Michaels Plan

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Rather Be Wrong

Sometime during the night, Michael was woken by the familiar tap tap tap of Ben at the window. Cautiously he got out of bed and opened the window.

“No Pete today?” he asked looking around the roof.

“Nope,” Ben ruffled his thick blue hair, “he’s taking care of something back in HomeLand, but he sends his regards.”

Mike nodded and hopped out the window to give the boy a hug.

Pulling him close Ben whispered, “Our love is wrong, isn’t it?”

“Yes,” Mike sighed, “but I’d rather be wrong than live dully.”

Ben pulled away slightly staring intently at the shorter boy, “Can I kiss you?”

Mike blushed but nodded and tilted his head up for better access.

Ben leaned down, softly grabbing his back with one hand, and gently cupping his face with the other.

But a loud crash made them immediately break apart. Hook had come crashing through the window, smelling like alcohol. Grabbing Mike’s arm and dragging him inside he yelled, “I will have no orphan of mine being a gay!” He spat the last word, shoving Mike through the window. His head hit the floor harshly before the world went black.


ty for reading my dumb English story. lol

the story you're reading rn is the unedited and unshortened version, due to the fact that I have to keep it four pages long.

Butttt I'm so glad I could throw in the best bromance I could, and I hope you enjoy what I write in the future.

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