Kona: Blood of the Gods

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Kona sat on the edge of a couch, stiff, confused, and tired. The house itself was decorated nicely but there were no pictures of people, no indication that someone actually lived in the model home. Her sense of smell and hearing were still only human level as the ‘cure’ continued to sedate the wolf inside her. She couldn’t imagine living so…powerless. If she had her Lycan abilities, she’d have run from her kidnappers but instead, she was forced to sit here and wait.

The man with the gun at the entrance was also another incentive to be patient. She doubted she could stop a bullet this time around.

After an hour of waiting and nearly falling asleep the door popped open, snapping Kona back to a sitting position.

“Sorry for the wait, Alpha, I was stuck in traffic.” Dressed in a skirt, high heels, and a blouse, the woman sat down across from Kona, crossing her legs and sitting so formally it made Kona self-conscious, trying to fix her own composure. She couldn’t imagine how she looked in the orange jumpsuit the police had given her. Kona hadn’t felt inadequate since she was a tween.

“I’m Jane. I work for the Lycan Department of Justice. Which,” She smiled warmly, “Isn’t exactly your friend at the moment, is it?”

The words were like buzzing. It didn’t make any sense so Kona instead simply stared.

“Right.” Jane went on, “Well, let me get straight to it then.” She held out her hand and a file slipped between her fingers. She opened the folder on her lap. “Thirteen counts of murder.” She whistled, “Hefty jail time.” Jane flipped the page, “Oh, boy. Seven more. You were just on a warpath weren’t you?”

“I was fighting for my life.”

“Oh, that doesn’t hold up in court, darling. You are a Peace Pack member. You can’t be going around slaughtering those that don’t like you.” Jane dropped the folder, wide open on the table, with a picture of Lorcan on the page. Jane sat back and watched the reaction with a pleasant smile. It was so easy to manipulate the young girl it almost wasn’t fun. “Two hundred years in prison. That’s what you’re facing. I have a van outside, ready to take you in. There wouldn’t even need to be a trial. You left enough evidence behind everywhere you went.”

“Then why didn’t you catch up sooner?”

The question caught her off guard but Jane wouldn’t let her composure break. “I know what you are. And I can’t imagine life has been easy for you. I was so sorry to hear about your father. He helped create many of the laws we have today. And I wonder if it wasn’t simply to keep you safe. Funny how that turned against him.”

Kona stood, “I’m done with whatever this is.”

“No, you aren’t.”

A gun cocked behind her. Kona sneered. There was nothing she could do. Her wolf was dormant and refused to listen.

“I don’t like being threatened.” Kona warned.

Jane smiled in reply, “My, my, what a temper. I’ve dealt with enough Alphas. You don’t scare me, pup. Aside from the fact that the cure in your veins lasts 24 hours, you are the least of my problems. Please sit and I’ll fill you in on how I intend to keep you out of prison.”

Kona glanced at the door. She wanted Tally or Alec here, someone that understood the wolf world better than her. She didn’t know any laws except the ones she’s already broken. How could she trust this stranger to guide her? But what other option did Kona have?

“You’ve heard of the Seven of the South?”

Kona uneasily took her seat, nodding.

“Goro is the leader. He is smart and he follows the law. All these people dying and packs destroyed and he’s doing it in a way that keeps him out of jail. You could learn from him.”

The passive insult made Kona sneer.

“Help us.”

The sudden turn of events bolted Kona awake, “Help you?”

“Goro wants war with humans. He’s building a dedicated army full of wolves that can’t disobey. At this point he could severely damage the United States. We need someone to fight for us.”

“For humans.”


“You want me to kill my own kind.”

“From my point of view, you don’t seem to have a problem with that.”

Kona remained quiet, unsure what to think or say. All this time she was simply focused on survival. Everywhere she went, someone wanted to kill her. Was there more to Lycan life than that? She used to have a family and a home. Would that ever be possible again? Was there ever going to be an end to the fighting?

Quid spoke to her about fixing the Lycan world. Is this the way to go? Would she become more than a murderer? Were the gods actually trying to help her for once?

