Kona: Blood of the Gods

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Heading South was the only direction that didn’t scare Kona. Every other way was endless, plightless, and without purpose. Going South, her goal was clear: to kill Daxon and to take back her mother.

But going back into America had flaws. The Seven Alphas of the South were heading toward her. It was inevitable that they would intersect. She was more so of herself handling one Alpha but seven, she couldn’t fathom. So what then was she supposed to do? Leave her mother? That wasn’t an option.

It was harder running with a group of eighty. The women and children slowed the pack down and constantly they had to rest. Kona was learning wolves weren’t meant for long-distance travel. They were stretched out too thin for too many miles. If the tail was attacked, it would take her too long to run back to protect them. She kept Quid and Warren as her back up, their fighting skills in the battle with Lukas convinced her they were her strongest warriors.

It was a drive in her to find a place where she could rest her family. From there, she could form a circle around them, a defense, marking every tree, warning any foe that she was dangerous. Out here, in the unknown, too many dangers lurked in the shadows of the forest.

Kona could only travel till midday and then she fought her instinct no more. They found a river and made camp there.

Now, an hour later, the place felt like home.

Kona watched her pack above the erratic flames of a bonfire. Huts were randomly put together. Food was plentiful. The Zetas gathered around her, offering her food and drink, picking at her hair and clothes. They put her in a purple sheer dress and redid her hair. They drew on her skin with Henna ink, a common practice in their worship to the gods.

It was exhausting humoring them. They asked all sorts of questions even private, intrusive questions, innocently wanting to get to know her and understand her. Kona didn’t want to discourage it. She missed the care of her mother and their attention certainly helped but after an hour of it, Kona was ready to get out of their sight.

It must have become obvious because Quid came over, “You women that want to fight, let’s go.”

“Now?” One of them complained.

“We’re tired.” Another whimpered.

Quid looked expectantly at Kona, “These are your fighters.”

“Give them a chance.” Kona smiled. “Go with Quid.”

Only Ciara was up on his heels, ready to prove herself while the others begrudgingly followed behind.

Kona looked over at Leylanni, standing near by with her hands behind her back. It reminded her of human soldiers awaiting their superior. She liked the woman but she was really uptight. “You don’t want to help?”

“I’d rather stay with you.”

Kona felt relaxed with Leylanni. It was a natural reaction as if her wolf knew Leylanni would never hurt her.

It was inevitable, her gaze gravitated toward Tally. He was helping someone build their hut. His smile was a rare thing to witness. His laugh was even more scarce but the guys around him were his age, his kind, and he didn’t seem so uptight.

Kona knew she would have to talk to him at some point but her ego was still shattered. He had denied her for whatever reason. She was embarrassed how silly she had acted. She didn’t know how to face him again but damn it, she missed talking to him and it’s only been a half a day.

With nothing to do, Kona journeyed to the open area next to the river. Quid was training the girls how to throw a punch. It was a simple action and yet, most of the girls weren’t taken it as seriously as others. The men stood on the sidelines, watching, catcalling, making some of the women laugh. Kona approached and the smiles faded as they sobered up.

Kona stood beside Quid observing them. She was disappointed. She thought the women would be excited, as she was for them, to become gamma, to learn how to take care of themselves. She couldn’t imagine ever standing by and waiting for someone to help her.

Or maybe, she wished she could. If someone had come to her rescue, she’d not know what the taste of Lorcan’s blood felt like in her mouth. She wouldn’t know the feel of his hand on her thigh or the way he kissed.

“Do you want to remain helpless?” Kona pinned her gaze on Nadia, “If a wolf comes for your children, are you just going to scream and pray to the gods they leave?” She shifted her sight to Hera, “If a man catches you alone, are you going to cry and beg? I am giving you the chance to change.”

Quid interrupt, “Alpha Kona, can I have a word in private?”

Kona glared at the women, pissed more than she probably should be. She spun on her heel and followed Quid into the woods.

“Can I be honest?”


“I think you’re expecting too much.”

“Why? Because women don’t have brain cells?”

Quid suppressed his smirk, “Are you typically this defensive?”

Kona crossed her arms, “Was there a point to this chat?”

Her attitude was like a bucking horse. All he wanted to do was tame her. Quid however wasn’t as confident as he usually was around women. She was intimidating.

“Most of these women have been raised believing their bodies are not their own. They have no will to fight.”

“That’s bullshit. They aren’t stupid.”

“No. They are cunning. They deceive. You think these women care about you? They know how to lie, Alpha. That is their strength.”

Kona didn’t buy it, laughing, “All I hear is bitterness. What woman lied to you?”

Quid straightened, strengthening his back.

She realized quickly she had hurt him and she hadn’t meant too. Her smile faltered, “I’m sorry--”

“You want them to fight, you’re gonna have to make them see it. Show them your skills and maybe it will spark some interest.”

Kona watched him walk back. There were so many things she didn’t understand. All these people have had such different lives than her. She couldn’t grasp how she could be so different from them. She was Lycan, didn’t that on some level make her like them? Or was the fact that she was raised in a human pack, that made her so ignorant to Lycan lifestyle?

Kona returned to the training area. Quid stood in front of her, instructing. If what he said was true then, why not show the girls just how powerful they can be?

