The academy of werewolves

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Brianna is the youngest grandchild of Zane Austin, she is the youngest of the five grandchildren and Noah's little sister. Despite having the best grades in her class, after her family's difficult past. Classmates insist on bullying her constantly accusing her of not fitting in due too being a werejaguar. When Brianna's academy holds a party in the woods where Under the light of the fullmoon mates are able too find their matches. However when Brianna wakes up too Noah things get a bit more complicated.

Fantasy / Romance
Miranda Pidgeon
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First day worst day !

My entire life my brother and my cousins and I have all been extremely close while growing up. We are currently all attending T.A.F.W. also known as the academy for werewolves. Even though I'm at the top of my class and I'm close with my family here ,I am still outcasted by my classmates. I am constantly getting pushed around, teased , or even mislead too believe things that aren't true. I'm not sure if it's because I was born differently from the rest . On our way too class a classmate my brother's age named Greg bumps into me on purpose knocking all my books out of my hands . " get out of our school you outsider!" He glares at me annoyed my while Jake helps me pick up my stuff Jonas ,Lizzy and Noah aren't finished with Greg yet. Noah steps forward he's not dressed in uniform like the rest of us no brother is wearing black jeans a t-shirt and a dark hoodie that highlights his blue eyes. " Greg I'm warning you too quit bothering my sister that's the fourth time today, and we've only just got here . Now if you don't leave Brianna alone..." Greg begins too laugh along with his friends " what are you going to do about it? Hmm you going to get angry and hurt me?" Greg laughs I can sense Noah's anger building inside of him I gently grab his arm " lets just go Noah...please " he sighs looking at me and we walk out too the court yard to eat lunch. Jonas slams his tray down angirly " danm it ! I hate that asshole he's always treating you like's not right why do you let him do that Brianna you're better than that" Jake and Jonas were older by their sister Lizzy only a couple of years, but they were ten years older then Noah Noah was three years older then me he was seventeen. Which made Lizzy twenty-five and the twins twenty seven but our academy wasn't only for teens it was for young adults our grandfather built it before he died. So that people like us would have a safe place too go and feel unwanted when our parents are working. Our mother Hana was the Dean at the academy and our father he worked with our uncle Kai keeping the grounds safe. I looked at Jonas rolling my eyes " I don't know you guys... maybe Greg is right...I mean I'm not even a werewolf or part dog ...who the hell has ever herd of a WereJaguar anywase? " Lizzy opens one her books pointing to it's very long index " right there see ...under werecreatures page five hundred these are all the types of creatures who are able too cross breed with werewolves. It is a pretty long list from vampires to coyotes, even some jungle animals such as the jaguar as long as that animal has mating instinct it doesn't seem too matter. " Lizzy smiles at me Jake raises his eyebrow pushing his tray away " ew gross sorry no offense Brianna, I just pictured a jaguar fucking a wolf nasty!" We all begin to laugh at him as he starts too gag . I hear Greg's voice as he starts laughing too next thing I know my milkshake is all over my head Noah is already ontop of him beating him too the ground my cousins try to pull him off but Noah pushes them aside I scream at him " Noah! Please stop your going too kill him!" I run too Noah grabbing his arm I get elbowed in the eye and nose Noah finally stops " Jesus Bree I'm so sorry, I lost control fuck ! Are you alright?" He asks frantically I hug him tightly crying " you idiot! Are you trying to get expelled the first day of school?! " He wraps his arms around me tightly and sighs looking at me " I promise Bri, no more fighting okay " I look up at him gripping his t shirt " really you mean it Noah?" He nods smiling at me I mean it Bri I'd do anything to keep that smile on your face. " when we were children Noah and I fought alot but he would always take care of me, I remember at one point hearing my parents say " we have too separate them Noah has gotten too close to her" I never understood what they meant but I think I'm starting too now . My brother never had a girlfriend in all the years I've known him I just chalked it up too him being gay or a loner that I think about it we've recently done a study in one of our classes about how back in the eighteen hundreds siblings who were shifters were known for mating with one another, at that time no other species was around so reproduce the village had no other choice . I was sitting in the green house when it started too pour I was reading my favorite book " beauty and the beast" a classic my uncle Rex would always tell me that we make our own fairy