Phoenix Feathers: Curator of the Dragon Gate

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Legally Breaking In

Show no mercy, when you are not going to be shown any yourself.

Jake was out of control. Spinning and twisting and crashing into everything. Leo jumped up onto Jake and held on like a cowboy in the rodeo. When the dust settled, both of our Yokai were now laying on the ground. Only one was still awake to claim victory.

“No Leo!”

“(I’m fine, Aniki…),” Leo growled, and barked a cough, “(Ow, save for a few bruises.)”

Tyrone looked like he was going to hyperventilate, before running onto the field, “Leo, are you alright.”

“We won,” Karen was trying to recover from her shock, ”We won!"

“Leo, I’m so sorry,” Tyrone hugged Leo in his arms.

“(I’ll be fine… I’m just a little worn out is all.)”

“Is he going to be…,” Karen stooped down beside Tyrone, “Okay?”

“He’ll be fine.,” Tyrone growled, ”No thanks to you."

“Look, Karen did her best and Leo did better than even I thought he would,” I said in Karen’s defense, “If it’s anyone’s fault, it’s mine.”

“(Did I just… lose?),” Jake moaned as he woke up, “(Sorry Eddie.)”

“It’ll be okay, Jake,” I pet Jake one more time before he returned inside his bell. I then reached inside my bag for my first aid kit, “Here. This should help.”

“We don’t need your help,” Karen snapped at me.

“Look, I really don’t like fighting,” I snapped back at her, “But you two wouldn’t be satisfied until I did. So now that the fighting’s done, let me help any way that I can.”

“I hate to break this to you but…,” Karen snapped, ”You’re the one who challenged me!"

“Did you have to say it like that,” Tyrone wrenched at Karen’s outburst.

“Well, I couldn’t let you two keep that Gate,” I scolded, “It’s dangerous.”

"What Gate,” Karen shrieked, “I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.”

“Well, I guess someone like you wouldn’t know that it’s called,” I sighed, “It’s a medal about this big. Has a huge red jewel in the middle.”

“Okay, I may be rich, but I don’t have anything like that. Sounds like something an old maid would wear.”

“You don’t…,” I gasped, “But Tyrone said…”

“I didn’t say squat to you,” Tyrone snapped, “You made that mistake all on your own.”

“Then who has it,” I snapped.

“Hm, seems like my amnesia is coming back to me.”

“Quit faking it,” I yelled, but Tyrone just shrugged his shoulders and smiled as if he really didn’t know.

“Well, as bad my memory seem to be,” Tyrone said as he lifted Leo up, “I believe that you do owe us something.”

“Fine…,” I conceded defeat, I reached inside my jacket’s hidden pocket.

“So now get out of our lives forever,” Karen pointed back to the main road.

“Oh, that’s right…,” I kind of laughed, “that was the deal.”

“But when you think about it, that’s not really a suitable punishment,” Tyrone pushed Karen’s arm down and grinned.

“What are you suggesting,” I was getting scared. I thought that giving them my Gate would be the worse that could happen. I was wrong of course, but still… I didn’t expect this from these people…

“So this is where you used to live?”

“(Yeah…),” I sighed, everything looked the same. Well, for me that is. You personally don’t even know what it looked like in the first place. If you want an accurate description of what my suburban home looked like, you’d have to watch old ‘Leave It to Beaver’ reruns. Then throw in some modern renovations, some technicolor and it’s home sweet home. Well, it was home sweet home. Now it’s just a house that I used to live in.

“Well, now that you've seen it, do you want to go back to Ms. Kay’s?”

“(Not yet. Can we go inside?)”

“Why would you want to do that?”

“(No reason. Just need to check on something.),” I said, “(Something personal.)”

“I doubt your mother’s going to scold you for any dirty magazines that you’re hiding under your bed.”

“(What kind of person do you think I was!)”

“I’m kidding,” Brandy laughed, “besides, it’s breaking and entering.”

“(It’s not illegal to go inside my own house.)”

“But it’s not your house anymore. It’s still illegal.”

“(For you, but not for me.),” I pointed out, “(That human law doesn’t apply to ‘wild’ Yokai like myself.)”

“Sneaky…,” Brandy laughed a little harder, “are you sure you haven’t done this before?”

“(Just grab the spare key from under Mom’s garden gnome.)”

“I’ll take that as a yes then,” he got the key and opened the door for me, “course you realize, I can’t legally follow you in there.”

“(Not even if I invite you inside?)”

“No, I like having a clean slate.”

“(Just come inside! It’s not like my mother is going to press charges.)”

“You really want whatever it is you’re after, don’t you?”

“(Why bother asking!),” I yelled running inside, “(My room’s this wa-eeh, huh?)”

“What happened in here,” Brandy almost yelled, “It looks like a wild animal already got in here.”

“(I don’t get it… Mom would never leave the house looking like this.),” I couldn’t believe my eyes, “(She barely let me keep my room how I liked it.)”

“Something must have happened.”

“(There’s nothing that we can do about that now. My room’s upstairs.),” I ran up the stairs.

