The Success of the Secret Soup

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Epilogue... 9 years later

“Gang! Shu! Stop running around the dining room tables, be good like your sister Qiu!”

“Oh Mama, we were just having fun.” Gang whines.

“Ya Mama,” Shu says.

“Well we don’t need anyone getting hurt.”Mao answers turning and walking toward the kitchen, ending the conversation.

It has been nine years since Mao and Chenglei met and married. Now at this moment they have raised three children. The oldest is Gang. He is eight years old with shiny, black hair and an athletic body, and loves to play outside. Gang also beats Shu when it comes to sports. While Shu is six and the next oldest with white hair and loves the color black. Comparing the two in schoolwork Shu does not have to try as hard. The youngest,Qiu is a little girl, the age of four with long, black hair and loves to play with her Chinese dolls.

Every now and then Mao (in Panda form) and Chenglie visit the forest to say hi to her animal friends. They are always excited to see her. Chenglei gets to know the animals as well, what their names were and if they’re friends of Mao’s or not. They sometimes bring Gang, Shu, and Qiu into the forest, but Mao is never in panda form. Chenglie and Mao both agree that the children are not old enough to know they are part panda as well. Chenglie and Mao are not sure if all of their children will be able to transform into a panda. Sometimes there are indications to know if they’re really going to turn in to a panda for sure.

When Mao enters the kitchen, Chenglei asks, “Is everything alright?”

Mao answers, “yes, your children were running around the dining area again.”

“Which ones?” Chenglei asks.


“Oh, I know who,” Chenglei says.

“Yes, it was Gang and Shu.”

“Well, I’ll have to talk to them after lunch. Did they say what they wanted for lunch?”

“Yes, Gang wants shrimp and rice, Shu wants our secret soup and Qiu wants what she always gets,”Mao reported as she put dirty plates and bowls in the sink to rinse, then turns to help Chenglei with getting the lunch ready.

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