“Quid.” He turned to her.

Kona lowered into a fighting stance. The confusion on his brow wasn’t there for long as she attacked, punching. He blocked the first two and then she swung her leg up. He caught it in between his fingers, an eager smile on his lips, “You sure this is a good idea?”

Kona pulled her leg away, swinging around with an elbow to his face. He caught that too. Her excitement only increased.


“Yo, Quid is fighting Alpha!” The call from the lake echoed across camp. Tally stood along with the others. He watched them rush through the treeline. At first, he didn’t want to journey down there but he was curious. Quid was a good fighter. He watched numerous wolves on the battlefield, trying to gauge who was good to keep around Kona.

He made his way down, slowly, annoyed that Kona would expose herself to strangers. No matter how she claimed they were family, they barely knew anything about them. He was waiting for one of them to betray, if not more than one.

Tally leaned against a tree, watching. They both had smiles on their face. Kona was embracing this life more than he wanted her too. He wanted her to stay young, carefree, safe. But just like he was changing, she was too. She was becoming a fierce woman, with an ego to match.

Alec stood beside him. “What are you gonna do?”

“About what?” Tally tiredly responded.

Alec scoffed, “Don’t tell me you don’t see it? The men watching her. There are about five that I know that are here if only to see if they can become Luna.”

“Kona has no interest--”

“As someone that’s made out with her, I assure you, she has interest.”

Tally bit the inside of his lip, if only to keep any unnecessary comments to himself.

“She’s not gonna be single forever, Tally.”

“What’s your point?”

“I’d much rather you than one of these assholes.”

The admittance was a shock and Tally knit his brows, looking at Alec, “In Lorcan’s dungeon it was a different story.”

“There weren’t so many contenders.”

Tally was annoyed by that answer but he changed the subject, “What about you?

Alec shook his head, “I don’t want to settle down. Way too much fun being single. And besides,” Alec slapped Tally’s back as he moved away, “She’s way too crazy.

Quid latched onto Kona’s arm, twisting it around her back, kicking out her leg and she landed on her knees. The win, to Tally, wasn’t a surprise, but Kona wouldn’t handle it well. Kona had many weaknesses in her fighting. She was a wild tornado that ripped through her opponent and left nothing and no one standing. She was good at hand-to-hand combat as well, but without her superior strength, Tally could best her which is why Quid had won.

Tally covered his eyes, and yet watched through the cracks. Kona’s temper flared. It was like watching a cat suddenly hiss and attack. She elbowed him in the thigh, nearly breaking it. He crumbled to the floor and Kona, in her victory, stood with a grin. The girls cheered but Tally couldn’t allow her the win.

“You cheated.”

Admittedly it was stupid to say outloud.

Kona’s smile fell as she snapped her head to him. Despite the rage in her blue eyes, it was the first time she looked at him today and it relieved him. He knew she was hurt by his rejection but he wasn’t fairing any better from hers.

“Did I ask for your input, gamma?”

Tally approached, unintimidated by her. She was a frightening creature but for him, when she was her most riled, she was the most alluring. Her temper, though constantly melodramatic, was one of the main things he loved about her. And if the entire pack wasn’t watching him right now, he’d be more than willing to go head to head with her, enjoying their scuffle more than he should.

But he’d have to take a more submitting approach while still getting her to understand that there are unspoken rules to battle.

“Everyone back to camp.” Kona ordered while keeping her eyes pinned on him. There were whispers and glances but they trickled back through the woods, albeit hesitantly wanting to watch the reprimand like a drama unfolding on TV.

“Did I cheat?” Kona quietly questioned.

Her stressed voice threw him off and his brows knit.

“With Lorcan. Did I cheat?”

The question derailed his speech. He wanted to know what she went through, what happened, if Lorcan touched her or hurt her. When Lukas said Kona ‘tricked him by opening her legs’ he’s been focused on what that could have meant. “What happened with Lorcan?” Tally murmured, desperate to hear it.

Kona shook her head, “Never mind.”

She went to step around him but Tally latched onto her bicep, “Alpha, did he hurt you?”

Kona looked at him. Could he see the pain in her? The vulnerable ache in her gut that made her want to curl in his lap?

His brows only deepened upon the expression of her face, “Talk to me.” He softly begged.

But Kona didn’t want to talk about it. It wouldn’t fix it. It wouldn’t erase it. The only thing that could make it better was something Tally refused to give. His denial last night woke her temper and Kona snapped her arm away, “Don’t disrespect me in front of the pack again. Or I’ll have to put you in your place.”

Tally grit his teeth, watching her walk away, “Wouldn’t dream of it, Alpha.” He nipped back. She was so frustrating when she wanted to be. She never made anything easy. She still wanted to act offended for him politely and honorably turning her down in her drunken state. As if him proclaiming his love for her and her saying nothing wasn’t a worse offense. Once more her self-centered attitude got the best of her. Wouldn’t it be better if he could fall in love with someone like Ciara? Ciara was everything he could hope for in a mate and yet, he can’t see anyone but Kona. Sometimes he wished he could detach from the pack, from Alpha, and be alone. Maybe then Kona wouldn’t take up every waking thought and he could focus on himself for a minute.

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