“If you’re wondering,” Jane continued. “If this war has anything to do with you, it does. Maybe not right now, but Goro will come for you. You are a threat to his rule. He’ll want to destroy you. And he’ll succeed if you don’t have our help.”

“And what help can you give me?”

“Soldiers. Money. Weapons of mass destruction. Basic knowledge. How has it been going by yourself? Aren’t you tired of running? Of getting into situations you can’t get out of? Of losing pack members?”

The loss of Tally was fresh, an opened wound that Jane had no problem exposing.

“Alpha Kona. You are a young Lycan and you haven’t seen what this world could offer you yet. Let me show you.” A flick of her hand and the door swung open.

Margo stepped through.


Margo ran to her, nearly lifting Kona’s stunned form into her arms and squeezing. “My baby.”

Her mother’s voice was a spark of light, waking Kona. She wrapped her mother up and cried into her shoulder. “Momma. Momma.”

Margo gripped her hair, “I’m here, baby.” Her lips turned into Kona’s ear, “Don’t trust her.” The whisper was barely heard before Margo pulled away, holding Kona’s hand. “Thank you, Miss Jane. But I’ll take Kona back to my home in Athens.”

Jane gave a forced smile, ignoring Margo while she continued her stare at Kona. “What will it be?”

“Jail or helping you?” Kona clarified.

“That’s right.”

Margo interrupted. “Kona is–”

“A fugitive, currently. Want to show your mother that folder, Alpha?”

Kona refused to look at her mother. Would there be disappointment? Shock? Anger? Would she side with Mason and call her ‘crazy’? She couldn’t take the judgment, not right now. She only wanted her mother’s love.

“Kona?” Margo wondered. She knew about Lorcan but what else was there? How bad did it get? How far did Kona go?

“I’ll do it.”

Margo gripped her daughter’s arms, “Whatever trouble you’ve gotten in, I can get you out.”

Kona looked back at her mother’s face. It was reassuring seeing her again. It brought back the feeling of love, of safety, of comfort. And yet at the same time, it brought back the feelings of betrayal and reminded her of all the secrets that were kept. Despite how desperate Margo looked, Kona wasn’t sure she believed her.

And maybe it didn’t matter if Margo could somehow save her from the mess she’s gotten in. Kona didn’t want to be saved. All these events up till now, she had fallen in, because her father and mother had kept the world from her. Now she had the chance to take back control. Though jail or battle weren’t the best of options, it was better than the unknown. It was better than facing loss and defeat. If she could use her strength for something worthy, Tally’s death wouldn’t be in vain. He’d be proud of her.

“I’ll do it.” Kona repeated.

Through her grief, she felt a little excitement for what the future could bring.

And if the gods got in her way, she’d destroy them too.


End of Book 2

----- Epilogue

Tally sat on the floor with his legs straight, his ankles cuffed. His hands rested in his lap, cuffed as well, and the chain slithered along his side, bolted to the cage that surrounded him. A tarp draped over it, keeping him hidden as the truck drove along. Another dose of a sedative made him tired, incapable of reaching his wolf but it didn’t stop him from calling out to it from time to time, waiting for it to wake.

The truck stopped and Tally opened his eyes weakly, waiting, listening. The door closed.

“Come on. I got to get them down to Denver by tomorrow. They got a plane to catch.”

“Get up!” Another voice hollered. “Move it!”

“My god, all of them? They were just left here? What dumbass Alpha would do that?”

“His stupidity is our gain.” The laughter followed.

Light blinded him and he winced, squeezing his gaze, attempting to turn his head. He covered his face.

“Son of a bitch.”

He stared at his hands, unwilling to look up.

Leylanni dropped beside him. She was staring at him, he could feel it. Tally panted through his nose, quelling the revenge in his gut, the hate spewing out of him. He finally flicked his eyes to her as he lowered his hands.

She was smiling, of all things, nearly laughing as she studied him. “It seems the gods aren’t done with you yet.” She cackled. “No. No, not yet.”

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