Kona: Blood of the Gods

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Margo: Escape plan

Daxon kept his foot on the gas, reaching nearly 100 miles an hour. The crappy old car was shaking under the stress. He should have stolen a better vehicle but in the middle of B.F.E., his options were quite low.

He kept the gun on Margo, waiting for the inevitable. He didn’t trust her any more than she trusted him. She was stronger, faster, and crazier than he was. He couldn’t take his chances. But she sat there without a care, watching the mountains pass by.

“This reminds me of Russia.”

For Daxon, this was far from home, if he ever had one.

“You were a Cave pack wolf, weren’t you?”

He narrowed his eyes, “This twenty questions now?”

“Your scars are common. Your education is lacking. Your rebellion is also a typical attitude among the smaller packs. I’ve seen your kind plenty of times. All you need is a real Alpha to train you.”

Daxon scoffed, bitterness upturning his lips. “Wrong, wrong wrong so freaking wrong.”

“Bet you saw your family die at a young age too. I’m guessing younger than ten.”

“And I bet your mate deserved that fucking bullet to his head.”

“Ohhh..” She cackled with pride, “I hit a sore spot.”

“Just shut up.”

Margo’s grin fell. The disrespect was worse than a fly buzzing in her ear. She’d give anything to slice his throat. But it intrigued her. She wondered what else she could find out about him. “No accent. No specific coloring.”

“Excuse me? I’m black.”

“Yes, but it is not a trait of a specific breed of Lycan. White hair is a Lykanos trait. Orange hair belongs to Bissest. Tribal fur markings belong to Delphi. Do you see where I’m going with this? Your skin color has nothing to do with your wolf color. It makes you a mutt. A cave mutt.”

“Congratulations. You win. Now shut up if you don’t want to die.”

She snickered.

“What? I’ll kill you.

Margo left it alone. Not that she believed him but his finger was on the trigger and she was unsure he had the safety on.

His phone buzzed and he was now in a dilemma. Does he put the gun down and answer it or does he stop the car?

She held out her hand, “Want me to answer for you?”

That actually wasn’t a bad idea. “It’s in my pocket.”

Margo met his smirk, sneering. Was it time to discard him? She was waiting for him to lower his guard. He was actually quite stubborn for a gamma. They usually frustrate too quick and give up. She was ready to take the risk but getting shot in the face was one of the very few ways to kill a Lycan.

She pulled it out roughly and he cackled, “Gentle, there are precious goods down there.”

Margo clicked it on speaker.

“Gordan. Tell me you got them.”

“Sure do.”

“Yes! Finally something going in my direction.” He dropped the gun.

Margo didn’t miss the moment. It had finally arrived. The arrogance of him was his downfall. It always had been.

Daxon noticed her change of persona. He didn’t give her time to act on her thoughts. “I got a surprise for you. Put them on, Gordan.”

Margo’s brows knit and she waited, the silence stretching, her breath increasing with every passing moment.


A hand covered her mouth and her brows knit with terrible pain.

“Who is this?”

She took a deep shaking breath, swallow, “Hey, baby.”

“Mom? Mom! Danny, it’s mom!”

“Mom! Mom, where are you? Are you okay? Mom!”

“Hi my boys.” Margo’s face contorted in terrible agony as she paused to stop the downfall. “Where are you?”

Lyric answered, “They got us before we could get on the plane in Las Vegas.”

“Are you hurt?”

The reply took too long and her heart jumped into her throat. “No. But Vince is. They broke his arms. They won’t let him heal.”

“Do everything they say, okay? I’m coming for you. I promise.”

“Where’s Kona and Mason? Are they okay?”

It didn’t matter she didn’t have answer, “They’re fine, baby. They’re safe.”

Daxon snatched the phone, “That’s enough. Gordan. I want you to get tickets for the three of you.”

“Where too?”

Daxon looked at Margo. “The Sarvo residence.”

“Where’s that?”

He waited. Patiently. He had all the time in the world now, having just secured his life. It felt good to win something.

Margo swallowed before she answered, “Athens, Greece.”

She blanked out as he celebrated his victory. She had almost gotten away. She was one step from freedom and now she was once more under his control. She knew the game. If anything were to happen to him, she’d never see her children again. It wasn’t the first time she’s been a victim to such circumstances. In fact, it was oddly familiar. Before the children, it was her used in some plot. And Leo who struggled to come to her rescue. She had almost lost hope until his howl sounded in the middle of the night. She could still remember how that sound made her heart come alive.

How she would love to hear it again.

“How are we going to get to Athens?”

It didn’t matter anymore if Kona was coming or not. Daxon had her boys. Her fate was locked in with his. She would have to make sure he succeeded.

“What do you mean? We’re getting on a plane.”

With unfiltered annoyance, she gawked at him. She couldn’t believe he was this stupid. “We need passports.”


“And I don’t know if you realize, you are wanted by the Council.”

“We’re in Canada.”

“Lycans don’t follow American guidelines. The Alpha Council commands over the entire planet. Their reach is as far as you can travel. You think you will be safe when we get to Athens? You will never be safe again.”

“I guess that means your boys will never be safe again.”

Margo clamped her lips tight. Her wolf was begging for retribution. If she hadn’t learned how to quell its desires over the years, she would have never survived for so long.

“I can get us passports.” She heard herself whisper. She hated it, helping this morosoph. He was not only an idiot but a man that managed to kill her husband. The gods always loved their jokes.

Margo worried one day the gods would punish them for interfering. The warning of the prophecy was clear. Kill Kona, before it was too late. But Margo and Leo thought they could alter Kona’s fate. If they filled her with love, she would never become the monster they predicted.

But what if there was no stopping it? What if twenty years of keeping her hidden weren’t enough?

Was Kona already on the path to destroy the world?

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