The academy of werewolves

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The Halloween Festival

The night of the Halloween Festival was finally upon us, and Noah thought it would be funny if I dressed up as a zombie with the doll hands and feet glued too my t shirt asif the baby is trying to escape. He was dressed as a zombie quarterback he was so hot in ripped up clothes oh I wanted too tear them right off of him. I walk over too him and kiss him deeply he smiles at me blushing wrapping his arms around me tightly and placing his hands on my belly " ready to go?" I smile at him nodding as he takes my hand and we head too the festival, this will be our first time out of the dorms since well the night of matching party of the four moon God's. I'm a bit nervous too see the other students reactions towards us but aslong as Noah is there with me I couldn't really give a care. As we make our way down the pathway leading toward the wooded area where the festival is being held we bump into Lizzy and Jake, Lizzy was dressed in some sort of leather outfit and Jake was dressed as a knight. We walked with them and when we arrived the entire student body starred at us Noah looked at me and held tight to my hand " come on Bree I've got you " he says leading me threw the crowd Greg tapped him on the shoulder and smiled " I want too offer my congratulations to you both your cousin told everything. " Noah nods at him shaking his hand " thanks Greg, so's it going with Jonas?" He asks when Noah asked Greg that it all came back too me I remembered that Jonas told me the day after the match making that he and Greg had been matched . I was happy for Jonas and Greg, even though Greg had spent the entire first half of the school year bullying me I'm happy that he found some one that makes him happy. Jonas walks over and wraps his arm around me " hey cousin! How's the baby?" I smile at him " good thanks, but I think it's me who should be congratulating you " I look in the direction of Greg and Jonas blushes smiling at me. As our Noah hears our song play he intrupts Jonas and takes my hand gently escorting me too the dance floor. As our song by " Christina perrie - a thousand years" I wrapped my arms around Noah's neck as far as I could reach with my belly in the way. As we sway back and forth too the music Noah looks deep into my eyes smiling at me his hand drifts down to my lower back. " Noah what's wrong you seem nervous?" I ask him concerned Noah blushes smiling at me " Brianna listen babe, we're about too start a whole new adventure and I can't imagine spending my life with anyone else except you.....shit I'm no good at this stuff sorry Bree " I stroke his face softly " Noah what are you trying to say?" I ask him curiously he swallows hard and pulls me closer " Brianna...what I'm trying to say is " his hands shook and I could sense his nervousness he backed up and every one watched us as Noah got down on one knee and opened a small box and presented a beautiful ring to me " Brianna will you marry me?" I began too cry and nodded at him smiling I jumped into his arms kissing him deeply. " I'll take that as a yes " he says grinning brightly at me blushing . He places his hand on my belly his eyes glowing " Bree I want too make you the happiest hybrid in the world " I kiss him passionatly " Noah my already have more then you know. " as we are about to kiss we felt a dark presence I gripped onto Noah tightly frightened " Noah what is this ...what's going on?" I ask him I was certainly in no condition too fight. Greg glared at Jonas and looked back at us as he scanned the crowd " it's a vampire the looks of it she's here for a new mate " I raise my eyebrow fuck this shit! Like hell some blood sucking whore was going too get my fiance I stood up and wasted no time flying over she stood a few feet taller than me and I glared at her my arms folded . She sniffed me smiling "'re the mate of a half vampire you lucky girl now where is this hadsome fellow?" She asks me looking down at my belly yeah like I was going too tell her anything. " don't touch me you bitch !" She glares at me annoyed " is that anyway too speak too your baby's future mother?" I glared at her " you will never have my baby or my husband!" I say angirly she grabs me by the throat raising me off the ground " come out! Come out! Wherever you are!" My entire family came out out of hidding not just Noah Rex pointed a gun at her " put her down slowly and I won't shoot " he says clicking the gun. Jonas and the others were already in wolf form except for Noah he walked toward her " stop! Evegaline it's me Noah " I watched him as the woman's face turned into a smile . She looked at me then back at Noah shaking her head in confusion " wait a minute, Noah who is she?" I ask curiously he looks at me smiling " oh Brianna