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Doomed to Repeat

Life is like a stage with all the drama, but with no script to go by.

“(Thanks for coming for me Brother.),” I yipped following his lead back to the pack, “(You really didn’t have to…)”

“(I know.),” he answered, hopping over one of the fallen logs.

“Hey John, how did we get here,” a ghost floated beside me. I didn’t notice him as I hopped after my brother.

“(You may want to get rid of that human’s skin before we get back to our den.)”

“(But Brother…),” I didn’t want to give up my precious treasure.

“John, what are you doing,” the ghost followed me. I still didn’t notice him, while I was rubbing my gift from William.

“(It’s special…),” I whined.

“(You can’t bring it to the den. Mom already thinks that you’re out causing trouble as it is.)”

“(Can’t you help me find a hiding place for it, brother.)”

“Answer me, John,” that ghost swiped at me for some reason or another.

How could I not notice him lifting me up off the ground?

“Hey, what are you doing? Put me down!

“You’re back to your senses? Finally,” Brandy dropped me on my butt, “Do you know how long I’ve been watching you?”

“You’re interrupting my dream,” I sighed (in relief, I swear).


“I haven’t been able to prevent them from happening.”

“Who are they?”

“Jyrotika said that she’s my past life or something like that.”

“You mean you’ve been reborn before?”

“I don’t think so,” I frowned, but then smiled again, “wait, I’m human in my dreams…”

“How nice for you…”

“Look, I have fingers. Sweet precious fingers, how I missed you!”

“Would you just focus on waking up,” Brandy snapped.

“Why? I want to enjoy this while I can,” I laughed.

“Because your bullet wound is grossing me out.”

“Bullet wound,” I asked, touching the sticky hole on my left temple, “Hm, this is weird.”

“Please just wake up!”

“I can’t,” I shrugged, “Guess you’ll have to bear with it.”

“But it’s your dream.”

“No, it’s not mine. It’s her’s.”

“I thought you said that she’s your…”

Jyrotika said she was,” I corrected him, “But I know that she’s not.”

“Well then, who is she?”

“Well, Jyrotika is the elder Phoenix back on-”

“I meant the Kitsune who’s skin you’ve been prancing around in.”

“Don’t know. I can’t remember their names.”

“Erehi se,” a golden Kyuubi spoke as it came out of the brush, she didn’t look too happy to see the pair, or more specifically the black Kitsune, “diuq itselom sitse tnurevaticnoc?”

“(We didn’t do anything, Mom.),” Brother answered her, Sis hidden behind him.

“Te diuq tse coh,” the mother Kyuubi sniffed her children, “SOVvvvvvv.”

“What’s she mad about,” Brandy asked me.

“I don’t know,” I answered, I couldn’t understand her completely, “But I think that she’s mad about that bandage.”

“(Mom, Sis didn’t do anything wrong.),” her brother defended his sister.

“(She was with the humans. Close enough to have their scent in her fur.),” she growled, “(You plan on leading them to our pack. To destroy us!)”

“(I’d never do something like that Mother!)”

“(Then you wont mind if I destroy those humans, will you?)”

“(You can’t do that!),” Sis shouted.

“(And why not?)”

“(Because I wont let you!),” Sis cried, “(One of those “humonz” saved my life and by ancient laws, I owe him mine.)”

“(If that’s true will you give your life to save his?),” the mother growled.

“(…no … No, I wont give my life.),” the black Kitsune sighed, “(But I’ll do what ever it takes to stop you, Mother.)”

“(Filthy deceitful Yin.),” the mother snapped at her daughter. (I mean literally at her.) I could feel the black Kitsune’s heart drop as her mother ran in the direction of the human settlement.

“We have to stop her,” I turned to follow, but it was as if I hit an invisible wall.

“Hm, figures that wouldn’t work,” Brandy thought to himself, “You can’t go because these are her memories. If she wasn’t there, then you can’t be there to see it.”

“Why didn’t you warn me?”

“She called her the ‘Yin’, right?”

“Yeah, I figured that it’s supposed to be some sort of Kyuubi cuss word.”

“(Brother, we have to stop mom.)”

“(We can’t do anything, Sis.)”

“(But she’s going to kill William and all those other innocent “Humonz”!)”

“(There’s nothing I can do to stop her, but…)”

“(But Brother if you truly are the Yang. It’s your job to protect life!)”

“(Let me finish…),” Brother snapped, “(There’s nothing a pair of Kitsune can do to stop a Kyuubi, but there is something that Conlithe can do. Hurry!)”

Brother ran off, Sis followed, then everything got dark again.

“(Mom, can I see it again?)”

