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The Ultimate Cliché

The yesterday has past, tomorrow never gets here, but today, today is a gift. That’s why we call it a present.

- Kong Fu Panda

Brandy took the book that he hid in his night sack. He quickly ran and hopped under the covers. No one was going to stop him now. At first, he couldn’t remember the page number, but that wasn’t a problem for long.

“Page 2012… Here it is,” he started reading, “The Majestic Fox Yokai. Kyuubi are capable of living for one thousand years, but only after they Mature into said form. Kyuubi are one of the only two Yokai unable to Mature without the assistance of magic, the other being their Koma Inu counterpart. Both species have been considered the Defenders of Justice and Morality. Ironic as while Koma Inu (Defenders of Justice) are bound by their Instincts, the Kyuubi (Defenders of Morality) are bound only by Laws.

Near the beginning, the two species were punished by the Moon for siding with the Sun. Both were stripped of their true abilities and are unable to learn Yokai Attacks after Maturity takes place. This had robbed them of their honor and dignity. Now since the Moon knew that the Koma Inu can not fight their instincts, the Moon was satisfied with the punishment of Koma Inu, but not of the Kyuubi.…”

“(Since the Kyuubi actually chose to side with the Sun.)” Banhi explained in a hushed voice, “(they purposely fought against the Moon. Fearing the Kyuubi’s Longevity, the Moon cursed them twice, so that Kyuubi would not mate with other Kyuubi.)”

“(But that’s impossible!)” I said, “(I mean the sun and the moon aren’t real beings. They’re ju-)”*Bam* “(Ow!)”

“(Don’t argue with matters that you don’t understand),” Jyrotika had hit me on the head.

“(Jyrotika¡¿¡ I was just telling them the story of the Sun and the–),” Banhi tried to explain, but she hit him on the head too.

“(Don’t you lie to me.),” she said as she sat between him and me. “(I know exactly which story you were telling them.)”

“(I’m sorry Jyrotika, but Siggy made me do it.)”

“(Don’t blame others for your actions.),” Jyrotika huffed as she hit him on the head again, “(She can’t force you to speak.)”

“(Yeah, Banhi!),” Siggy laughed, “(you didn’t have to tell me if you didn’t want to…)”

“(If you all must hear the story, then you might as well hear it right.),” Jyrotika started by sparking up the campfire with her flame breath, “(… When the Sun had overthrown the Moon, the Moon then cursed many of those that sided with the Sun, while at the same time so did the Sun…

The Kyuubi were cursed in this manner, their offspring were to become stunted in their growth. Stunted as Kitsune, they would never be able to live longer than two decades at most and in turn would never tap into their true powers. This devastated and enraged the Kyuubi that were alive at the time. Soon the Sun and Moon blessed the world by providing the planet with magic stones. Unwittingly some of these stones allowed the Kitsune to reach their full grown Kyuubi state, but at a price. No matter what age the Kitsune was when they use the magic they would instantly grow their remaining tails. A kit could become a full grown adult overnight.)”

“(Why’s that a bad thing?),” I asked, “(Then all they’d have to do is find one of those magic stones and then poof their entire race would be fully grown.)”

“(Don’t interrupt.),” Jyrotika knocked me on the head again, “(the Ancestor Kyuubi already thought of that, but again it had caused problems.)”

“(But why?),” I asked, Jyrotika was going to hit me again.

“(Because maturity comes with time and experience, not with magic adulthood.)”

“(Exactly Siggy.),” Jyrotika pointed, instead of hitting me, “(Becoming an adult overnight would only cause a kit’s mind confusion as well as make them close to powerless till their Time of Awakening. Due to part of the curse, Kyuubi had also become extremely slow learners. So slow, in fact, that even one object of basic survival could take entire lifetimes to learn as a Kyuubi. Many kits died because they didn’t learn how to walk, hunt, or even feed themselves before this technique was used on them. I’ve even heard of one Kyuubi who survived on his mother’s milk until he was well over three hundred, but then could never figure out how mating worked. Hence, the biggest problem of all.)”

