The Curing Jars

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Day 347:

Breakfast today was even more tasteless than usual.

But no-one complains, because we learnt to be grateful for even receiving food at all.

A new one of us arrived today. She has dark black hair and huge green eyes. She would look entirely out of place amongst the rest of us if not for the bright red scars littering her arms.

She screamed as the rope around her jar hoisted her into the air.

We all heard her scream for help as the rope stopped and left her dangling in mid-air with the rest of us. She was right next to me, so I moved so my back was on the bottom of my jar, my eyes facing the darkness that was the roof.

She kept banging against the jar, screaming for us to do something.

All of us stayed silent.

I heard her eventually stop. I turned my head slightly to look at her. I was surprised to see her standing in her jar.

Newbies usually sit on the bottom of their jars for the first week or so.

Her hair was now a mess and looked a bit like a raven’s nest. I have decided to call her Raven.

As the rush hour passed us, I sat up to see her making faces at the passers-by.

This Raven girl is strange.

She seems like us, but at the same time seems completely out of place…

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