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Feral Family Feud

“The heart wants what the heart wants- or else it does not care.”

- Emily Dickinson

“What’s going on,” Derrick shouted to the darkness of Tyrone’s mind, ”I don’t have control over the body anymore.”

“Neither do I…,” a Puppy sized Inukami padded his way next to Derrick, “This sucks, I mean, look at me!”

“Wait, Tyrone?”

“Of course I’m Tyrone,” the Inukami bit Derrick’s leg.

"Ow! What is that for!”

“That’s for freezing me and hijacking my body.”

“You little mutt,” Derrick yelled.

“Apparently I am,” Tyrone growled, “but you shouldn’t think of it as an insult ‘Uncle Derrick’.”

Derrick sat down to grumble to himself, ”We had so many plans for her, but then that low life stole it all from her.”

“You can’t blame Grandad for her decisions.”

“Oh can’t I? She must have been distraught. She obviously couldn’t think rationally after losing her entire family.”

“Since when is love rational?”

“Love? Bondell just happened to be there,” Derrick snorted, ”Love had nothing to do with it.”

“So you would rather have her live the rest of her life alone?”

“It would have been better than her mixing our blood with his kind,” Derrick huffed, Tyrone angrily nipped at Derrick’s hand, ”Ow! Stop doing that!”

“Plutt, tastes the same to me,” Tyrone spat, “Your blood, my blood… Brandy’s blood. They all taste the same, look the same, and smell the same. There’s no real difference between them.”

“Stop speaking nonsense. I’m just a soul now. I don’t have any blood.”

“Then what are you complaining about?”

Derrick didn’t have an answer for the pup.

“One thing that I know about my Grandparents. Granma must have loved him to stay with him for fifty years.”

“How would you know!”

“Because I’m here,” Tyrone smiled at the cheesy thing he was about to say, “Should there be any reason to doubt?”

“But that’s the problem,” Derrick shouted, ”Which family do you belong to? Mine or his?”

“I’m Both,” Tyrone growled, “hence, how I’m here. Who cares what classes my families were from?”

“Seems, like you misunderstand the problem that your Grandad had created,” Derrick sneered at the young pup, ”When I said ′his kind′ I wasn’t referring to social class.”

“Then what…?”

I don’t know what happened at first. A Tesso crashed his way in through the window, screaming about something about revenge. I don’t know why I didn’t run. I wasn’t scared, just shocked. Sarah went into the pantry to grab a broom to shoo the fat rodent away with.

And by shoo, I mean “attacked mindlessly”.

“Get out of my kitchen,” Sarah shouted as she swung the broom in the Tesso’s face.

The Tesso used his giant teeth to break the broom in half. Sarah stared at the broken end of the broom before she dropped it and pushed us to get behind her.

“(Where’s that freak at?),” the Tesso hissed looking back and forth, “(I want a rematch!)”

“No… sudden… movements,” Sarah hushed us.

“(Egg Bomb!),” the Jinmenju leaped from their hiding places to tackle the intruder, but they were countered by an all around tail attack.

“No, my Otõtos,” Lou jumped to recover his Jinmenju, but was stopped by Sarah.

“No don’t! It’s too dangerous.”

“I’ll hold him off,” I said taking out the Yokai-less bell I got earlier, “you get Lou away from here and to safety.”


“No dramatic arguments! Just go,” I shouted as the Tesso’s focus centered on me, “I’ll take care of him.”

I waited until Sarah and Lou left the room before lowering my guard, “Now we can talk.”

“(Nice try, but I know how it works)” the Tesso snickered, “(You can’t Seal me away without my name or permission human!)”

“Of course, I’m not going to. I just wanted them out of the way,” I said clipping the Seal Bell on my belt, “I don’t want to fight.”

“(How is it you can understand my tongue, Human!)”

“I’m a Yokai too.”

“(You’re NOT a Yokai! You’re a Freak! Just like that Inukami!),” Tesso launched himself at me, “(Die!)”

I screamed as I lifted my arms up to defend my face.


“(What are you doing, human!),” I heard the Tesso shout. I opened my eyes long enough to see Tyrone on all fours biting down on the Tesso, Tyrone’s tail flaring behind him. The Tesso struggled to swipe at Tyrone. Tyrone then released Tesso as he flipped over the rat and skid a few feet (again on all fours).

“Don’t you dare touch my Aneki,” Tyrone half-growled.

…Aneki?… Tyrone’s back to his senses! … sort of…

“(I was looking for you anyway.),” Tesso hissed, leaping up with his full set of teeth ready to chomp.

