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Loathing Revenge

When you kick a puppy, they’ll remember it for the rest of their lives.

“I can’t believe that Jamie,” I ranted, “I don’t care what she thinks! I can take care of myself.”

“(She just wanted you to be careful, Jade.),” Sue said.

“It’s not that, Sue. I’m tired of everyone thinking that I can’t handle things myself,” I huffed, “I tell you, it’s all that damn woman’s fault. If she didn’t always act like an airhead, then people wouldn’t look down on me just because she’s supposedly my mother.”

“(She’s still your mommy, though…)”

“Mom’s aren’t supposed to be idiotic bimbos who never speak to you and ignore you when you’re sick and helpless…”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

That night Babie Dolly cried her last breath, while I breathed my first.

"(Uuugh, My body’s so heavy. Uncle! Where am I? I can’t see anything. I can’t move. ),” the baby cried in words than no one but she could understand, “(Uncle! I have to warn her! Mom! Anyone!)”

"Ugh, stop that crying,” Mrs. Dolly yelled from across the room.

"(I can’t feel my tails! Why am I so cold! It hurts… Uncle!)”

"I said quiet,” that woman yelled again, “Why are you crying now? Darling, do something!”

"Alright, alright,” that man groaned, I could hear their bed squeak, “Mommy needs her sleep now, Babie!”

"(Who are you!),” I kept screaming at them, “(Put me down! I have to save my) Mama!”

"Sweety did you just say ‘mama’,” that man praised me, patting me on the back, “your first word. Darling our child just said, "mama!”

"(You’re not listening to me!),” I kept crying, swinging my limps as hard as I could, “(I have to save) Mama! (I’m not your child!)”

"Just make it stop crying,” that woman yelled at Mr. Dolly.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Damn her,” I punched the wall next to me,“…ow…”

“(That wasn’t vewy smawt…)”

“I know,” I tried to massage my hand, “I’m too angry to be smart right now.”

“(Jade is silly!)”

“I guess I am a little silly,” I continued walking down the not so busy street, “Do you know think that he’s waiting for us back at the shrine?”

"Now who pray tell could you be talking about, my dear?"

"Uncle Smith,” I screamed, keeping myself between Sue and him, “Don’t sneak up on me like that!”

"Now don’t act that way,” he kept trying to look over my shoulder, “Where’s the rest of them?"

“They’re with Lou, where you can’t touch them.”

"Don’t act that way,” he shrugged at me, ”If I was going to do anything else to them I would have done so by now."

“Done what to who, dear,” a woman had been attached to his arm the whole time.

"No one my Petit Ami,” Uncle Smith tickled her under her chin.

“Who’s she and why are you calling her little amy? She looks no bigger or smaller than most people.”

“My, she has quite the sense of humor, doesn’t she?”

"Petit Ami is French for ′little friend′ or in my case ′sweetie’," Uncle Smith explained, but I just became even more confused, ”I’m sorry, you haven’t… I didn’t introduce you two yet? Jade, this is Bernice Zaiten."

“Oh Tenma, you know I prefer to be called Benny,” that girl/ full-grown woman giggled.

"Benny, this is my affiliated niece, Babie Dolly."

"Don’t call me that! My name is Jade.”

"Oh, yes, yes. Jade. My bad…,” Uncle Smith laughed… as if he didn’t do it on purpose.

“Can I talk to you,” I pulled Uncle Smith aside away from that girl.

"Now, Jade, I know what you’re thinking,” Uncle Smith smiled again, ”how did a guy like me get a woman like that."

“More on the lines of, "why a guy like you,” I growled a little, “And what are you planning to do with her?”

"What can I say,” Uncle Smith shrugged, ”you know me too well."

“I asked you what are you planning.”

"Me? I’m not planning anything…,” Uncle Smith crossed his heart, ”Well, at least for today."

“You better not be.”

"Jade, I’m not going to do anything to her,” he smiled, ”That is unless she asks me to."

“This isn’t like you,” I stepped back in disgust, “are you… are you really in love with her?”

"Well, she is one of my least loathed humans,” he said as he looked up lovingly, ”I might actually like her."

I slapped him. Not hard enough to hurt him, but enough for me to make sure that he wasn’t under some kind of hypnotic spell. Then I checked his forehead for a fever. It was as cold as ever.


“For now,” I sighed.

"Good, because she’s been wanting to meet you for some time now."

“Why is that?”

"It might have to do with me talking about you nonstop."

“Does she know about…”

"Our little secrets,” he asked, ”Not yet…"

"Smithy! You’re not abandoning me for a younger woman are you?”

“Smithy…,” I laughed a little bit, “That will be fun to play with.”

"It would be,” Uncle Smith laughed, ”of course, not ma chérie.”

“Then you wouldn’t mind if I spent some girl time with you affiliated Niece,” she quickly took my hand and pulled me down the street.

"Wait a minute!"

