Kona: Blood of the Gods

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Sorry it's taken so long to update. So many things going on but mainly, I'm newly pregnant and my mind is too foggy to write or think. It will get better soon. S

Kona found Quid chopping at a tree for firewood. She kept her eyes off him. Quid had his biosuit pulled down to his waist. He was sweating and in the sunlight he shined like caramel sauce. His tattoos were a second skin, slipping into all the nooks and crannies of his muscle.

Kona wasn’t blind and she most certainly wasn’t deaf. The women had plenty of nice things to say about him. But he was also made fun of. Apparently, he’s turned a few women down back in Lorcan’s camp. And turning a woman down was like admitting they were gay.

Kona mosied up to him, “Hey.”

Quid looked up, placing a wood on the platform. “Alpha Kona.”

Tally’s words were forcing her to apologize. Since she couldn’t apologize to Lorcan, Quid would have to do. “Sorry if I cheated.”

Quid shook his head with knit brows, “You didn’t cheat.”

“Tally said--”

“You are Alpha. I forgot my place--”

“No. You won.”

Quid cackles with a smile, “No, I didn’t. You were going easy on me.”

Kona tried to suppress her smirk, “Maybe.” She glanced at his leg, “Did I break it?”

“Fracture. It’s healed already.”

“Good.” Kona turned to go. But she had no where to go. It was becoming increasingly obvious that Kona wasn’t good at meeting new people. She didn’t realize how much of a loner she was. But Kona didn’t want to be like that. She wanted to get to know her pack and that meant forcing conversation. Kona pushed out a question, “Lorcan wasn’t your first Alpha.”

Quid continued in his work, chopping, “No. I am--I was a CW.”

“What’s that?”

“A conquered wolf.”

“And what does that mean?”

He paused with a curious brow, looking at her. How could she not know words like that? They were common and used since he learned how to speak. But Quid had many questions about Alpha Kona but he knew he had no right to ask. “It means I submitted against my will.”

“Lorcan forced you?”

Quid shrugged, “It is typical.” But he smirked as he met her eye, “Yet not with you.”

Kona bowed her head, hiding her red cheeks. She wasn’t great with fliration. Alec was more like an annoyance than anything else and she had grown used to his constant attempts.

“I was born to the Delphi pack. We lived in South America but journeyed north when I was a child. Two years ago, my alpha attempted to overtake Lorcan’s pack and failed. In the battle, I lost track of my family. I thought they were all dead.”

“I found Janis in a cave pack.”

“Yes, she told me.”

There was an underlying tone to the way he said it. He knew what she had done to Gael and his pack. She wondered how gruesome it sounded to a stranger. Had it been scary for Janis? Did she think Kona would kill her too?

“Can I ask you something, Alpha?” Quid faced her and waited for the go ahead, “What do you plan to do with your strength?”

It’s not a question she’s ever been asked and she had no idea how to answer it. “What do you want me to do with it?”

“Fix the world.”


“I take it you don’t know Lycan society very well.” He set the axe down and approached her.

“I’m learning.”

“There are bad parts of it. Parts that have not altered with time. I feel that if our society doesn’t grow and adapt, the humans will eventually decide to eradicate us. I lost hope in our survival. But with you,” Quid stepped one more foot, barely a length away. “I see possibility.” He lifted his hand, willing to touch her cheek. The way she looked at him gave him courage. He rested his knuckles against her skin. “I have never wanted a mate, but,” He leaned in till his lips were by her ear, “I see possibility for that too.” Quid shifted just enough for his lips to be near hers.

Kona’s breathing increased. She didn’t want Quid but Tally refused her. Was she going to be alone forever? Was this her chance not to feel so alone? She needed someone to treat her like a woman because sometimes all she felt like was a monster.

Kona put a hand on his wrist as she leaned back, “I’m sorry, I--”

“I’m too late?” He murmured with a soft smile. “I know there is no one, Alpha. I can prove my worth to you. In more ways than one.” His thumb brushed her cheek, a caress that made Kona’s knees weak. She was so desperate for physical contact that even a stranger could provoke desire inside her. But it made her feel guilty. She wanted only Tally.

Kona stepped back, detaching from his touch, taking a breath to quell the desperation. “There’s someone else.”

Quid didn’t lose his smile with his hands up in slight surrender, “I don’t mind competition. What’s his name?”

Quid was Kona’s top fighter. Aside from Tally. “Alec.” Alec was the only one Quid wouldn’t be able to defeat.

His smile fell. “Oh. I thought…” Quid took up the axe. His disappointment was obvious but he grabbed a log and set it up. “If he fails you, don’t hesitate.”

Kona allowed herself a moment to glaze over his form without him looking. His back muscles worked in unison, like flowing water. It was hypnotizing. He was too gorgeous for his own good. But so clearly older than her. Lycans fully mature at 25 and there was no doubt that he had reached that point.

