The Curing Jars

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Day 349:

I have often wondered why I don’t just kill myself, as many others in the other jars do.

But I do know why.

I remember that when They were taking me away from my family and forcing me into the car, I remember promising my parents that I would not give in; that I would be one of the few to survive.

And that’s why I’m still alive.

Raven still hasn’t lost her voice. But she’s stopped screaming.

Instead, she’s singing.

I face away from her, but I do enjoy hearing her sing her songs of hope and survival. I can close my eyes and rest my head against the back of the jar, enjoying the few minutes or hours without the voice inside my head shouting and downgrading me.

I think that maybe, maybe, tomorrow I might face her whilst she sings.

Maybe she’ll sing a song she’s sung before, and I can mouth along with the lyrics as if I was singing them…

Oh, to have a voice…

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