“Tyrone,” I didn’t know what else to do while watching the pointless fighting, “Dodge it!”

Tyrone leaped, as the Tesso crashed into the stone wall of the fireplace.

“You ready to talk about this now?”

“(Ready to die, Freaks!),” Tesso shook off the dust.

“Guess not,” I had to stop this battle, “Phoenix Gate, Open!”

The red wires shot themselves out to the floor in front of the Tesso. AND, No, I didn’t miss. I don’t need another naked “Orphan” boy running around that I had to adopt. So instead I used the wooden floor to grow a wall of branches. The Tesso was trapped in a wooden cage.

“(How did you to that?),” the Tesso shouted, “(Oh Gaia! You’re a witch! You’re going to keep me here fatten me up, just so you can gobble me up!)”

“No, I’m not going to…,” I thought about it for a moment…

What? Don’t look at me like that. Although I haven’t had raw rats for quite a while, I’d never willingly eat a Tesso. Tesso meat actually tastes well… nasty, even to most Yokai. Real rats were much tastier (especially if you leave them buried in the ground for a few days), but he didn’t know that. And it might be best not to tell him. That’s the only reason that I needed to think about it.

“Aneki’d never eat you,” Tyrone barked, jumping at the wooden cage, “But if you don’t leave her alone I’ll eat you myself.”

“You’re not helping, Tyrone, so let me handle this.”

“I’ll do worse than just eat you,” Tyrone wasn’t listening to me, but continued to bark rapidly, ”I’ll tear you limb from limb, pluck out your eyes, knock out your teeth, use what’s left of you like a chew toy and then bury you alive…"

“(Oh is that all? Not today!),” the Tesso used his tail to break through the newly formed branches. Tyrone was knocked back by the derbies. Tesso decided to pounce. Tyrone mimicked Tesso’s tail attack without actually doing any real damage. I guess, you’d call that a tail whip. Tesso was knocked into the next ‘room’. Tyrone dashed in to continue fighting.

“Stop fighting you two!”

Tyrone still wouldn’t listen. Something was off. I understood why the Tesso didn’t listen, but Tyrone should be loyal. Can’t he hear me? They were still attacking each other tooth and nail. Tyrone bounced the Tesso into the glass coffee table. Tesso quickly got to his feet again and leaped back at Tyrone.

"I said stop it!"

Without my thoughts to guide it, the Phoenix Gate’s red wires tangled themselves around the Yokai. The Tesso burst into flames, but he didn’t stop for an instant. He swung his burning tail at Tyrone. Tyrone took full force of the attack as he was flung onto his back. The flaming rodent bounced, landed, and dug his claws into Tyrone chest.

“(Now you little Freak, I’m going to…),” he shrieked with a high pitch than he was used to, “(Wait, why does my voice sound so… EEEEEEEP!)"

The Tesso was smaller, younger, cuter, and purple. The odd coloring being the only way to tell that the small rat was a Yokai and not a normal rodent.

“(What in Arimanius’ name did you do to me!),” the Tesso, now a very young rat yokai, squeaked.

“I- I didn’t… I mean, I didn’t mean to…”

“Ow, what’s making that awful noise,” Tyrone was coming back to his senses.

The simi-new Tessa wasn’t used to being as small as he was. You could tell because when Tyrone sat up, the little mouse lost his balance. He rolled off and knocked his head on the floor.

“(Owchie! That hurt!),” Tesso squeaked, rubbing his head, “(That hurt? Why am I so weak? And did I just say, “Owchie”?)”

“How did I get here,” Tyrone scratched his head, “Jade, what are we doing here?”

“(You, fake Inukami!),” Tesso stood on his hind paws, shouting at Tyrone, “(What did you do to me! I saw fire and then I looked like this!)”

“Ahhh, talking Rat,” Tyrone yelled, but then stopped, “Oh wait… I forgot I can understand Yokai now.”

“(What did you do to me!)”

“I didn’t do squat, Pipsqueak.”

“(Don’t call me that!),” the tiny rat was about to cry, but angrily stomped his feet and pointed at me instead, “(You! You really are a witch aren’t you! Change me back!)”

“Inari, why won’t you listen to me,” I stomped in the rat’s direction, but he scurried off in fear of me.

“Jade, can you explain to me what’s going on,” Tyrone tilted his head, “like why is every muscle in my body aching. Why is Granma’s coffee table destroyed and… are those small trees growing next to the fireplace?”

“I can explain everything.”

