Kona: Blood of the Gods

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Slipped through

Mason watched the morning fog spread out over the city. The sun helped take the chill away but he kept his arms wrapped around his knees. The city represented a bundle of bitterness. It was a sight he never cared to see. The compound had been a haven. Despite many unhappy occasions, he imagined only worse things outside the doors. And how right he was.

Would he ever find a place like home?

Kona stepped up beside him. He knew what she was gonna say. Like Alec, she was going to tell him he did the right thing. Kona had no problem killing anyone so his blantant murder wouldn’t even be a bleep on her radar.

Mason clenched his teeth, “Say what you’re going to say.”

“What do you want me to say?”

“That you’re fucking sorry–”

“I am sorry–”

“That you’ll stop with this crazy shit. That you’ll go back to being my sister. Do you remember what she was like in the compound? How you were?”


“I’m not like you, Kona. I never have been.”

“I don’t want you to be.”

“You sure? You seem to keep wanting me to kill. And now I have. Am I Lycan enough now?”

“That’s not–”

Kona curled her hands. Tears were in her eyes. She felt like everything was pulling away from her. She was a boat with no oars, drifting away from everything she knew and loved.

On the road down the hill, a small car stopped and Maves hopped out, waving his arm. Kona had sent him into the city to see if he could find any wolf that might have some information. From his face, he got somewhere and Kona abandoned the depressing conversation with Mason and ran down the hill.

“I think I found them.”

Mason heard the small whisper. He closed his eyes, thanking the gods for finally doing something in their favor. When their mom returns, things will go back to the way they were. Kona wouldn’t defy her. She’ll be his sister again.

“They bought tickets going to Athens. Plane is leaving at 9.”

“Then let’s go.” Kona moved to go but Quid snatched her arm.

“We need a plan. We can’t appear aggressive. It may be a welcoming city but there is another Alpha in that town, I assure you.”

“So what?”

As much as he admired her gusto, she needed to adopt the saying, ‘You’ll get more Lycans with raw meat than cooked.’

“You want to get to your mother. The fastest way is a calm way. Otherwise, you’ll have to fight an entire pack and that will take time.”

Kona clenched her jaw as she yanked her arm from his hold. She hated being told to calm down. It was like pouring rum on the fire. But she understood it. There was only an hour and half till the plane took off. She had to be smart about it.

“What do you suggest?” She sneered.

Quid pointed to the small honda.

Reluctantly, they piled into a car, five of them. Warren, who was a bit more hurt than he wanted to admit, stayed behind, being their lookout. Maves drove and Mason, Alec, and Quid sat in the back, so obviously uncomfortable. Mason was a shrimp compared to the two titans beside him. And the two titans didn’t belong in a compact vehicle.

“This is crazy dangerous,” Maves whispered with a bit of excitement.

They stopped at a red light. Kona’s gaze kept flicking to the clock. 8:07. If she were in her Lycan form she wouldn’t have to wait at a freaking red light.

“Woah, what the hell?”

Beside the car, a wolf walked up.

“Don’t look at it.” Quid warned. “Pack wolves are everywhere.”

“What’s it doing?”

“Waiting?” Maves expressed with confusion, pointing upward, “It’s a red light.”

“Lycans have their own road?”

“Yeah, yeah, kind of took up the bike lane. Bikers had a protest about five years ago, but it’s shared now.”

“Is he a stray?”

“No, no. Strays don’t live in the city. He’s a pack wolf. Their Alpha is probably laid up in one of the big buildings.” The car began to move and they watched the lycan stay in the lane. Humans were on the sidewalk, unbothered by it.

“Why don’t strays come here?”

“Aside from being attacked by Pack wolves or killed by Lycan Trackers?”

“Lycan Trackers.” Kona murmured. “That cop that wanted to sell me. He must have been one.”

