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Octavia Montgomery is the next Alpha of the North Pack. She cannot take over until she finds her mate (or in this case, mates). She has been searching since she was 13, but now she's 19 and losing hope. That is, until Ms. Winifred Johnson shows up. Winifred Johnson is a 35 year old succubus that has been breezing through life without a real end goal. Her parents are making her get married to a man she doesn't love because she hasn't found her mate yet, and they need an heir to take over the Tribe. Will Winifred call off the marriage to Archibald, or will she go through with it and ruin her chances at having a soulmate with Octavia? Throw a 400 year old vampire queen, Janessa Sylvanius, into the mix and you've got yourself a serious party! COMPLETED.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter One

{Octavia's Point of View}

I stretched and yawned, growling softly as I hit my alarm clock, making sure not to break the damned thing again. My blankets were barely covering me, only because of my morning wood. I sighed a bit harshly. Sometimes I hated being both male and female. I toss my blanket off and grab some clothes, not caring if my underwear matched, and head into the bathroom attached to my bedroom. I sleep naked, so I'm not worried about anyone coming in.

I grab a towel and place it next to the shower and set my clothes aside. I turn the water on and make sure it's cold. Moon Goddess knows I've got to calm my boner down before I go to class. I climb into the shower, groaning deep in my throat when the cold water runs down my body. I make sure to wash my hair and my body, along with all the nooks and crannies on my body, before rinsing off. When I'm finished, I turn the water off and grab my towel, water rolling off of my muscled body and onto the shower mat on the floor.

I wouldn't say I'm a body builder, but I am very toned. I've got a six pack, even though I don't look like it. I sighed softly as I dried my hair. Running my fingers through the white strands, I make sure that everything is in place and not tangled. I brush my teeth and pull my clothes on. For today, I've got a band t-shirt and some tight skinny jeans that show of my muscled curves, but not tight enough to show my large cock. I typically wear my hair down, but I carry a hair-tie in case I need it.

I grab my backpack and my car keys. My dad had gotten me a 1967 Pontiac Firebird for my eighteenth birthday. I keep her in pristine condition. That's my baby. She's cherry red with a cream white hard top. I've been tossing the idea of changing her tires to white walls, but I haven't decided yet. I chuckle as I make it to the kitchen, where my family is.

"Luna. Alpha."

I place my clenched fist over my heart and bow to my parents, who bow their heads in recognition.

"Octavia. You're up early. I'm surprised. Normally we're having to send Ana up to get you up!"

I know they're joking, but they're right. Anastasia is always waking me up in the mornings so I can take her to college. I chuckle softly at them, and lean against the counter while I wait for Ana.

"I feel like something is going to happen today, so I'm up early." I admit, almost shocked that that was how I felt.

My parents raise their eyebrows, and look at each other in shock. They don't mention anything, but I know they want to ask about it. I can't place it, but my wolf has been acting up all morning. Giddy, almost. When there was a loud thud at the bottom of the stairs, I looked and laughed.

"Are you okay, Anastasia?" I had to make sure I could breathe before I made sure she was okay. I gripped the counter and held my belly, and waited for her to come over to me. When the shorter werewolf gets to me, she punches me in the shoulder, growling at me.

"Why didn't you wake me up, bestie?!"

I laughed some more, jumping my backpack further onto my shoulder. I placed my arm around her shoulders, pulling her against my muscled body.

"Oh come on, Ana, don't be like that! You need sleep, too!"

She growls at me, and leaves the room. I laugh some more and waved a goodbye to my parents and followed her outside. I unlocked my car, which she was already leaning up against, and we got in. I revved the Firebird to life, and we took off.

Pulling up to the school a few minutes later was nothing new. We lived close enough in the Pack House that we could walk, but I liked having my car in case we needed to go to the town. It was convenient. We got out of the car, and I stilled. I could smell something sweet enough that had me drooling. Anastasia noticed my face and snapped her fingers in front of me.

"Hey, big bad Alpha, focus, you dumb mutt."

She laughed at me, when I scowled at her. We grabbed our stuff and I wrapped an arm around her shoulders. We were best friends and pretty much sisters. When we get into the college, I scrunch my face. The sweet smell is stronger now, and my wolf is going crazy. I gripped a bit hard on Ana's shoulder and she growled softly at me. I let her go, apologizing, when I realized what I had done.

"Sorry. My wolf is on edge. I'm not sure why, yet..." I muttered, knowing she would hear me. She looked at me sideways and grinned at me. "Think it's because your mate is here?" I looked at her, my eyes wide. I was supposed to have found my mate when I was 13, but I'm 19 now, almost 20, and I still haven't found them. I can't take the pack over from my parents until I find my mate.

I sighed softly and looked away from Anastasia. "It's possible, but I'm honestly not getting my hopes up. It's been six years past the time I was supposed to find my mate, you know." I chuckled softly, stretching. Ana pushed me gently and we laughed. "You'll find your mate, big bad Alpha!" she joked. We both blanched when the bell rang.

"Oh, shit! Gotta go!"


We yelled at each other as we took off towards our classes, which were in different directions from where we were at that time. I managed to get to the door of my first class, Language Arts, a few minutes before the tardy bell rang. I opened the door, and froze. My whole body stiffened and my eyes narrowed and darkened. The scent of warm cinnamon and honey was assaulting my senses and it smelled divine. I was almost drooling.

My eyes scanned the classroom and I noticed a woman sitting on a mans' lap in the teachers seat, his hands on her rump, rubbing in gentle circles. They were flirting shamelessly, and I was suddenly very possessive. From what I could see of her, she was the most beautiful woman I've ever seen in my life. She had waist length red hair, and she wasn't too thin, but she was just the right amount of thicc for me. I licked my lips and found my wolf growling loud enough for them to hear me.


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