Kona: Blood of the Gods

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Kona sat on a cold metal chair in front of a cold metal table. Depression had never hit her so hard. She had been so close to getting her mother back and now it felt like she had lost her all over again. Tally wasn’t here this time to keep her moving. She was succumbing to the inevitable downfall of all her past sins. They were at her feet, clawing, sticking like black tar.

The police had arrested her for an act of terrorism. Charges that were apparently serious in human society and came with twenty years imprisonment if convicted. There was a special place for Lycan, the officer had told her. An underground facility on an island near Japan. A place that was impossible to escape from and that, he taunted, was where she was going to go.

He made sure she knew there was no separation for the female populace. The insinuation wasn’t lost.

They dressed her in prison attire, orange pants and shirt; then injected her with a temporary cure, they called it, making it impossible to transform. Now these human cuffs were enough to detain her.

Maybe the gods were trying to say something.

They created her to destroy her. She was a game to them. One side was hoping for the end of the world, while the only side wanted to save it. It’s a push and pull, a win and lose.

She was getting tired of playing a game where she didn’t know the rules. When would she be able to start fighting back?

The door opened and it echoed in the empty space. Footsteps reverbated as they came from behind. She didn’t care who it was. The lawyer they falsely promised, or the executioner, that would take her to the prison.

Tapping on the metal table, brought her eyes open. A fake hand, wooden and freshly made was in front of her.

“I knew I could find you.”

Knolson took off his hat and slapped it down on the table, laughing, leaning over to put his face before hers, “Hello, Kona.”

She sat back, annoyed that the gods would kick her while she’s down. They were really beginning to piss her off. “What do you want?”

“Well, that’s no way to talk to your savior.”

“My what?”

“I got some friends in the department. Cost me big money but you are worth it. Look at you. An Alpha woman. I never thought a girl would ever have the ability to lead. But this generation has some serious problems. Guess I shouldn’t be too surprised.” He leaned on the table, holding his wooden hand in his lap and then he held it up, “Oh, thank you for saving my life by the way. I’ll repay you. I’ll pick my buyer very, very carefully. No more Daxon.”

“Daxon.” She spat the name, sneering at the thought of him.

“All I had to do was follow his trail and I knew you wouldn’t be too far behind. He’s got your mother.”

Kona clenched her teeth. These trackers were annoying little gnats. But it was eye-opening. They were watching even when she didn’t know they were. Was her newly made pack safe? Had she made a mistake leaving them behind?

“I do have some information for you. But I’m not giving it out freely.”

Like she cared about anything he had to say.

“I came across a gamma of yours…”

Her head popped up. “Tally? Did you see Tally?”

His smile said it all.

“What do you want? I have nothing.”

“I don’t want you putting up a fight. I want you to come with me, calmly, reasonably, and most importantly quietly. They can’t know what you are or this could turn into a very bloody day.”


“Swear to your gods.”

She grit her teeth.

“Oh, you don’t think I know how religious and superstitious your lot is? I probably know more about your kind than you.”

Kona had no doubt about that.

“I swear on the gods.”

“Good girl.” He leaned back with a satisfied smile, “A tracker had scooped him up from the river. Nearly dead.”

It meant he was attacked. But by what? By who? It didn’t make any sense. What if it wasn’t Tally? What if Knolson was lying?

“And I wonder, was it you that left a herd of female lycans alone and unprotected? Tsk.Tsk. Naive little woman, aren’t you? Hope they weren’t mated or you’re going to have a bit of a problem. I guess it doesn’t matter. You aren’t returning to them anyway.”

“Where is Tally?” There was only so much she could focus on. She didn’t give a crap about anyone else. Tally was what was important.

His brows knit in a mocking sadness, “Oh, sweetie. I’m sorry. I shot the bastard.”

Kona sank back into the chair. “I...I… Don’t believe you.”

“Well now I feel awful. You know he said you two had a falling out. A little lover’s spat. He was heartbroken--”

Kona snapped up, grabbed his neck with both her hands cuffed and slammed him on the table. He frailed and sputtered, knocking against her arm with his wooden appendage while his nails dug into her skin, kicking at the table. It should have been easy to break his neck. But without her wolf strength she had to wait, squeezing the life out of him slowly, second after second, watching his eyes bulge, his face turning red and his mouth bobbing open and closed like a fish.

The lights flicked off leaving them darkness and Kona released him, sitting back down, preparing for the unknown, waiting, breathing, listening. Knolson hacked, rolling off the table and falling to the ground. He gasped for air but the noises only bothered Kona. He needed to shut up so she could hear properly.

Then the doors opened, and even out in the hallway it was pitch black but people were coming through. She could hear their footsteps. She focused on her wolf, trying to see in the dark but the ‘cure’ kept her from accessing it. A piece of duct tape pressed against her lips and it triggered her fight instincts. But they were too quick and too many, grabbing her arms, a cotton bag over her head, pulling her with surprising strength. No amount of fighting could release her in her weakened state. She was thrown into a van.

No one spoke. No familiar smells.

Was this how a human lived? Oblivious to everything around them? Incapable of fighting? Or winning?

The ride to wherever they were going was twenty- to thirty minutes and every moment she could afford she concentrated on her wolf, begging it to wake up and save her. This drug was powerful and long lasting. Had the humans created it? Were they really attempting to ‘cure’ them?

The van finally stopped and the door popped open. She was pulled out and this time she didn’t fight it. It was futile anyway. She wasn’t afraid. The moment her wolf returned she could fight her way through, even if was body after body that stood in her way.

Her hood was taken off and Mason stood on the other side of the room, unharmed, alarmed by her. He ran to Kona as they uncuffed her and she tore the duck tape from her lips. She forgot about revenge for a moment, hugging him, holding him. Alec, Maves, Warren and Quid came to her side and she reached out to each of them, assuring herself they were okay. She clung to her brother, “Mason.” She buried her face into her shoulder, “Tally’s dead.”


Her knees gave out and Mason lowered to the ground, keeping her in his arms. “Knolson.” The tears came like an avalanche. “He killed him.”

“Nonono, he--oh gods.”

She shook her head, her belly filling with bile, her heart becoming a rock inside her that made it difficult to swallow. Words couldn’t pass through it. She just sat there, feeling the loss of too many. The tears were endless, draining her. Her body felt foreign, broken.

“Alpha Kona.”

Sniffing and wiping her face, she pulled back. A man stood in the doorway. “Follow me.”

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