Kona broke away. Her resentment for Tally grew. She wanted to experience something positive, something life-changing, something that wouldn’t make her feel disgusting. Why did he have to deny her? Maybe he was in love with her but her actions, the blood on her hands, the people she’s murdered, maybe it was too much, even for him. His denial only amplified her self-loathing.

Returning to camp, it was clear someone had found more liquor. It’s like all they want to do is party. The music was loud. The girls danced around the firepit, laughing and taunting the boys that were watching. A second bonfire was down by the river and through the trees she could make out the large flames.

For the couples, this was paradise. Many of them hadn’t been allowed to be with each other in a year or more and now they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Even with the crackling fire and conversation, there were distant sounds of lovemaking.

It was a petty thing to be jealous about and yet, she was. Spitefully, she could still take Quid up on his offer.

“Alpha Kona?” Lenny approached her, sitting on the log beside her. “Enjoying your victory?”

She broke a twig off the tree, “Yeah, I guess.”

“I never thought I would see a female Alpha and believe me I’m all about girl power.”

She giggled, “Thanks.”

“I heard the story of your life. I’m pretty shocked. Your father was known throughout Russia as a voracious leader. Your mother as well was a fighter unlike any had seen. For them to do what they did, it had to be the will of gods.”

“Yeah.” She mumbled, less enthused on the idea.

“I was born to a human. Which I am thankful for.”

“Why is that?”

“I wasn’t made for Lycan society. I don’t know if you can tell.”

“Kind of.” She admitted.

“It’s obvious but you would be amazed the way Lycan think. They don’t believe gay men exist in their world.”

She could feel him watch her, wondering what she’ll do with the information. It probably had to be very frightening to reveal and yet, he bravely announced it. “Have you met my brother?” She waved, “Mason!” She stood as he approached, “Sit. I think you guys got a lot to talk about.”

Kona journeyed over to Alec, grinning, excited to know that Mason wasn’t alone anymore. She always felt bad that her brother had to pretend for most of his life. With friends he overcompensated by becoming a people pleaser, basically a ‘yes’ man, never having an opinion of his own simply because he didn’t want to stick out. He wanted people to like him so they would never question his oddities or politely look the other way.

“What are you happy about?”

She shrugged, shaking her head. But she couldn’t keep it in. “Lenny’s gay.” She squealed, looking back at the two of them talking.

Alec swung his head to the fire, watching the two of them. It was instant, the wave of jealousy that overtook him. He never had a contender for Mason before. He never needed to worry about him finding someone else. The possibility that came with another man invading on his territory would have made him feral if Kona hadn’t smacked him.

“It’s not a big deal. Gay men exist and they are welcome here. Do you have a problem with that?”

How would straight Alec reply? He smirked, “Less dick going after the slim pickings we got already. Couldn’t be happier.”

She rolled her eyes, “You really disgust me sometimes. Did I ever tell you how happy I am we don’t have to marry anymore?”

“Not as happy as I am. I mean if you treat all your bedpartners like Lorcan--”

“Too soon, asshole.”

Alec cackled as she walked away but his laughter cut short the moment she was out of range. He turned back to the two men by the fire. He knew he couldn’t act the way he wanted to in his mind but he also couldn’t stand by and do nothing. His heart was pounding, the wolf in him clawing at his ribcage, ready to fight to the death for what belonged to him.

“What’s funny?” Alec interrupted sharply. They both flinched before they turned to look at him.

“Beta Alec.” Lenny stood respectfully, offering up his seat.

Alec waved it away, looking expectantly at Mason, “What are you talking about?”

Mason’s brows knit as he mouthed, ‘What are you doing?’

Lenny awkwardly sat down again, “Um, just reliving some terrible memories from childhood. I’m sure you didn’t have anything embarrassing happen to you.”

Mason didn’t appreciate the interruption but as Tally reminded him earlier, when they weren’t in private quarters he had to treat Kona and Alec with respect. “Can we continue our conversation, Beta Alec?”

“Do what you want. I believe there are some lonely females by the hot springs that need some attention.”

Mason narrowed his eyes as he watched Alec head for the water. What was the purpose for that rude intrusion? And to blatantly shoved it in his face that he was going to find a woman to bed tonight? It nearly broke his control not to run after him and curse him out. How many times was he going to be betrayed by Alec and still find some stupid reason to stay?

“You okay?”

“Yeah.” Mason responded instantly despite everything inside of him swirling in a storm.

“Did we do something wrong? You think he knows?”

“He’s always been a dick. Don’t take it to heart.”

Lenny held up a hand, “Woah, Mason, I don’t...We can get in trouble talking like that. He wasn’t bad.”

“Sorry. I’m not used to other people. We’ve been a close knit family for a long time.”

“Maybe he was jealous.” Lenny laughed.

Mason widened his eyes. Was that what it was? Jealousy? “Would you excuse me?”

“Oh. Uh, sure.”

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