tales. In my family they didn't seem to exist both my grandmother's were killed and it seems as though the women in my family don't have very good luck. I sat up quickly hearing the door open it was Greg I raised my eyebrow at him angirly " what do you want Greg!?" He walked over too me kissing me deeply my eyes widened pushing him off me a camera flashed in my face as he laughed that evil laugh. " now I can show the school how easy the women in your family really are!" Then my mother's voice rang out of the shadows " that's enough Greg! Give me that photo now!" His hands shook and he looked more scared then when Noah had beaten him up what the hell was Greg's deal ? Did my family know his or something? My mother ripped the picture in half infront of him and took the camera from his sleezy friend and she stomped on it. The look on Greg's face was priceless " now Greg the next time you even think about touching my daughter...." the flames danced in her eyes I could see she was angry. Greg looked at me in shock " wait! Brianna is your daughter?!" She gently flicked his forehead " yes you incompetent fool " I see Noah walking in I smile at him " Noah what are you doing here?" I ask him curiously " mom called me, but why are you out so late Brianna?" I shrug I like the rain and watching the moon makes me feel more like one of you." He ruffles my hair smiling " you are one of us silly" he glares at Greg my mom grabs him gently nudging Greg forward " come on Greg we have a long night ahead we have a long night ahead of us" mom told Greg. That week at school they were planning a special party for all the students where we are all in the dark of the woods nothing but the moonlight and the biggest catch is we are blind folded. I knew this was going to be a great party ! All the girls in the school were sent too a special room where they dressed up all in white dresses, if your dress was red you were no longer pure or a virgin . Which in our world it made it harder too find a mate , after they had dressed us we were sitting in chairs to get our hair done makeup wasn't an issue because we were being blind folded until it was time too mate . As we exited the school we were escorted by people who worked for my family, I was lead down the stairs and to the woods with the rest of the girls I could hear music playing in the background. It definitely was too dark too see anything, I herd a gunshot go off then my mother's voice rang out " the pairing begins now! Good luck to you all!" We all ran in separate directions it was alot harder than it looked I kept bumping into trees along the way finally I made too the falls I brushed my hand in the water I herd footsteps behind me I lost my balance but a strong hand reached out and grabbed me. His scent was familiar to me it was mint leaves from axe body spray . He sat me up on his lap I could feel my face turning red he kissed me deeply his tongue caressing mine. I moan slighty could he sense that I was in heat ? No way! Impossible! He paused taking my hand " lets go for a swim " he said tugging my hand gently I hesitated for a moment his voice...I know it . As we climbed into the water he pulled me closer so close now that I could feel his hard cock against the opening of my vagina. He was breathing heavily now I placed my hand onto his chest he picked me up as I wrapped my legs around his waist he began thrusting deeply leaning his face on my neck bitting it gently. Still sounding very concerned about me " am I hurting you?" He asked me worriedly I shook my head asif he could see me. " No I'm fine it feels good " I said smiling at him blushing we kept the blindfolds on as he continued too fuck me harder and faster now I was proped up against the rocks my legs were spread open as his hips thrusted back and forth there was no way in hell this guy was a pure! If he was he was danm good at it. By the end of the night I could barely move but on the other hand I had been imprinted on so that was good . The sun came up and the timer went off for everyone too remove their blindfolds a loud scream came from the falls as I stood there starring directly at Noah " danm it!" I said he sighs heavily walking over too me stroking my face " Bree it's going to be alright, we were chosen by the moon God's to be together " I stare at him confused " but Noah what will people say?" He smiles at me blushing " Bree who cares what they say ! Aslong as we care about eachother nothing else matters!" I sigh nodding at him . He was right if the moon God's chose it it was fate , we had already imprinted on eachother so there was no taking that back. Now it was to tell our family, as every other pair entered the school we were the last ones in . My cousins and my family wide eyed starred at us as we walked in the school holding hands. My mother's brows were raised angirly but the rest of my family seemed cool with it. Mom walked over to us " Do you both think this is funny?! That this some kind of joke?" She grabbed me by the arm and spun me around noticing the imprint mark on my side " you imprinted eachother!?" She gasped I rolled my eyes at her " yes mom we did , but I had no idea it was Noah but I'm glad it was him not someone else...some stranger. I love Noah " not paying attention that the entire school was listening to what I was saying Jonas leans forward smiling at me " no worries cousin I got fated with Greg! " Greg elbows him embarrassed " I told you not too tell anyone!" There's a look on my family's faces that tells me they know something I don't I'm not sure what it is but I'll find out . Noah and I were placed in a different part of the school, apparently they think it's forbidden too mate a family member even if the moon God's chose it. However on the up side of things despite our mother's harsh words towards me and cold shoulder towards the both of us, atleast my cousins would sneak over too see us I felt like a princess locked in her tower only difference was my prince was already with me . My mother made danm sure that not only her reputation but the entire family 's was safe so mother decided to send my uncle Rex and auntie Ella in as teachers so Noah and I wouldn't have any contact with any other students besides our own family. Mother didn't even want them around us, who knew what was going on in that woman's head she would go from sweet as cherry pie one minute to she hulk the next. All I can say is don't get on her bad side unless you have some sort of shifting powers . My uncle Rex walked in our room his books in his hand Noah turned around, I was sitting on the window ledge looking out as usual. Noah smiled at Rex " hello Rex I'm guessing mother sent you?" Rex nodded at him " Bree dear come on over hear it's time for your lesson " Rex says smiling at me I roll my eyes at him I slide off the ledge and sit next too Noah " oh what is it this time? The history of how wolves came too be ?" I said sarcastically as I growled Noah dragged my chair over so I was now sitting in front of him he wrapped his arms around me gently and buried his nose in my neck " now now Bree be nice to Rex or ill have too punish you " he said smirking as his hot breath hit the nape of my neck . I blushed my eyes focused on Rex, Rex slammed his ruler down annoyed " that's enough Noah!" He said in a strict voice Noah let me go and I looked up at Rex as he began too teach us the lesson. It took an entire hour for this lesson to finish when it was over Rex left placing homework on our desk Noah smirked at me throwing the homework across the room as papers flew everywhere he grabbed me by the waist and lowered me too the bed. He kissed me deeply I could feel his heart pounding the more excited he got the closer he got too shifting I gently grabbed his face so our eyes were locked and I pulled him closer kissing him softly he began to calm down. My one hand gripping his shirt the other on his face .I pulled away slightly giving him little kisses all over his body, he sat me up by now half our clothes were already gone he unzipped his pants and lifted my skirt sliding his cock in deep I moaned softly gripping his hair . My claws started too emerge gently clawing his back as he thrusted faster and deeper he gently bit into me with his fangs I continuously moaned as he thrusted his hips while the both of us were still in a sitting position. He blushed looking at me I kissed him passionatly as we both came, he held onto me tightly as he finished he moaned softly a billion butterflies were flying around inside my stomach. I didn't care what our mother said and it was at that moment that I knew Noah was the one. " Brianna I love you " " I love you too Noah " it was official , the moon God's had chosen me a mate and boy was I lucky ! All of my cousins got stuck with shitty mates , I got matched with my own brother and well it's turning out not so bad. About a month has passed and well it's summer break, I'm stuck in our room because I have a flu . I can't keep a single thing down with my face in the toilet bowl I hear a knock on the door " come in!" I shout Noah walks in with Lizzy and Jonas " see I told you both she's been like this for a few days " Noah says to them Lizzy sighs looking at me smiling " you idiot! She's pregnant this no flu Brianna are you sick in the morning or all the time?" She asks me curiously " all day " I look up at her slightly Noah kneels down rubbing my back " well what do we do now ?" He asks Lizzy concerned " hmm ...we will help you hide it from your mom for awhile but by three months she'll be showing. We can talk too my dad he'll understand " Noah nods at Lizzy and she calls up Rex within five minutes he is at our door " oh boy , bad is it?" He asks me I look up at him " I can't keep anything down " I say too him he sighs and scoops me up " yeah that's what happens when two hybrids mate...this will be rough. " he kneels down beside me "Lizzy go into my bag and bring the gravol " Rex scoops me up placing me on the bed he hands the bottle to Noah " if she throws up again give her another one of these. " Noah nods smiling at him and closes the door I start to drift too sleep as I think about our baby and what it will look like.
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