“I want to know so much more about you!”

“I said wait!"

"I trust that you can handle her, my dear…"

Jade’s dear Uncle Smith stayed where he was, watching Benny practically drag Jade away.

He couldn’t follow them, even if he wanted to due to his toes handicapping him.

That body of his had to endure just a little bit longer. But this stress…

He grinned that evil little grin of his and took out his cigarets.

"Sweet relief,” he puffed slowly.

Mr. Bisha had finally left with Tyler and Brandy. So then, I could come out of hiding, I mean, ′finding my contact lens’. In submission to Lou’s whining, I let Mrs. Lawrence and Ms. Kay take him out back to see Andrew and the other Yokai for a little while. Karen had been left steaming in the corner. She was ready to punch someone’s lights out. I stayed inside with her only to make sure that she didn’t damage the house or something.

Okay, so maybe, I just wanted more of that food. It was still better than anything I’ve ever had before in my life! Perhaps my tail wasn't the only thing that I retained.

"That Bisha,” Karen growled, brushing Kiki down, “just who does he think he is!?!”

“You have to admit, that was strangely nice of him,” I leaned onto the table to reach for another roll, “I mean… he warned you.”

“How can you eat that stuff?”

“I can’t help it…,” I shrugged, taking another bite, “anyway, what are you going to do?”

“There’s not much that I can do,” Karen sighed, “I don’t want to do it, but I’ll have to leave Kiki and Andrew here.”

“(I don’t mind, Ma.),” Kiki yipped, “(I like it here. Well, except for the itchbag over there.)”

“(Better an itchbag than a sassy spitfire.),” Leo snickered to himself just behind me.

“I wonder what they were talking about before they left,” Karen snorted.

“You’re going to have to be patient until Monday,” neither of us said that.

"You," we both jumped to our feet.

“Until then, how about we play for a little while,” Eddie smiled at the doorway.

“What arrrre you doing herrre,” I found myself growling, I coughed to make myself stop.

“I’m here to see if you two are ready for our battle yet.”

“What battle,” I stepped back, “when did I agree to a battle?”

You didn’t, she did,” Eddie laughed, “Why didn’t you tell him, Karen?”

“Because it was none of his business,” Karen stood up, “I’m getting my own revenge on you.”

“So are your Yokai ready or not?”

“Of course not,” Karen yelled, “Does Kiki look like she can fight you right now?”

“You don’t need to use her. We both know that,” Eddie laughed.

“What do you mean,” I asked.

“She does have you,” Eddie laughed, “and that’s good enough for me.”

“You want me to use, Tyrone?”

“Why not,” he shrugged, “we’re betting Gates in this battle, so why not use them.”

"Gate…," my head throbbed. I couldn’t think for a minute. It hurt so much to think. Something about that word just frightened me when Eddie said it.

“Tyrone are you okay,” Karen was next to me before I knew it.

“(What’s wrong Aniki?),” Leo too.

“My head. I can’t remember… something.”

“Seems like being effected by two Gates is having a negative effect on you,” Eddie tried to step closer to me. My head throbbed at that word.

“(Keep away from my Aniki!),” Leo growled.

“Oh, that reminds me,” Eddie got to eye level with Leo, “I’m going to need that ′thing′ I gave to you back.”

“(I said… BACK OFF!),” Leo roared. Eddie was knocked back and Kiki flashed red for a moment. Personally, it hurt my ears. Karen had to hold me up for a moment. I didn’t even know Leo was that strong and I raised him.

“You selfish, ungrateful little beast,” Eddie frowned, “You and your Aniki.”

“Hey, don’t cal- ow, I-,” I growled. My memories came back. Not the memories that I was faking to not remember, but the memories of when Eddie, did something… What was it? It hurts so much, but I can’t remember how Eddie did it. All I could remember was that Eddie did it. Eddie hurt me. “I remember now, grrrawrl."

“Remember? Remember wha-,” Eddie slightly grinned and whispered softly enough that only those with excellent hearing could, ”I see, you forgot what happened the last time we met."

“(What did you do to my Aniki.),” Leo’s fur stood on end, this scared even Kiki.

“You kidnapped me. You did something to me,” I could barely stay calm. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up.

“Then let us fight it out,” Eddie said as he returned to his feet, “I know you want your revenge on me too.”

"Fine,” I snarled, “Come on Leo.”

“Wait a minute, this is supposed to be between me and him.”

“Let me handle this, Karen.”

“No,” Karen snapped, “I won't let you or anyone else fight my battles for me.”

"But this isn’t your battle,” I growled like a wild… I don’t know what. I was so angry and I didn’t exactly know why.

“Obviously, you can’t think straight right now,” Karen stomped her foot, “and he challenged me not you.”

“Tell you what,” Eddie proposed, “How about if Karen instructs Leo? That way her Yokai can get the rest that they need and you both can get your revenge on me.”

“You’re on,” we agreed.

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