Kona: Blood of the Gods

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Mason watched from the treeline as Kona walked into an abandoned cabin. It was late, the crescent moon was a tiny sliver in the sky, casting long dark shadows in the woods. He himself was covered in darkness. The remaining members of the pack, Warren, Quid, and Maves took a seat against the rotted wood, silent and recovering from hidden wounds.

Mason looked down at his shaking hand. He could still feel the vibration of the gun. The power of such a weapon was frightful and something he’d never forget. Like the man he killed.

Kona was responsible for the pain in his heart. Just like she was responsible for the death of their father, the missing members of their family, the death of so many people they had loved. Kona was the center of it all. If she didn’t exist, would he have ever known heartache like he felt now? Would he have ever seen death and devastation?

There were people that lived their whole lives without battles and war. Without blood and gore. He could live like that. Away from her.

He wanted to walk away. To leave her behind and never see her again. But how far would he get? Where would he go? Mason hung his head. If he had stayed with his father and mother, maybe he’d be with his other brothers, safe and far away from her. He could go on ignorant to Kona’s violence and only think about the sister that he loved. He’d never know the sister that he idled was evil.

“Mason.” Alec whispered behind him.

As terrible as it seemed, Mason wanted the comfort Alec was offering. Even if it was in the dark. But nothing would help the ache in his chest.

“Are you alright?”

“No, I’m not alright.” Mason grit. Tears were so quick to come. He suppressed them as much as he could but he still ended up wiping at his face.

“You did the right thing.”

Mason swung around, “The right thing?” He hissed, “I murdered someone.”

“You saved Alpha.”

“I murdered someone.”

“It isn’t murder in our world.”

Mason sneered and went past him, diving deeper into the darkness. In the darkness no one could see what he was feeling. Alec followed after him no matter how far or fast he went. Mason wanted to disappear and the first time he wanted Alec to leave, the man stayed glued to him.

“Go away, Alec.”

“Your father would be proud–”

“My father is dead!” He faced him with tears freely flowing. “Because of her! Because she’s…she’s what the gods want. She’s crazy. I can’t be around it. I can’t.”

Alec gripped Mason’s arms, “Stop talking like that. That is your Alpha.”

“That’s not the Alpha I want.”

Alec dropped his hold. The words were full of treachery. Would Mason betray her? Would Mason hurt her? Kona was his Alpha, did he report these words to her? Did he give Mason over to the violence she could impose? “She is still your sister. What would your mother think if you left her?”

“I’m not going anywhere.” Mason admitted bitterly. He hated himself for weakness. He couldn’t leave. Where the hell would he go?

Mason sat against a tree, trying to find the moon between the leaves. Tears dripped willingly and unashamed in the dark. He hugged his legs, trying to shove down the disgust. It reminded him of all the times he sat like this in his room, realizing he’d never be like everyone else.

“What do you think happened to Tally?” Mason changed the subject, unwilling to admit anymore than he already had to a Beta dedicated to his Alpha. It was disheartening to realize how loyal Alec was to Kona when he hadn’t been loyal to Mason.

“I don’t know. Kona said they fought. Maybe he took off.”

“He was gonna leave back at Lorcan’s compound. Maybe he’s finally had enough of her shit. Better man than me.”

“Mason…” Alec squatted down in front of him, looking toward the cabin. “This is our life now. The sooner you accept–”

“Accept murder?”

“Accept death. To keep her safe.”

Mason rolled his eyes, “Sure.”

Alec smirked, “You jealous again?”

“Just go away, Alec. Go sit at Kona’s feet.”

“Face reality, Mason.” Alec growled, pissed at his little comment. “You are a gamma in a Lycan pack–”

“Don’t talk to me about reality. You can’t even admit your gay.”

Alec hated that word. It was like poison to his brain. “You have a responsibility to her just like I do. Even if you don’t like it or agree with it. You can beat yourself up for killing that asshole but you did the right thing. No one is going to blame you for it. So let it go. Be her brother. She deals with enough without worrying about you.”

Mason kept his lips sealed, even as Alec continued to stare, waiting for him to say something. It was clear to him that no matter what he said, it wasn’t as important as Kona. As long as Kona was happy. Kona was the only thing that mattered.

If he left, would he find someone out there that would cherish him the way Alec cherished her?

When they arrived in a small city, it was discouraging to see how many people existed. Kona remembered from TV shows how vast the world was but she could never really understand. It was overwhelming and doubt began to creep in. How would they know if her mother was here? It was only a hunch that led them in this direction but at any time Daxon could have changed course. They could very well be miles away.

What was she doing?

Quid approached slowly with a handful of folded clothes. It disgusted her. “You scared of me too?” She bit bitterly, snatching the outfit. Mason hadn’t shown his face in hours. If Alec weren’t keeping watch, she’d be at her brother’s side but space is the only thing she could offer him.

His brows knit, “Scared, Alpha? Not a bit. In awe, perhaps. Blown away. But you do not scare me.”

A soft smile pulled at her lips but it disappeared on the thought of Mason. Mason, who was always in her thoughts, making her question who and what she is.

Kona gestured to Quid to turn and reluctantly and humorously he obeyed.

“You weren’t raised Lycan, were you?”

“Is it that obvious?”

Quid chuckled, “A bit. Is that how they kept you hidden? In the human world?”

“Pretty much. And then Daxon came and destroyed it. Killed my father. Kidnapped my mother. My two brothers are missing. And my whole life was stolen and taken away.”

“Is this why Tally is so important?”

The question lingered in the air as Kona stared off. Would he be scared of her? Would he blame her? Even as she thought about it, Tally never showed any signs of judgement. He may not have liked everything she did. But he never ridiculed her for it.

“Tally was family.” She found herself whispering.

Quid glanced over his shoulder, watching the sadness roll over her face as she held the shirt to her skin. Her bare back, unscatched like a still ocean, stirred desires in him he rarely had. Her white hair was kept in a messy bun, and few strands caressed her nake shoulders, teasing him, as he imagined what it would feel like to run his fingertips along the same path.

“Was he your lover as well?” The words came out of his mouth before he could stop it but his jealousy was building every moment his passion for her increased.

Kona snapped her head to him, “What?”

Quid straightened instantly, the tone in her voice a warning and he bowed his head, “My apologies, Alpha. I overstepped.”

“Yes, you did. Leave me.”

Kona watched as he hurried away before she turned back to the city. Her knees wobbled as sadness creeped in. Tally’s kiss was a poison on her lips, reminding her of all that had been beneath her fingertips only to have it slip though.

Kona looked up to the sky, to the gods, “Give me this. You owe me.”

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