“Oh, yeah, they are everywhere and no where. It’s like an underground society. It could be the mailman, a lawyer, a doctor. Lycan Trackers are illegal but it is a huge network. As the only female Alpha, trackers would pay big money for you. You’re like a white lion.”

“Why don’t you have a problem with it?”

Maves shrugs, “I’m having a daughter. If she can be Alpha, I’ll be freaking ecstatic.”

Kona resumed her watch of the city. She should be excited. She was learning all this new stuff. How wonderful it would have been living in the city, being a part of this transformation. Humans and Lycan co-existing.

But it didn’t really matter did it? It was void of color. Like a black and white TV.

Minutes continued to click by and it felt like they were sinking into molasses. Multiple times she asked him to hurry and he refused to go any faster. He didn’t want any eyes glancing in their direction. They needed to blend in and in this city, no one was in a hurry. They moved like slugs.

After driving through the ridiculous pathways leading to the airport, and then going up the winding road to find a parking spot, Kona was bouncing on her feet. She wanted to run. It was eight thirty.

“Please, be patient.” Quid whispered as he led her inside.

“I am being patient.” She hissed back.

The airport was packed with people. It was overwhelming and Kona for the first time, found herself surrounded by humans. There were so many with so many different features. She came from a home where everyone looked the same. White hair, blue eyes, light skin. But the world, this airport, there were hundreds of combinations. But worse, there were thousands of different smells. There was no way to find her mother in this jumbled pot.

“Here here here.” He pulled her to the sign but she didn’t know what she was looking at. It had cities all over it with numbers. “Athens. Gate G-5.” With a hand on her back, Quid led her through the maze. Every person that got in her way was aggravating. All she needed to do was transform and they’d part like the sea. She needed to hurry. The minutes were counting down. She was missing her chance.

She couldn’t wait anymore.

Kona ran.

They shouted after her. People were looking at her strangely. But they smartly got out of her way, cursing at her if they tripped or ran into someone else.

There was a blockade up ahead, all the people lined up, waiting for a turn to go through machines but Kona ignored all this. She ran up the sideline, jumping over luggages and slipping in through the machine before the next person. The alarm went off but she kept going.

“Hey! Hey! You need a ticket to get back here!” She could hear the trembling of their feet but she didn’t turn around. Gate G was all the way in the back and it took nearly three minutes to get to it. She smashed into the desk, panting. “My mother. Where is she?”

The lady behind the desk stuttered, “I don’t know?”

“She’s going to Athens.”

“I’m sorry honey, the plane is already on the runway.”

Kona looked to the floor to ceiling windows and there was a train of planes ready to take off. “Which one?”

“Which one? Um...the one that says Greek Airlines.”

“Hey!” Security called, “Stop her!”

“Ma’am, I think you should come with me.”

Kona flung her head around trying to find an exit but there was nothing. Her heart pounded in her chest, panicking, feeling the loss of her family all over again. How to stop the downward spiral?

Her wolf knew what to do. She sunk into its skin, transforming. The humans around her squealed and shrieked, backing up, hiding their children, cowering behind chairs and counters. She ran to the window, smashing into it and dropping two floors. The glass scattered around her, some of it bouncing in her fur others sinking into her skin. She bounded towards the plane. Sirens were wailing, people were shouting. She had to make it. She had to.

She watched it as it rounded the platform. If she had the speed like Lorcan she could be there. She could stop it. How had he done it? If her father had taught her anything, why couldn’t he teach her that? She shoved more power into her feet, the cars chasing her couldn’t match her speed. She was almost there.

And then it began to move, faster and faster and it got further and further away. Her mother was slipping out of her grasp, just like everything else. She barked, calling out to her mentally, ‘Momma! I’m here! Momma! Stop the plane. Please, please!’

But it didn’t stop. And she heard nothing back. It lifted into the air. Kona whined after it, even as she was surrounded by suvs, wailing police cars and firetrucks. She spun in a circle, lost and overcome with grief.

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