Kona: Blood of the Gods

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She could still taste the blood in her mouth. Kona defeated Lorcan in bed but now must face his heir in battle. Spiraling from her murderous actions, Kona has to endure the consequences but her survival is only by the will of the gods. With Mason, Alec, Tally, and a surprising following, Kona learns the role of a true Alpha. But the ichor in her veins doesn't stop her from making mistakes. And one mistake might cost her everything.

Fantasy / Thriller
M.C. Rivera
4.7 3 reviews
Age Rating:

Daxon-Run Away

Hey guys, welcome to the 2nd book of Kona! Please read the first one (Kona) to understand what's happening, you will be utterly and completely lost.

I update at least once a week but sometimes twice (If I'm being lazy in my real life) So please follow and add this book to be notified when it's updated.

This is my only werewolf series currently. But please check out my other books to see if anything else fits your reading style. I'm a cross-genre writer, nothing is out of my reach

Alright, let's begin!

It was a sharp scream that woke him. Even at six years old, Daxon knew the sound of a woman in pain. He covered his ears to hide from it. Women were stupid, he knew that but did Alpha have to discipline them in the middle of the night?

A hand on his arm shook him and he popped his head up.

Nyx and Ajax were beside him. Their eyes as wide as his own. Though they were triplets, they looked nothing alike and Ajax was the first one to speak.

“Something’s wrong.”

Daxon went to bury his head again, “Momma just got in trouble again. Nothing’s wrong.”

“Momma’s sleeping.” Ajax pointed to her curled up in the corner. Their three baby sisters were buried into her fur, using her for warmth.

Another scream sounded and they snapped their heads to the entrance of the cave. Momma woke in urgency this time. There was no light, all the fires having been put out before bed. In his bioform, he couldn’t see one bit of movement but Momma saw something.

Alpha stood up, always in his wolf form, always ready for an attack. He sniffed the air. Then his howl vibrated the walls and woke the pack. He ran for the entrance and his gammas raced out behind him.

Momma stood up, waking the girls and their little whimpers were like cat cries. She nudged them to their fury feet, sneezing at the boys to follow her. They transformed into their wolves, miniature in comparison and darted after her.

But not Daxon. Daxon wanted to see. He didn’t want to hide like all the other times. He was older this time. At six years old, he was learning how to fight, how to hunt. He wanted to see the men in action. In the darkness, he slinked along the wall. His fur was as dark as tar, keeping him hidden. As he got closer, he could hear it. The sounds of snarls. Violent growls. Whimpers of pain. It increased his curiosity and he tiptoed forward till his paw rested right in front of the moonlight.

The fighting was terrifying. Blood was in the air. A hard hit and it showered the floor like rain. He couldn’t tell who was who. Their dark furs blended in the night. A body laid on the ground, not breathing, its eyes wide, the moonlight reflecting in the emptiness.

Daxon pressed himself against the wall, about to turn tail and run back to the comfort of his mother when a smell stalled him.

A stranger’s smell.

A man stepped in front of him and Daxon laid on his belly, too terrified to move. It was clear he wasn’t seen, the pile of bear fur keeping his scent guarded. The stranger walked by him. “Cave packs.” He sneered. “Disgusting.”

One of the female wolves attacked him, jumping with her claws out and her mouth opened. He snatched her neck and slammed her to the ground, holding her there. Daxon had never seen a power like his before. “Don’t, woman. I need breeders. Not fighters.” He released her and she ran to the back with the rest.

“Alpha Tork.” His Beta came up behind him. “The leader is dead.”

“No Alpha among them.” Tork already knew the answer.

“No. Just a Gamma.”

“A rotted Gamma.” He scoffed, kicking at the animal skins at his feet. “More and more, our blood gets diluted by these rabbid cave packs. We’ll be nothing more than dogs.”

“What should we do with the rest?”

“Find any of his heirs. They birth in multiples so there will be more than one. Kill them all. The rest can be broken and trained properly.”

Daxon looked back toward the end of the cave. His brothers and sisters were there somewhere. If he returned to them, he wouldn’t be able to save them. He was only a weak pup. As he was, females were stronger than him, and they hadn’t been able to do anything.

But escape was only two feet from him.

Daxon slipped out, with the painful sharp cries of his family following him.


“What?” Daxon screamed into the phone. “Fff….” He scrunched a fist, biting his knuckles till it hurt. He slammed his fist into the dashboard, “Stop the car.”

The wheels squealed and Daxon shoved Margo out of the truck. She fell to the floor but he snatched her arm up, dragging her deeper into the woods till he tossed her. He pulled out a gun.

Margo held her hands above her head, “What happened? Wait, wait, tell me what happened?”

“Is your daughter a fucking physco? You’ve been hiding her because you know she’s a freak?”