this Evegaline, she is like family too us she was the vampire who turned my father. " Evegaline looks at me sighing heavily " oh my I apologize if I frightened you Brianna, it wasn't my intention. " I shake my head at her " no it's fine , I guess you added a bit of extra effect too our festival " I say she smiles at me looking around she turns back too Noah " Noah where is your father now ?" She asks I hear Rex's voice behind us as he gently takes hold of her arm " I'll escort you too him Evegaline " Rex says nodding at her Noah sighs looking at me " shit! I'm sorry about her Brianna, I'd had no idea she'd show up unexpectedly like this. My family hasn't seen her in years . " that still didn't explain why he never mentioned her too me I mean she was gorgeous and no doubt about it young for a vampire. I wasn't stupid " Noah why haven't you ever told me about her? I've grown up with your family and never met her ...if we're going too have a family together and get married Noah there can't be anymore secrets or lies " he nods at me blushing " your absolutely right Bree I'm sorry I never told you about her but I did it too protect you, Evegaline became a vampire when she was only fifteen. My father's village was attacked when he was a boy his parents were killed by vampires which is why he and your father became hunters. When Kai found out that Evegaline was back in town he didn't want you too worry with the baby and everything else. " I sigh looking at him and I kiss him deeply " next time Noah just tell me okay , so long as you aren't interested in her I'm fine" he grabs me gently " hell no! Besides I'm more of a hybrid kinda guy anyway...I hear there's a really sexy hybrid walking around who is stunning right now with her curves and cute baby bump " he kisses my belly gently I rub his head softly " I love you Bree all of you forever " I pull his head up so our lips are touching he moans softly as I nibble his neck . " Brianna...if you start something I'll have too finish it " he says smiling at me I laugh smirking at him " Noah why don't we take this party back too our dorm room with our friends. " he nods waving our cousins over Jonas comes over and smiles at us " what's up?" " we're heading to our place bring everyone " Noah says. Jonas whistles and gets Jake's attention they follow us back too our dorm. All the way down the hall there are parties going on. I sit on our bed and play music Lizzy and there's start too dance. I sit on our balcony looking out Greg sits next too me and we begin to chat about stuff. He is in the midst of a sentence something about helping with English class when all of a sudden he places his beer down on the ledge his eyes widen " Bree your bleeding " he says concerned my hand shaking I reach down feeling blood I scream everyone turns hearing me and Noah turns off the music running over too me. " Greg what's going on?" Noah asks concerned Greg shrugs " I m not sure we were just chatting all of a sudden I noticed she was bleeding " Lizzy picks up her phone quickly " I'm calling dad , this isn't good hey dad you need too come quick Brianna is bleeding bad" it didn't take Rex long too get to our dorm he moved every one aside " out of my way ! I need too save this baby" he says he leans over me and checks me over he looks at Jonas " Jonas hurry and call an ambulance!" Rex makes me comfortable while we wait . The next thing I knew I woke up in the hospital and Noah was at my bedside I was hooked up to I.V. and I was frantic I looked around as Noah got up comforting me. " Brianna it's alright " he says I hug him crying " the baby ! Where's my baby ?" Rex walks in looking at me " Brianna, the babies are fine" I glare at Rex confused " wait did you just say babies as in more then one?" I ask curiously with my mouth dropped open. Noah grins with his hand on my belly " we are having not one , not two but three babies " Noah says looking at me my eyes widen in shock I shake my head at him " three are you insane!?" Rex laughs at me " Brianna it'll be okay, the reason we didn't see the boys on the ultrasound was probably because they were hidding behind their sister. " Rex says smiling at us as I lay there rubbing my belly all I can think is " fuck...three that's almost enough too create a full pack " I giggle too myself and Rex and Noah look at me smiling " Bree what's funny?" Noah asks me " I was just thinking that three babies almost makes a full wolf pack " Rex and Noah laugh with me I sigh looking at him " hey Bree we will get threw this, I love you and I love these babies even though I haven't met them yet...I have this connection with them already. " Rex smiles at us " oh by the way ... we won't know what species they are until they're born. But my guess is your sons will be the stronger of the three and be born hybrids or