“(Alright, Jade.),” Mom let the her fur part ways, so that the metal pendent could be seen, “(But this is the last time for a while, okay?)”

“(The Phoenix Gate is so pretty, Mom.)”

“(But like many pretty things, it is also very dangerous, Jade. Never forget that.)” Mom was always doing that. Trying to teach me something everyday, regardless of whether or not it was relevant in some way. If only I was a faster learner.

“(But mom you’re pretty, but you would never hurt a thing.),” I snuggled up to her, mom was hesitant, “(Right mom.)”

“(Never is a long time. I’ve lived for a very long time, Jade.),” Mom’s eyes were sad.

“(You’ve hurt something, mom?)”

“(I’ve hurt many, my little Jade.),” Mom’s ears fell flat on her head, “(Sometimes we hurt without ever meaning to… Sometimes we have to hurt, otherwise we’ll never learn.)”

“(You wouldn’t hurt me right, mom?)”

“(I’m more worried that you’ll hurt yourself.),” mom licked me behind the ears, “(You’re oh so young.)”

“(You don’t have to be so worried about me.),” I smiled.

“(I know, you’re so much like him…),” Mom finally laid her head down over me. Sheltering me. She was so warm.

I could sleep in her warm embrace forever. Inari, please don’t let me wake up.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

But like with most dreams, they have to end. It was morning already. My safe haven was long gone and I was coming back to hell. Back to that stupid bed, in that stupid room, in that stupid mansion.

“Welcome to hell. Population me,” I sighed when I opened my eyes, “Maybe I can go back to sleep.”

I tried turning over to go back to sleep, but they felt like they were a hundred pounds.

“Hm, I can’t move my legs,” I thought out loud and looked at the weight on my legs.

“Good morning Aneki,” Tyrone smiled with his tail wagging behind him.

Tyrone!?! What are you doing!?!

“Miss Jade,” Margret knocked on my bedroom door. I quickly threw the covers (and Tyrone) onto the floor, before she came in with a tray of food.

“I heard you screaming. Is everything alright?”

“Cold nose,” I lied, pointing to the lump on the floor. Tyrone’s tail went crazy wagging.

“Well, I brought you some Brunch today,” she set the tray in front of me, “I also snuck in an extra bowl of kibble for our other little guest.”

“Thank you, Margret.”

Mecitroc Saitarg*Growl*,” Tyrone faked a bark.

“Don’t you want to eat,” Margret was about to pull off the covers.

“No,” I shouted, “let him sleep in for a little longer.”

“Okay, I’ll leave you two alone then,” Marget said going back out the door, “Please sneak him out of here before the Mrs. gets back, little miss.”

“Oh I will… Thanks,” I smiled as she shut the door.

“Well, that was a close one,” Tyrone sighed as he crawled out from under the covers.

“Oh, one more thing Jade,” Margret returned, Tyrone hid himself in time, “Would you mind getting Louis back today. I can’t keep telling the Mrs. that she just missed him when he hasn’t even shown up once.”

“Don’t worry. I will.” I watched Margret finally leave. We both waited a few minutes before I hit Tyrone on the head.

“Ow,” Tyrone stood looking like a ghost, “what was that for?”

“What do you think,” I scolded him, “Why were you pining me down like that? Why were you even on my bed?”

“I don’t know… I just woke up there,” he squirmed out of the covers and found the kibble, “I am not eating that.”

“What? Is kibble not good enough for you?”

“Actually, it smells pretty deli- not the point!

“Well, it’s all you’re getting,” I said taking a bite out of some toast, “beggars can’t be choosers.”

“I’m not broke, Jade,” Tyrone frowned, “I’m middle class!”

“Let’s see: you have no money, sleep in a house that’s not yours, and you’re wanting food that also isn’t yours,” I laughed, “Face it, you’re a bum like me.”

“I’m not a bum and I’m not a dog either,” he whined, “You’ve known that for years, so don’t act like I am.”

“You weren’t in Higher Class either, but I was always willing to treat you as if you were.”

“At least let me have the grapefruit,” he asked, I was only happy to oblige, “Thank you.”

I watched him as he ate. He peeled back a section of the grapefruit. The juices squirted out just like it usually would. He sucked at it. He then removed it from the skin and ate what was left over. Then he repeated the process. Nothing was weird about it. He didn’t eve lick at his fingers once. He still had his humanity, no deterioration.

“Are you going to stare at me all day?”

“Are you not going to eat the skin too,” I teased/tested him.

“Am I supposed to…?”

“You tell me.”

“Um… No,” Tyrone finally relaxed a little, “why are you asking me?”

“I’m just seeing if anything else Inukami is still in there.”