“(I will get my revenge on you!),” the Tesso squeaked from under one of the china cabinets.

“Well, except for Pipsqueak,” I groaned.

“(I’m not a Pipsqueak!)”

“You know what… forget it,” Tyrone padded his way to my feet, then snuggled next to me, “Just as long as you’re safe, I don’t think I care what happened.”

“Tyrone,” a thought occurred to me, “can you stand up?”

“Why would you ask something like that,” Tyrone sat, his tail wagging behind him, “Of course, I can stand. I’m just really too sore to use my legs.”

“(If I wasn’t so tiny I’d kill you right now!),” Pipsqueak threatened from his hiding place.

“You know, I can reduce you back to an embryo if you don’t shut up,” I yelled at the rodent, then turned back to Tyrone, “What happened to Derrick?”

“Derrick,” Tyrone had to think for a moment but seemed to know who I was talking about, “I’m not sure… It weird, I know who you’re talking about, but I can’t remember much about what he did to me.”

“Don’t worry about it,” I sighed, “Now what to do with Pipsqueak over there?”

“(You won’t eat me!),” he squealed, knocking the cabinet a few times in an attempt to back up closer to the wall, “(I won’t let you!)”

“I’m not going to eat you,” I shouted.

“Eat who,” Bonny finally came into the room, “What on God’s Green Earth happened in here?"

“Grandad! Um… we can explain,” Tyrone shouted, trying to stand up on his two feet, “ow… I think.”

“Where’s Sarah?”

“She ran off with Lou,” I pointed in the direction of her escape route.

“And the threat,” Bonny didn’t look so good.

“I… uh, took care of it,” I shrugged/lied, “made that rodent turn tail.”

“Yeah… from violent to violet,” Tyrone chuckled, stopping only a moment to sniff the air for some reason, ”Ugh… Grandad are you wearing some kind of cologne. You kind of smell…"

“Where is it? Where’s the threat now,” Bonny was rolling the chair frantically looking around the room, he was almost losing his ability to use his hands he was in such a panic. His eyes stopped on the wall of small trees that I made earlier, then he really began to panic.

“The Nidhogg! Where’s Sera? Is that thing after Sera?”

“No he’s not, Grandad,” Tyrone wagged his tail without realizing it. Before I could tell him to hide it, both Tyrone and Bonny cringed, ”Ahh, make it stop!"

“What’s wrong,” I asked the two of them.

“Didn’t you hear that?”

“Hear what?”

“It sounded like rusty nails and broken guitar strings,” Tyrone said as he clasped his ears shut again, ”Ow! That hurts!"


"Don’t touch me,” Tyrone snapped, ”Damn it hurts!"

The supersonic sounds were not limited to these humans. Leo somehow popped out of his Seal and mimicked Tyrone’s agony. Laying flat on the floor, he was already covering his ears.

“Leo, how did you do tha-ahhhhhhh," Tyrone screamed at the silent noise.

"(Aniki, what’s going on… what’s that sou-argh-rrrrr) Grooowwwlllll…"

Leo started to simply growl in rage. Not in Inukami tongue, just simply growling with no real intelligence behind it.

"Damn, that sound,” Tyrone whined, ”…I can’t… think straight"

"Both of you Run,” Bonny shouted scratching his head furiously with both hands.

“Jade…,” Tyrone stood up and pushed me behind him, “get back.”


“I can’t (explain) it…,” Tyrone spoke in only half-english, ”(This damn) sound (is making) me want to… grrrrr(attack something…) Anythinggrrrrrr… Even you…”

Leo snapped at my leg. He missed and Tyrone kicked him away from me. Knowing that he couldn’t hold back his frustrations, Leo then focused his frustration on the leg of one of the wooden chairs. Snapping at twenty bites a second, I was shocked the leg didn’t break off. Whatever noise they were hearing must have been painfully intense.

"Ggg(run aneki…),” Tyrone panted, “I can’t (hold back) GRrrowlll(much longerrrrrrrr…"


“I (smell fear) and rage. And (it’s coming) from Grrrrrandad.”

“Do what he says. Ruuunnn,” Bonny roared, Literally!

The bracelet Bonny was carrying emitted a red light and he caught flame himself. As flames grew, so did Bonny. Deep growling could be heard as the cripple’s form disappeared only to be replaced with another. A much larger fiercer creature. The flames disbursed with another mighty roar. And there stood the biggest Koma Inu that I’ve ever seen in my entire lifetime. Not that I see many in the first place, but he was at least six feet tall and a yard wide.

Both of his eyes glaring at the two of us.

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