Lycan of Death

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[First Draft] Growing up her father told her stories of gods and glory, she dreamt of them and yearned for them. Until her world forever changed.

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She wasn’t like the other girls in her father’s pack. No. While they dreamed and prepared for the day they meet their mate, she helped her brother with homework. While they ran with the other pack members in the dark of the night hunting, she stayed in the library learning their history. While they trained, she watched.

She wasn’t like them, but gods, how she wished she was.

Alcina breathed in deeply, taking in the sweet smell of the summer flowers and nature as she swung her legs from the edge of the dock above the lake. She glanced towards the shore where her brother was with the future beta of Bloodlust. She smiled as Jovanni picked the boy up and ran into the lake with him before throwing him in. She smiled as she heard her mother laugh at the scene. What a shame this won’t last.

She shook the thoughts away as her mom called her over. She quickly picked up her shoes and socks and swung her legs over the dock. “Coming!”

Keeping her distance from the Alpha, she sat down by her mother on the ground when she arrived. Bringing her knees up to her chest, she crossed her arms around them. She was glad Vicente and Jovanni got along. All that was missing from the scene was the gamma’s daughter, and it would’ve been perfect for her. “Do you think we can check up on Vanessa and her family when we return?” she asked her mother as she received a red cup of fruit.

“Of course,” the older woman replied with a smile. Alcina returned the smile as she dug through the fruit, picking out her favorites before giving the cup to her baby brother. The next thing she knew, a wet wall slammed her. Then another. “Join us, sister, in our search for the perfect sacrifice for the overlord!”

She heard her mother huff out a laugh at the young boy’s antics. “Sacrifice?” she laughed. Suddenly everything went quiet.

“Why did you do it, Ali?” Jovanni asked. His eyes were devoid of life.

Her smile slipped from her face. “Do what?”

“Kill them.” the Alpha growled.

She woke up in a cold sweat. She tried steadying her breathing, making sure to keep as quiet as possible not to alert the wolves in the house. Shuddering a breath, she slipped out of bed and out of the room. She stood outside her door for a minute, making sure no one had heard her. Once the coast was clear, she slid over to her brother’s room.

She opened the door as quietly as possible. She peeked inside and sighed in relief once she noticed the two boys were fast asleep. It was just a dream, she thought to herself. She returned to her room and immediately texted her best friends. When she got a reply, she plugged the device back in. Just a dream, she kept on telling herself.

Or was it.

Besides, normal girls didn’t dream of killing their own family and enjoying it.

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