Unring The Bell [COMPLETE]

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A Chinese agent is tasked with investigating mysterious births across the world. In her duties, she reunites with an ex-lover, an FBI Agent. Together they encounter fantastical young adults that will reshape our world.

Fantasy / Action
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0 - Prologue

Welcome to the world of the impossible. Magical realism in our urban world. Present-day of current events. No alternate dimensions. No supernatural or celestial events take place. Here we have several people born around the world in the worst of circumstances and environments. Mother Nature has developed a defense mechanism against humans consisting of people with extraordinary powers. Alone, each of them controls the equilibrium of peaceful coexistence with the community. Together, the world ends. Unknowingly a Chinese government agent and an American government agent unmoor the homo supreme from their native environment. The red tide for humanity starts from our hubris.

The “gateway” character, the one relatable to all of us, does not have special abilities, and steps into this new situation(s) for the first time. This is SHANG MI. She is 27 years old, single, and has very loving parents. She has a genuine passion and desire for her career. Shang naturally focuses more on her work than romantic relationships. Although her parents actively seek a marriage partner for their daughter, she understands that marriage is not only a union of two lovers but of families. She feels that this is very burdensome. Yet, there is something her parents are not aware of. She had a passionate love affair with an American man.

The “control” character that the extraordinary is tempered by somebody ordinary, yet just as involved in the story, will be passed along by secondary characters. Mi’s boss, taxi driver, and some others.

The “villain” characters are the homo supreme characters. No “big bad” evil person will be in this story. This is to emphasize that the red tide is amoral and responsive to humanity’s actions.

“Going public” is that moment where the people with abilities finally come out of the shadows and announce themselves to the world. This is at the end of the book.

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