Brandy continued to read, “Due to their impairments, Male Kitsune and must learn how to Mate before they became a Kyuubi. Since the females themselves are born supplied with the necessities, the knowledge is not required for them, (but is advised that they learn anyway). Because of being stunted, it is near impossible for young Kitsune to successfully breed on their own. Male Kyuubi should not have such difficulty, so long as they possess the knowledge on how to perform. (See also pg. 636-662 “Mortals Can Multiply?” and other references listed in section).”

Brandy took a moment to rub his eyes. Reading in the dark for so long hurt them.

“Why am I still reading this,” he sighed, “where’s the part about the Yin-Yang rule exception or whatever. Oh, here it is… That’s strangely convenient… ’because of the Kyuubi innate nature of determining morality, they naturally suppress the Evil Karma that they accumulate over the years, but then unconsciously pass it on to their offspring. Their inner rage against the Moon is passed on to their Kitsune offspring, if not sometimes released in a Kyuubi Curse (See also “Mortal’s So called Folklores”), or let out in little bursts as Kitsune, then the Karma will begin to build up. Then if Kyuubi breed with other Kyuubi too often then the Karma shall continue to accumulate. Soon, the Karma build up will become too much for a single Egg to handle, so it… splits?

As you must already know, Yokai are not innately ‘evil’, but they are not ‘good’ either. This neutrality is what makes Kyuubi offspring in specific so vulnerable to this Split. (Please also see ‘Elements of the Mortal Being’ pg. 309) When the Spit Spirit Egg is ‘hatched’ there will be a very rare event even among spirit egg mortals, “Twins”. (See also “Nature of Morality” pg. 316.) As mentioned in the other accounts, Twin Kyuubi are the major exception to the Laws of Morality. The built up Karma separates evenly between the twins. This is results in that when they are born, one will be Good and the other Evil. The two Kitsune will be destined to kill one or the other (if not both), soon after they Mature. If the Good Twin wins, then they will bring prosperity to the land. If however the Evil twin wins then… Shoot, the next page is missing.”

I was speechless at Jyrotika’s words… She wasn’t as held back with the details that most writers would be.

“(And that is the Legend of the Kyuubi Twins.)”

“(Tyler, are you alright?)”

I didn’t realize it, but I had stopped breathing.

“(I’m fine, Fia.),” I lied. I was not fine. I was scared out of my mind! I couldn’t even ask the obvious questions.

“(Why do they have to kill each other, Jyrotika?),” as if reading my mind, Aine asked.

“(Yeah. Can’t they just get along?),” Fia followed Aine’s question.

“(I wish that it could be like that, but it is impossible.),” Jyrotika sighed, “(Evil is not one to satisfy for a peaceful life. They seek some form of self-satisfaction and will do anything to achieve their goals.)”

“(But why?),” Kegan asked, “(It doesn’t make sense.)”

“(But doesn’t it?),” Idris almost laughed, “(If they never get what they want then they’ll never be happy.)”

“(I still don’t get it…),” Fia moaned.

“(Think about it this way then, Fia.),” Siggy explained, “(let’s say that, instead of Banhi, I wanted to mate with Tyler there.)”

“(Hey, don’t you even think about it! You two faced slu… dge),” Fia noticed that Siggy got closer to Banhi, so Fia mumbled the last part.

“(See you understand better than you thought you did.),” Siggy said. Fia got closer to me. I was too out of it to complain or object.

“(But they can change right?),” Enya said, “(I mean once they have what they want then they won't be a problem. Would they?)”

“(You have what you want…),” Siggy asked, “(but you’re scared that someone’s going to take it away from you, right?)”

“(As usual, you are insightful beyond your years Siggy.),” Jyrotika said, “(Besides there’s no point in arguing about an old legend like that, right?)”

“(But it’s not just a legend…),” I said to myself.

“(Why’s that Tyler?),” Fia asked.

“(Oh, um… I mean that Evil is in the world, right?),” I asked, avoiding to speak my true thoughts on the matter.

Jyrotika nodded, “(Yes… but not everything we consider as bad is necessarily evil. For example, Fire. It is a simple thing, only wanting to survive, but in order to do so it must feed on other things, destroying them in the process. Now does that make fire “evil”?)”