“Hey, wait a minute,” Brandy tried to catch me, but I was already up the stairs before he had a chance to do anything. My bedroom door was already wide open. It didn’t look like mom ever bothered to close it. My room was exactly how I left it, I think… Messy, but at the same time, it was almost like a completely different person had been living in my room for a week or so.

“So this was your room?”

“(I think so…)”

“Now, what’s so important that you needed me to break the law for?”

“(Oh, um, just in case I needed another door to be opened.),” I said, hopping onto my old bed, “(everything feels so different.)”

“I wouldn’t doubt it,” he said walking over to my desk, “are these yours?”

“(I hope so… that is my desk.)”

“My God, who knew you had such a sick mind,” Brandy showed me one of the pictures.

“(Gah, what the hell are those!),” I shrieked at what I saw, “(I take back what I said. Those are NOT mine!)”

“Isn’t this your signature,” Brandy pointed to the scribbles near the bottom.

“(I wouldn’t know. Sigma took away my ability to read.)”

“Is that so,” he watched me nod, then got back to looking at my desk. While he was distracted with that, I flipped over my pillow. Nothing was under it. There was barely an indentation from where something blunt had scratched the covers up. But otherwise, the item I was looking for wasn’t there.

“(Damn… I must have put it on the day I died. Which means that it’s still with my body.)”

“Hey, what’s this,” Brandy picked up one of my papers.

“(No, don’t read that!)”

“You must have really been out of your mind to write these,” he read one despite my opposition…

"Get up, get out, give up the fight.
Work all day. Rest a night.
Submit yourself to be a drone.
Oh well, at least, you won't be alone.
Our freedom rests within our borders.
Our freedom comes from taking orders.
Go home to sleep. Now power down.
You’re safe, but wear an eternal frown."

“(I said don’t read those!)”

“Don’t get your feathers ruffled over nothing,” Brandy smiled, “This poem reminds me of Principal Bisha.”

“(It should. That’s who I based it off of. But it’s still a work in process.),” I shrugged, watching Brandy go through some more of my papers, “(why are you still looking through my stuff!)”

“I want to read another one.”

“(Then don’t go through my junk.)”

“Junk? Some of these poems are good. Scary and depressing, but good.”

“(Well, I don’t think so… I never keep my good poems out in the open.)”

“What’s this,” Brandy found another one, “I’m scared. I can’t think straight. I can’t explain it. If someone is reading this… hm…”

“(What are you reading?),” I asked, but he ignored me, “(Brandy, tell me what you’re reading.)”

“It’s nothing,” Brandy crumbled up the paper and slipped it into his pocket.

“(I can tell you’re lying.)”

“Sigh, I think that it’s your suicide note."

“(I wrote a note?)”

“Well, it sounds more like a confession to your depression,” Brandy took it out again, “It goes on and on about, um, well, your problems.”

“(I vaguely remember doing that. Why were you trying to hide if from me?)”

Brandy didn’t answer right away, “So you can tell when I’m lying?”

“(Not ‘lying’, per say, but I can tell when you’re giving me Bull. Now answer the question.)”

“It says that… you thought… someone was trying to kill you.”

“(Does it say who I thought it was?)”

“Well, there’s only one name that keeps popping up,” Brandy just shook his head, “but it sounds more like an imaginary monster. After all, Youko pops up in you poems here too.”

“(What did you say?)”

“See, this is why I didn’t want to tell you,” Brandy dropped the papers back onto my desk, “I didn’t want to bring up some bad memories.”

“(No, Terry called me Youko too.),” I jumped to my feet, “(That has to be it.)”

“Has to be it? What are you talking about?”

“(Look, I can’t explain it all right now.),” I hopped off the bed, “(Is there anything else about Youko?)”

“I don’t see anything else,” Brandy said as he shifted through the papers again, “Wait a minute… Why am I following your orders? I’m the adult here."

“(Um, because I’m a helpless little chick, you’re a nice guy, and I can say, “pwetty pwease”.)”

“Well, then at least tell me why you wanted to come here?”

“(I told you… for personal reasons.)”

“Okay, even I can tell that you’re hiding something from me.”

“(Even I have things that they’d rather not say.)”

“Well, you don’t seem like the type that has any embarrassing secrets.”

“(It’s not embarrassing. It’s just personal… so just leave it at that.),” I sighed, double checking under the bed.


I looked everywhere it could have fallen if I had left it in here. It wasn’t anywhere under the bed. The only thing that was under there was my collection of good poems.

“(It’s not here anyways…),” I sighed pushing the binder out from under my bed.

“What’s that?”

“(If you must read my poems, at least read the good ones.)”

Brandy packed my collection of poems and a few other papers into his backpack. He lifted his backpack up with a grunt. He smiled signaling that he was good to go. That’s when the house phone started ringing. It made the two of us jump and knock our heads on the ceiling. We crept quickly down the stairs and back to the back door. We barely reached the living room again when the machine picked up.

"~Hello you’ve reach the Lawrence residence we can’t come to the phone right now so *static**beep*~ Hello, this is Doctor Reginald from the Animal & Yokai Clinic. You’re not going to believe this, but… we’ve found a Yokai that’s registered under Mr. Jonathan Lawrence. I can’t give you all the details over the machine so please call us ba-"

“Hello, this is John.”

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