Kona: Blood of the Gods

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Kona’s bare feet stepped on the pavement. She walked the faded center line with her row of wolves behind her. Her white hair danced across her face as her sheer purple dress waved like a warning flag.

An old, dilapidated sign tilted reading ‘Welcome to Granum’. Out of the aged town inn and the barely standing Granum restaurant, stray wolves emerged. Some in human form while wolves climbed over cars and broken bits of buildings to see her. Maybe they didn’t know who she was. Maybe they foolishly didn’t care but that was about to change.

Kona replayed the images in her head, the ones of her family being shot from the wall interior of her home. She closed her eyes and remembered how her mother and father faced the onslaught of enemies, fearless and bold. She could also recall her father on his knees, bloody and beaten.

The emotions from that day were never forgotten or forgiven. Today would be her justice.

A wolf attacked, running toward her. They were stupid in their charge, unchallenging and it bored her.

Quid ran forward, meeting the opposition with violent snarls and outstretched claws. They collided, even in their power, knocking each other back. Quid recovered quickly, running up and jumping upon their back. He locked his jaw on the back of his opponent’s neck. Blood squirt out, splattering the pavement at Kona’s feet. Quid ran his sharp nails through his back, digging in his skin, and more life fluid dripped on the floor. One minute later, Quid jumped off, leaving the corpse behind.

Kona rested a hand on his head, looking out at the rest. There were thirty and Kona didn’t have time to waste. Mason tried to talk to her through their link, begging her to turn around and go after mom but he didn’t understand. These gammas had taken from her. It was only right to take something from them.

[Alpha.] Alec called. [They have no Alpha. Make them yours.]

A Lycan stood on top of a car and pointed a gun at her. Kona waited until it fired. It was an odd thing how slow the bullet came at her. She caught it when it neared, her fingers transforming into fangs, her palm turning into a paw. She turned her hand over, the wolf hair fading as her hand turned back and the bullet rested in her palm. “I don’t want them.”

In a blur of rage, she darted from one gamma to the next. In human form, she moved with agility. She could dive under their claws as small and petite as she was. They couldn’t grab her, like she was a slippery fish too quick and nimble to be caught. But her size didn’t oppress her strength. With sharp wolf nails, Kona used them as knives, diving deep into stomachs and necks. Blood was like rain, and each body a cloud. She was Zeus creating a storm in her wake. She heard distant thunder, feeling the vibrations through her toes. The gods were watching and she was proudly putting on a show.

Why was it so easy? They were slow, like stuck in slime. She could see each movement before they made it, dodge each hit before it struck. She kept wondering why they weren’t stronger, faster, smarter. They had overtaken her father and mother but yet, they couldn’t touch her.

A sudden hit knocked Kona off her feet and her body rolled. She hopped up and spun in the air before landing, facing her opponent. There was pain but it didn’t matter. Her kill instinct would heal any wound.

Standing in his biosuit, a lycan greeted her with a grin. He knew he surprised her. “Alpha blood, 3rd born, name’s Teek. You done crushing ants? How about a bull?”

Was that what it was? All of them were gamma. No one could touch her because of her blood? Kona looked around her. Alec had a row of gammas in front of him but none could get near him. For a moment, she couldn’t find Mason and then she saw him peek through a window of a car. Quid, Maves, and Warren had a circle around them and bodies staking up but they were clearly injured and running out of stamina. The last two fighters of hers were unmoving on the floor, unconscious or dead.

Clarity came at her and the red in front of her eyes faded. She had brought her pack into a dangerous fight. They were outnumbered and no matter how well they fought, they couldn’t destroy them all. This is what happened to her father. It wasn’t that he didn’t have the power to succeed. It was the risk to the family. How many pack members would die before the end?

Doubt shattered her confidence. ‘Fall back.’ She ordered.

Kona attempted to escape but Teek wasn’t finished yet. He cut in front of her with excitement shining in his eyes, “Don’t run, little woman, unless you want to have a bit of fun before you die.”

‘Keep fighting.’ Alec bit back.

How could she? She had brought her family into a slaughter.

‘Stop doubting yourself. You defeated Lukas. You can defeat him.’Could she? How? She couldn’t even remember the battle with Lukas. What had she done? How had she won?

The answer was clear, like his voice had been.


Tally was the reason for victory. Without him, could she succeed? She was Apollo without a bow. She was powerless.

Teek took advantage of her hesitation. He punched her across the face and she fell. The pain was crushing, having never felt violence upon her

person. It was blinding and debilitating and awoke more uncertainty, drowning confidence like a cracked boat in the sea.

Kona looked up as Teek approached her but Lorcan took over his face. The memory of terror as he stood in front of her, threatening all that she possessed, paralysizing her.

“You want mercy? You are going to have to earn it.”

A tap on the cheek brought Teek’s face back before her. He squatted in front of her, humored by the weaknesses she was exposing. “What happened, freak?” Teek sneered, “Not so ready to die now?” He grabbed a ball of her hair, squeezing, enjoying the slight painful moan she released. “I hadn’t believed Daxon when he told me a female was Alpha. I thought the gods wouldn’t fuck up that bad. Yet here you are. Pathetic and unworthy of the blood in your veins.” A knife appeared in his hand and he rested it against her throat, “I was hoping for a better fight. But I don’t know why. You are still a woman.”

The sound of a gunshot echoed across the town, reverberating through empty stores and alleyways. Teek’s body fell on her. She scrambled back in her fear, holding her legs tight, unsure what he planned to do to her now. But he laid there, unmoving. And then she noticed the blood on the back of his head.

Mason stood behind him, a gun in his quivering hands.

The shock of what he had done got her to her feet. As she approached, the weapon dropped to the floor and Mason fell to his knees. Kona gripped his cheeks, desperate for his gaze, to find the pieces of him she loved still lingering in his blue eyes. But there were only tears.

Kona wrapped her arms around him, clinging to her little brother. She had never meant for him to know pain or horror. She had protected him from the time he was born. She would follow him around, making sure not even twigs could harm his precious skin. She would constantly find ways to make him laugh, giving in to every tantrum when their mother wasn’t looking.

But in her selfish misery, she lost the ability to care for him. And now, he’s murdered someone.

Mason sniffed as he pulled out of her hold. He looked at her with a rage she hadn’t seen before and then he darted off, shoving past Alec when he tried to grab his arm.

Alec turned his attention to her. He was angry at her failure. Disappointed at her grief. She should be stronger. As Alpha, Kona’s actions don’t only affect her but all of them. When would she learn this? How many lycans would have to die to get her to understand?

Mostly, he was disappointed in himself, finding himself unable to chastise her. He was afraid of her wrath, how quickly her temper flared and she blamed him for Tally’s disappearance. He never imagined she’d turn on him, no matter how unpredictable she became but now, he was more unsure of her than he ever was.

Alec turned from her, ordering Maves, Warren, and Quid to get their Alpha to her feet. He would take charge till Kona figured out what the fuck she was doing. And until Tally found his way home.

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