“That reminds me, I still have to go get Leo,” he rushed to the door.

“Why didn’t you and Lou go last night?”

“Somebody told me to ‘play dead till morning’, remember,” he sighed, “after that, I was so dead tired.”

“Well, if that’s the case… then I’ll have to go with you.”

“Okay, I just have one request then.”

“And what’s that?”

“Please no leash.”

“Whoa, what just happened?”

“She must not remember the rest of the trip here,” Brandy said.

“But where is here,” I looked around. Being disconnected from my ‘Kitsune dreamself’ I didn’t possess the knowledge that I had before. We were inside of a huge cave the walls were lined with will-o-wisps. Several Kyuubi were following the Kitsune twins while one of them was leading them. I already knew two of them. One of them was the one that shot fireballs at my, um… her confession of love. She confessed it while he was still a Kitsune, but I could somehow still recognize him. I could also recognize the Kyuubi that was leading the group. He was the twins’ father. I think his name was Conlift or something like that.

“Looks like some kind of den,” Brandy brought me back to ‘reality’.

“But this isn’t where they live. It smells different.”

“It smells different?”

“Well, yeah, this place barely has any scent to it while their den is full of the scent of fire, Kyuubi and other Kitsune.”

“It smells different,” Brandy repeated as if I didn’t hear him the first time.

“Yes, I just said that it smell… Oh… well, you try living in the life of an animal a few times and then tell me that you don’t start thinking like one.”

“Except that if this is a dream, you shouldn’t be able to smell anything.”

“(Brother…),” the black Kitsune whispered, “(are you sure about this?)”

“(It is a little too early for you two to be doing this.),” their Father answered, he could hear them well, “(everything will change after this.)”

“(We have to. Mother won't listen to us otherwise.),” Brother snapped.

“(Very well…),” the Father turned to look at the sister, “(are you sure about this?)”

The group stopped walking. The entire group wanted to know her answer. She didn’t say anything, wishing that he was talking to someone else.

“(If the battle will ensue between the two of you.),” the eyes of their father was piercing through her, “(You may not have enough time to stop your brother and then your mother.)”

“What is he talking about,” I asked.

“There’s a legend that I read recently… about when there are twin Kitsune.”

“Twin… oh no…

So, I’m slow. I can’t help that. It just didn’t occur to me until then. Everything about this situation suddenly made sense to me. That’s why she was outcasted like the plague. That’s why they called her the Yin. That’s why she was always with her Brother. They were destined to kill each other. She was destined to be the evil Kyuubi.

“(I don’t… I don’t believe in that superstition any more than my brother does.),” she said, “(A-and even if it is true and I am the Yin, then I know that my brother will stop both me and mother. And for that, I’ll happily die by his fangs.)”

She then continued to march forward. Her father was satisfied with her answer.

“(Nice going, Sis.),” her brother whispered as he licked her ear.

“(If only I said that to mother…)”

“(Here it is.),” her father announced, “(The Crystal Firerock.)”

We had reached the end of the tunnel. The will-o-wisp flames circled themselves around the large crystal boulder. Orange flames seemed to dance constantly around inside of it. Yet, it’s outside only reflected the light coming from the will-o-wisps.

“That is… what is it?”

“I guess we’ll find out in a moment,” I said watching the Kitsune getting on opposite sides of the Crystal Firerock. She stared at her reflection in the stone.

…Everything will change……I’m not sure I can do this……But I have to, I’m bound by our Laws…

…I will protect William with my life…

“(You ready, Sis?),” the white Kitsune shouted to his Sister, she nodded in response, “(Okay three, two, one.)”

The two of them placed their paws on the stone. Nothing happened at first. But then, the stone brought itself to life. It shimmered with an incredible orange glow. The Twin Kitsune slowly became engulfed with the light of Ascension. I could feel her heart pumping. At first, she was scared about what was going to happen after this, but the instant that the ascension had started, her fear just slipped away. For the first time in her life, she was unconditionally happy. It’s hard to describe ascension when it hasn’t happened to you, but it’s even harder to explain when you feel it happening to someone else. It felt amazing. That’s the best way that I could describe it. It was like a sugar high combined with painkillers and a 5-Hour Energy drink. Her fur, legs, snout, ears all stretched and became longer. Three of her tails split themselves. But the greatest feeling of all was the power. Her inner fire seemed to double in strength… maybe even triple, I don’t know.

When it was finally over the fire didn’t go away, but the rush in it growing was fading away. She saddened again as the light faded, but was shocked at what happened. The observers could barely tell that the light had faded from her body. All the while, the figure that stood before her was that of a midnight black Kyuubi. It closed its eyes in disappointment.

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