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SAIGE: Adventures of the Gray Witch

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Saige is a tired goddess who wants to spend that rest of her days as a healer living a lazy life. One day a golem comes bearing news that her twin sister Luk has stolen her wings the only thing housing her godly power. At first she doesn't care but after some convincing from her apprentice Emery. Thus they set off on a journey traveling lands in order to get the wings back running into many obstacles. While also befriending others. All to get the wings back

Fantasy / Adventure
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The Beginning

The Legend

Long ago....
Before the creation of man, lived twin sisters bearing the resemblance of an eagle and snake. Their purpose was to protect the sky and land. They were known as the Eagle and Snake goddesses Saige and Luk. For thousands of years, they protected the sky and land from evil entities keeping the world safe.

But.....after years of protecting, Luk started to get bored she got tired of protecting people who didn't care about her. People who didn't thank her nor worship her for her struggles.

This resulted in Luk causing mischief wherever she went using her abilities to cause misfortune for the people. Punishing them for their ungratefulness . Saige noticed this resulting in them constantly fighting. For a few hundred years they fought each other not even focusing on their actual purposes. One day, a battle broke out between the sisters that shook the earth and sky. Saige saw the destruction they caused and decided that being a goddess was too much for her. One day she disappeared without a trace ending the fighting. For the last 500 years, peace has been over the lands that are until now

The Apprentice

Winter........winter was the worst season for Saige. It was always so cold where she lived and the blankets she wore never kept her warm enough.
The morning sun shined through her frosted windows waking Saige up as the sun shined on her eyes. She sits up throwing her feet over the bed yawning. Saige always had trouble sleeping not because of nightmares or anything she just....couldn't sleep. Saige walks over to her small bathroom looking at the mirror over her tired features. Saige had dark skin with long white hair and olive green eyes. With a sigh, she throws water on her face to wake herself up. " Come on....you have things to do today", she says into the mirror before going into her closet looking for something to warm to wear outside. After procrastinating for what seemed like hours she finally takes out her usual sleeveless dress. But grabs a big gray coat with fur in it. She decides to snack on the salted pork she had for dinner last night grabbing her boots and bag walking out the door. The path to the town is icy and snowy.' it probably rained last night and snowed over' Saige thought to herself as she left her cottage.
The town she lived near was small and encased in a valley, but Saige found it homey. She traded medicine and herbs for food and clothing there for the last few hundred years a fair deal.

As Saige walks into the village to the shops she notices the gossip among the people. " Did you hear about that demon prince?". " Oh yes, he's a rather strange child.". Saige just rolled her eyes. She never liked royals. How stuck up they were, how entitled they thought they were to everything. It pushed her buttons so she just ignored the chatter.
It felt like hours before Saige was done with her errands. Trade medicine for food at the clinic, treat a child with a horrible fever, give the town doctor tips on healing. Lunch couldn't have come sooner. As Saige sat down on a nearby bench biting into an apple. She sighs relaxing her shoulders " Another long day, it's only the afternoon and I'm already tired", she says closing her eyes, As she opens them again she notices a poster on a nearby building.
" Prince Emery Lativa missing anyone who finds his highness will be paid 10,000 gold for their troubles" the poster reads with a picture of a small boy with black hair and horns at the top of the text. Saige scoffs shaking her head before getting up to continue her business.
Soon, Saige was walking back to her home with her bag full and herself carrying a basket the villagers thanking her. The journey back to her house was a slippery one occasionally slipping on the ice and falling on her face. She gets back to see a boy sitting on her porch shivering. He couldn't be older than six from his size. " Child what are you doing here? Where are your parents ?", Saige asks lowering herself to his height finally noticing his features. He had big purple eyes with black hair with bangs. He looked just like the prince in the poster. " Are you the gray witch?", the boy asks getting closer. " .....Yes what is your name?", Saige asks. " Emery", the boy says clutching his shoulder. He would get a cold if he stayed out here any longer. " Come child let me warm you up you look like your freezing.", Saige says as she holds her hand out for the child to grab. Emery grabs her hand reluctantly and they both go inside.

Saige sits emery on a chair giving him a blanket to warm himself. She then goes into her small kitchen putting a pot of water. " My name is Saige by the way, so you won't have to me a gray witch." Saige says lighting the fire under the stove with a small spell. Emery stares at the fire looking as if he is thinking. " So how did you get here? Emery your a long way from home.", Saige says grabbing teabags off the shelf. " I ran away.", Emery says looking around. " I don't wanna be a prince anymore.". " Well how come?" Saige asks in a curious voice. Why would you give up a life like that? A life of luxury. Then again some people just aren't made to live that way. " I wanna be a mage like you......I really like magic!", He says standing up. Is.....Is he asking me to teach him magic? " What about your parents? They must be worried sick about you.", Saige says with a worried tone trying to convince the child to go home. It might sound selfish but she didn't want a child running around breaking her things. Especially since the child is a royal. Think about the tantrums. " I don't care about them. They want me to marry a really mean girl, so I ran away and came here", Emery said taking a cup of tea as Saige handed it to him. " Miss Saige I want to be your apprentice and learn magic beside you," Emery says with determination in his voice. ".........No". " .......What?".
For the next week, Emery followed Saige around asking if he could be her apprentice. Saige always refused. He would follow her everywhere even during errands. Several times she had to protect him from being attacked by a wild animal, he was becoming a nuisance. Saige would wonder why she didn't report to the kingdom he lived in getting the 10,000 gold. But part of her felt bad for him.
The weather was somewhat warm for winter it wasn't as cold as usual. Emery was sitting on a bench with his head down. It's been two weeks and Saige still hasn't said yes. He was starting to lose hope in his dream. Emery wanted to become a mage for a while now. Ever since his dad him to a show featuring a mage. Emery was amazed at the spells the mage did. Though Emery is a demon, he was never really exposed to magic or the outside. Saige walks out of one of the shops and emery perks up to see her. They make eye contact for a good 10 seconds before Saige rolls her eyes walking over. " What part of 'go away' do you not understand Emery", Saige says with an irritated tone. " I'm not leaving until you say yes!", He shouts. Saige grabs the bridge of her nose sighing obviously thinking to herself. " Why do you want to be a mage anyway don't you think being a prince is much better?". " I already told you I wanna be like Michal he's a really amazing wizard ", Emery says with an innocent smile....adorable little nuisance.

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