The academy of werewolves

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Shopping spree

I spent my entire summer break in our dorm room and when I did finally go out I had too wear Noah's football jacket every where I went because my school uniform wasn't fitting me anymore by September it was getting hard too hide the fact that I was pregnant so Noah helped me out and I'd wear his sweaters too places outside of school. I knew my mother would eventually figure it out our fall festival was here and Halloween was around the corner Rex was keeping his eye on me now four months pregnant, it was incredibly hard too hide . I was sitting in Rex's house our cousins had helped sneak me there he had the ultrasound going Noah's face lite up as he watched the screen " there's the heart beat and the head , would you like too know the sex of the baby?" Rex asks us smiling I look at Noah grinning brightly he nods excitedly I look back at Rex " yes please Rex!" He nods smiling at us " it's a girl take good care of her " he hands us a photo I sit there crying Noah kisses my head softly " now we need a name for her" He says smiling all of a sudden I hear Rex's voice get stricter as Jonas runs in the bedroom " your mother is here !" Noah looks at me kissing me deeply " I won't let anyone hurt you or our daughter!" He says mother bursts threw the door and Noah stands guard " dont fucking touch her!" He says angirly she glares at the equipment and sighs she calls Rex back into the room " Rex!" He walks into the room cautiously " yes Hana?" " Rex, how long has Brianna been with child?" He tilts his head " oh four months..." she sighs heavily " and you didn't think that telling her and Noah the truth was a good idea?" Noah and I look at eachother confused " what truth ?" I ask my hand on my belly while Noah still guards me. " Brianna, you and Noah aren't brother and sister...after Kai fought with Rex and Ella. Ella showed up with Lizzy the day Noah was born at the time , Rex and Kai were living together raising the twins so they were in process of adopting a baby girl but the agency told them it could take up too three years. Rex moved back in with Ella and every one went their separate ways , Kai was alone he couldn't afford to raise you by himself Brianna so Christian and I adopted you . " Noah and I stare at her angirly I stand up getting upset " you all lied too us , how could you keep this from us ?" Noah wraps his arms around me tightly " Bree calm down please can't get upset like this ." I smile slightly at him he looks at our cousins " did you know aswell ?" They look down sadly " our parents told us not too say anything " Noah rolls his eyes at them . " Rex why , why keep it from us ?" Noah asks angirly Rex looks at him " because you're both hybrids, you were fated too mate and there's never been a hybrid pair who fully pro create to full term. We were trying too protect you both " Noah looks at me with a look of despair but hopefulness " we will be fine I have faith in Brianna and our daughter " Hana looks at me sighing " that's not the point ...I had two miscarriages and I'm not even a hybrid Noah's dad is it took me eight years to get pregnant for Noah. " Noah smirks looking at me " took you eight years but only took me my first time not bad huh mom?" She rolls her eyes at him our cousins laugh at him I smile at his joke blushing. So it was his first time...not bad at all Noah. He's definitely got skill. Hana looks at me and nods " Rex will take care of you from now on check you daily, and I'll have Kai call you. " I nod at her she looks at Lizzy " oh and Lizzy " " yes Hana?" " kindly take Brianna shopping I'll cover the costs for clothes and whatever the need for the baby." Lizzy nods smiling excitedly we head out and Lizzy takes us too the mall. I finally get clothes that fit , a new hair due and a bunch of really cute baby clothes for the baby. " Now I just need a name for her " I say outloud Lizzy smiles at me and Noah " what about Riekia ?" Noah smiles at me " its beautiful Lizzy " I nod at her yeah I love it. " she nods at us " yeah good use it , It was going too be the name of my daughter but I'm unable too have any children. So I'd be honored if you would use it. " we nod at her and Jonas walks beside me whispering " she was born very ill and premature she grew but her insides did not so the doctor had to remove her lady parts when she was twelve. " I look down rubbing my belly " Lizzy! If you ever wanted me too I would gladly be your surrogate " she looks at me with tears in her eyes she hugs me tightly " thank you Brianna " I smile at her. We head back too the school with all our stuff. I'm exhausted from our trip all Noah wants to do is touch me I gently push his face away " uh sorry Noah but I'm exhausted and my feet hurt." He smiles at me blushing he kisses me deeply " how about a foot rub then " he sits at the edge the bed massaging my feet I moan as he rubs them. My phone rings and Noah answers it " hello, hey Kai yeah she's here but she's resting can I take a message? Yup sure I'll tell her bye " I sit up slightly and Noah looks at me " Kai wanted too meet with you later this week. " I shrug at him " " Noah do think I'm going to be a good mother?" He gets up and lays next too me looking me in the eyes " Bree I think you're going to make an excellent mother, don't let anyone tell you different. Rieka will love you you're a kind ,loving person who only thinks of others. Your also the strongest woman I know. " I blush looking at him " thank you Noah I think you'll be a great dad too! " He places his hand on my belly his eyes widen as she kicks for the first time. I grin at him " she knows it's you sing too her" he begins too sing " you are my sunshine my only sunshine..." as he continues singing rieka kicks more and more. I enjoy the moment that I'm in Noah understands me and I know no matter what happens we will get threw this together.
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