Kona: Blood of the Gods

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Alec held the switch in his hand. His belly was full of nausea. His mouth watered and he swallowed again, the sixth time in a minute. He stared down at Ciara’s backside, red, skin peeling along the ridges of the track marks. The blood was thin rivers, dripping off her ribs. She cried into her legs. She could no longer produce words. Her begging had finally ceased.

He looked up to Kona. A desperate plea in his gaze but he dare not voice it.

“Where is Tally?”

The same repeated question with the same repeated answer.

“I don’t know.”

Alec looked to Mason. He was horrified. His knees had given out and he sat upon his heels, keeping his eyes closed and his head turned but Alec needed Mason to talk to her, to stop her because he couldn’t go against her. Not when she could turn on him. As selfish as it may seem, Alec would rather Kona focus on Ciara then on himself.

In all the times he hated Tally for his rebellious streaks and meddling, he wished the man was here to stop her. Tally would have stopped her.

But instead, filling his shoes was Leylanni. He relied on her to be the voice of reason and for once she didn’t fail him.

“Alpha Kona, she has proven herself innocent.”

Kona looked out to her pack. The unknown faces. There were two reasons she was doing this. One, in the hope that Ciara will eventually have an answer that would help them find Tally. The second, that anyone with information would come forward. Fear was a natural lubricant to clogged throats.

“Again.” She ordered.

Leylanni stepped forward, “We are wasting time.” She pushed. “What of your mother? We should be heading to her.”

Kona caught Leylanni’s dark eyes. The word, ‘mother’ was on repeat. Kona had forgotten about her mother.

“Alpha Kona.” Quid stepped forward, “Please, let me take her place.”

Kona flicked her attention toward him as he unzipped his suit. “We’re finished.”

Leylanni was quick to ask, “May she transform?”

“No. Keep her chained to the tree. We will continue when we come back.” Kona turned from them, her legs weakening. She needed to escape.

“Come back?” Leylanni chased after her, “We can’t leave her. Other packs are around here. They will take her and do gods know what to her.”

“The pack is staying.”


“I need to go fast. Ten of the strongest and fastest. You will stay.”


“You will continue the search for Tally.”

“But I wish to come with you, Alpha Kona.”

Tally’s brutal words came out of her. “You are a Gamma. It doesn’t matter what you wish.”

Kona once more left her, trampling through the woods, searching for a moment alone, a moment to breath. She looked behind her, waiting, and when she was sure there was no one, her knees gave out. She panted, open mouthed as her heart pounded into her chest. Tears were pouring out of her faster than she could wipe them away.

This wasn’t who she was. She knew it. She knew it and she couldn’t stop it. It was automatic, suppressing every voice that told her ‘stop’. The wolf in her was aggressive, squashing her human compassion, eliminating every fallibility.

But the wolf wasn’t at fault. She succumbed to its demands almost willingly. She wanted it to take over, to do what needed to be done. The wolf was so much better than her in the world of Lycan.

It protected her from the pain of loss. Because every minute that Tally was missing was an indicator that something bad happened. What if he was in pain somewhere? What if he was stuck and he couldn’t transform? What if he was waiting for her to save him?

How could she leave? But then again, how could she stay? Her mother needed her too.

Footsteps were close by and Kona wiped her face, forcing strength into her weak knees, and stood. She evened out her breath. She returned the emotions back behind closed doors.

Mason stood in front of her. She almost broke again.

“I don’t want to be apart of this.”

She rolled her eyes, pushing out her new persona with ease. “Don’t be pathetic, Mason.”

“Who are you?” He bit. “I feel like you’ve completely disappeared. My sister wouldn’t be doing this.”

Kona held onto the tree. She wanted to give in, to beg for forgiveness, to ask him to take over, to become Alpha because if she kept going, she wasn’t sure there would be anything left of her. But the wolf wouldn’t let her. The wolf wanted the power.

Mason stepped forward, “You don’t have to be like this, Kona. Dad didn’t raise you in the Lycan world for a reason.”

The mention of their father lit a spark in her.

“He wanted you to be--”

“He wanted me to fail.”

“Fail? At what?”

It didn’t matter what she said. Mason wouldn’t understand. He didn’t know what it was like to be in a position of power and still feel weak and incompetent. One reveal of vulnerability and her position would shatter.

“You don’t want to come, then don’t come.”

“Kona, you were torturing that poor girl. Don’t tell me that you felt nothing. We were raised in the same environment. I need to know you felt something.”

Her brows knit, “You think I took pleasure out of that? You think that’s what I want to do? It’s what I have to do, Mason. That’s something you could never understand. Obligation.” She scoffed, shaking her head, “Why aren’t you worried about Tally? Do you know where he is?”

“No, and of course I'm worried about Tally. But he has always been able to take care of himself. It’s you that I’m worried about. Without him, who will you listen to when you go too far?”

“Tsk. She could have known something--”

“You tortured her for a half an hour!”

“That’s enough. Enough, Mason. Do you want to stay here or do you want to find our mother?”

“I’m going.”

“Fine, then shut up and obey me.”

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