“Is Kona okay?”

“She killed Lorcan.” Daxon paced, waving the gun, his world falling apart, “What the fuck am I going to do? He was going to give me money! That fucking bitch won’t just do what I need her to do.”

Margo kneeled on the floor. Lorcan was a warring Alpha. Back twenty years ago, he was a fifteen year old kid with a passion for battle. It had been a wise choice choosing him for Kona’s mate. He would be powerful enough to protect her if the compound had failed.

She was conflicted in what she felt. Pride was the first thing. Kona was going to be an unstoppable force and this was proof. She had taken down an Alpha that should have been on all levels, stronger than her.

But Margo was also afraid. They tried so hard to prevent the prophecy that had changed their entire lifestyle. They showered Kona with love and kindness. They killed anyone that would try to harm her. They removed anyone toxic and forced their family to alter their ideals and beliefs to fit a world where Kona would only know happiness.

Was that as fruitless as it seemed? Was there no way to stop the will of the gods?

“What are you going to do?”

“I don’t fucking know. I got the Alphas from the South coming for me. The fucking humans want to get invovled in our affairs like they have any fucking right. I’m losing control of the fucking gammas. I’m---I got to run.” He suddenly decided. Daxon nodded his head, exaggerated. “That’s what I got to do. I got to run.”

“Run where? You need money to run.”

“What the fuck do you care?”

“Because you have my life in your hands.”

“I’m running. You ain’t coming with me.” He pointed the gun at her, “Can’t say I didn’t try to save you.”

“I have money.”

Daxon hesitated. “How much money?”

Margo chuckled, rolling her eyes, “You haven’t learned your history. Did you even go to school?”

“Not in the playing mood here, sweetheart.”

“My last name is Savaro. I’m part of the bloodline. We have old money.”

“Old money? LIke rich money?”

“Yes.” She aggravatedly replied. “But you are going to do what I say.”

“Why the fuck should I?”

“Because like a typical Gamma, you have no clue what the hell you’re doing. You don’t think ahead, you don’t plan. But you want to survive? Then you are going to follow my rules.”

“I’m the one with the gun.”

“Then take your chance. Try to outrun the Gammas you led to the middle of nowhere. See if they are kinder to you than they were to my Zetas.”

Daxon looked through the trees. They were milling about, searching for a reason for this stop. Three hundred of them relying on him to bring them victories. One loss and he’d lose his life. He always knew that. His leadership was a risk he chose to be free of an Alpha that annoyed him.

Was he feeling regret?

Daxon shook himself, clearing the cobwebs of self-doubt. It was his gamma conditioning that made him question himself. The lack of confidence in his decisions came from years of oppression. He wouldn’t let it get him. He was free and he’d do it again in a heartbeat.


“Granum is just up the road. You’re stopping for gas and to get me proper clothes. Then you’ll make a distraction, make them fight each other. Put a bargain on my head to the winner. While they fight amongst themselves, we will steal a car and head to Kelowna Airport.”

Daxon scoffed, “You think it will be that easy?”

“They are Gammas, of course it will be that easy.”

He had half a mind to break her face. “Where are we going?”

“I’m not going anywhere. I’ll give you money and you fly somewhere.”

“And you’ll let me, just like that? I killed your mate.”

Margo didn’t need the reminder. Her Soul was barely clinging to life, gripping the broken pieces of her heart in a middle of a dead ocean. She needed only to let go, to give up and sink to the bottom. But she had children that needed her. Lyric, Mason, Danny, and Kona were out there alone in a world not meant for them. It didn’t matter if she could barely feel alive. Her children would keep her afloat.

“You are going to die, Daxon. I can only hope I’ll be around when it happens. But you aren’t my concern. I’ll leave vengeance to the hundreds you have betrayed.”

Daxon snatched her arm, shoving the barrel under her chin, his breath on her face, “I can kill you here and make a run for it.”

“Three million and a chance at life will be available to you if you don’t. At least tell me you’re smart enough to understand that?”

Margo latched onto the gun, diving low before he could fire. She twisted it out of his hand and backed away, holding the barrel at him. A smug smile was on her face. She couldn’t stand this Gamma. How he succeeded wasn’t by finesse, or brains, or strength. He managed to do it all by cheating. He held his hands up, panic now in his face. It would be so perfect to shoot him the way he shot Leo. He had taken the love of her life from her. But what she had said was true, his death wasn’t important. She let it flip on her finger as she held it out to him.


“Realize, Gamma, I am a war born Luna. I know twelve different ways to kill you with my finger. I’ve allowed you to mistreat me, to keep up this facade that you are in charge, but do not believe for one moment you have any power over me. I do not fear death and will never coware before it.”

Daxon snatched the gun out of her hand. “You old chicks freak me out.”

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