“(Of course not.),” Fia said, “(Fire is what gives us life.)”

“(But fire can also take life, Fia.),” Banhi sighed to himself.

“(Evil is like a wildfire consuming everything it can hold onto.),” I said to myself again, half thinking, “(All while good is a campfire provides warmth to those who are in need.)”

“(Bless my stars. That’s exactly right, Tyler.),” Jyrotika nodded again, “(That is quite a perspective of yours. How did you come up with that metaphor on your own?)”

“(I didn’t. I think that my dad said it once.),” I sighed, “(It was…… I need to… Excuse me.)”

“(Where are you going?),” Fia asked as I got up to leave.

“(… I… I don’t have to tell you.),” I blurted as I ran off. I couldn’t understand it. In over seven years, I didn’t cry for my father. Not once. My mother did, but she hid it from me. But I knew that she was… she was crying like I was now. And I couldn’t stop myself.

And why now, of all times? He had nothing to with this legend. Yet this story, why does it remind me of him? I’ve heard this story somewhere. Where had I heard it before? It could have been my dreams. Jyrotika did say that my dreams could have been a past life, so it’s possible that I heard it then. Or worse lived it, but she was nothing like me. So, it couldn’t have been my dreams. Yet, why does it remind me of him?

“Oh, man! Nothing on this page either,” Brandy sighed, “Guess it’s really not that big of a deal… Why am I so worked up about this?”

“(He doesn’t have a clue does he?),” I sighed to myself, “(Why can’t their parents understand that their children need to know or else they’re going to go find out on their own.)”

I tapped on the window a little.

Brandy got up to walk over to see what the noise was. All he could see was the moon. It was not as full as it had been, but it was still bright tonight. What was with all these cloudless nights? It’s spring time. It’s supposed to be raining around this time of year. Something’s off, I can almost taste it. Even for Golnar, an area known to be rampant with Fire-Yokai, this wasn’t natural. Anyway… It took Brandy long enough to finally notice that the noise outside was Tyler balling his eyes out.

“(Stop crying!),” some Yokai Somewhere yelled, “(We’re trying to sleep!)”

“(Shut up! I’ll cry if I feel like it!),” the chick screamed at the voices in the night, “(I don’t want to… But I will, okay!)”

“Tyler…,” Brandy asked confused, the fire chick looked up at him, “Why are you crying?”

“(I’m not!)”

“Hm…,” put his hand on his head, “you’re not, huh?”

“(What you can…),” Tyler took a moment to see that Brandy was lipping his words.

“Hm, don’t know that combination yet,” he groaned.

“(Combination?),” Tyler tilted his head.

“I work at a Daycare Center for a lot of other baby Yokai,” he tried to explain, “No sense not attempting to figure out the language of Yokai while it is pure and simple right?”

“(That's…),” I thought out loud, “(you’re just full of surprises, ain’t ya?)”

“Now could you…,” Brandy tried to continue, but Tyler interupted him with his crying, “Hey, calm down…”

Brandy bent over the window seal to scoop Tyler off the ground and bring him inside.

“(Hey, put me down! I don’t need this! I don’t need you! and I… I-),” Tyler cried harder, “(I want to go home!)”

“I don’t know why you’re crying,” Brandy softly stroked Tyler, “but I want you to know, I'm here for you.”

“(Come on, Tyler…),” I begged from outside the window, “(I can’t keep watching this and I can’t make you two talk to each other.)”

Tyler slowly stopped crying again.

“You okay now?”

Tyler nodded, Brandy placed him in that artificial nest from Tyler's first day.

“Look, you can sleep here tonight if you want, okay?”

“(Well, my work here is done.),” I said satisfied with my meddling, “(Now to go… Or I could stay here for the night.)”

I like that idea. And after seeing him again……I’ll stay here just a little longer…

I slipped back to the ground and decided to head for the coop. If anywhere, that would be the best place to sleep. Besides, someone has to tell the others where Tyler is and Siggy is the best way to do that.

“(Kubbi, you have to tell Tyler the truth about his family.),” I sighed, ruffling my regrown feathers, “(I can’t keep playing “shadow king” for your lazy butt.)”

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