brat? Hellhound." The aforementioned nodded, then forced Tracy to his feet like Tiger's Eye had done to Reaper. He grabbed him by his head and harshly whispered into his ear, "Will hit." then let go.

"You will refer to me as Ms. Ty. I and the men you saw before you will act as your enforcers. I have no intention of giving you a warm welcome." Ty gently smacked the tip the riding crop she had been clutching as she spoke to the trio.
"This may be considered a school to the outside world, but I hope you realize I'll take every extent to make you loath my and your own existence. Hellhound, show them to their dorm."

"Yes." He pointed to the second floor. "Up there. Now we go."
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