werewolves. Your daughter will most likely be born human " I look down sighing but if she's born human, it's more dangerous and harder too find a mate. God I hope for her sake that isn't the case Rex leaves the room allowing me too rest it's still fresh in my mind three children it seems sur-real I look at Noah and take his hand " Noah, this changes everything we can't stay at the dorms anymore not with three babies we need too find a place of our own. " he nods at me happily " there's a place in the mountains where we will be safe , we can start our own pack with Jake ,Jonas, Greg and Lizzy. Our children will be safe from harm " I look at him sighing heavily " I trust you Noah, where is this place in the mountains?" " it's in behind the falls we will be safe I promise Bree and we can finally live like we are supposed too no more rules or books . " I smile at him " who will be our alpha?" " Jonas can run things he's good at that " I smile at him nodding " okay well get me out this hospital and let's go pack " I said smiling I felt excited about the babies and a new home and starting our own pack it was time to do this . As Noah signed all the paperwork Jake wheeled me out too the car " lets do this!" He said grinning brightly Greg opened up the car door and helped me in the car . I sat in the back seat with Lizzy and Jake got in the driver's seat Noah sat in the passenger seat and Jonas sat next too me and Lizzy as we started to drive off I notice we aren't going in the direction of the academy I look over Noah's shoulder " sweetheart where are we going?" He looks up at me in the rear view mirror smiling " I had Jonas pack the car before they came to get you we are headed straight too the falls " I smile leaning back in my seat. Lizzy wakes me when we get there " Brianna...we are here " she says softly I climb out of the car and the view is gorgeous we are parked in behind the falls in a bombshelter it was amazing there was so much room for all of us, plus more. I walked around and stumbled across the babies room I walked in smiling at it Jonas leaned on the door. " you know he has been planning this ever since he found out you were pregnant, he's really excited about being a dad he loves you and those babies so much. " I smile at Jonas " he did all this for me ?" Jonas nods at me happily " we were all in when he asked us too join his pack and move here ...Brianna you're like family too us and we will protect your babies with our lives" Jonas smiles at me placing a hand on my belly softly. I smile at him " thank you Jonas I really appreciate it. " Greg walks over too us smiling " dinner is ready if you're hungry, steak and potatoes the works. " he says I rub my belly licking my lips " sounds delicious I'm starving! Oh umm weird question do you have any peanut butter?" They both look at me nodding " yeah we do but why do you ask ?" Jonas smiles at me curiously " I kinda eat it on my potatoes " Greg smirks at me " Brianna you have the strangest cravings I've ever herd of " I smile at him " I'm also feeding for four Greg" he nods at me leading me too the kitchen area Noah is setting my plate down he pulls out my chair and I sit down next to Jake Noah smiles at me kissing my forehead " eat!" He says happily I look at him confused " what about you Noah?" he sits next too me and smiles at me as Jonas places a plate infront of him " alright every one dig in!" I was so hungry that I was done before every one else. Jake looks at Noah and I smiling brightly " we still need names for the boys ..." Jonas sighs looking at me and looks at Greg " well Greg has a couple " I wipe my face and wait for Greg's response " well it's not a big deal... I was just messing around " he says Noah smiles at Greg taking my hand " go ahead we'd love too hear them Greg " " well...okay...Caspian and Kade I thought went cute with Rieka's name " he said smiling Noah and I look at eachother smiling " I love those names Greg! Thank you! " Jake grins at us taking a bite of his steak " nice and all three names will go great with Noah's last name too Lowell which means " little wolf " I smiled at everyone I had completely forgotten that Lowell meant " little wolf " Christian my adopted father was a Lowell but I began too wonder what my real father's last name was. I barely knew anything about him and he hadn't even come to visit me since I'd found out about the pregnancy Noah's parents did and Rex and Ella did but not my father. I stood up and I excused myself from the table heading to the bedroom to rest Noah came and sat on the bed next too me " Brianna are you alright?" He asked in a concering tone I was laying on my side " yes just tired , my ribs and back hurt " I said closing my eyes he lays down behind me and wraps his arm around me underneath my belly gently lifting I moan slighty as it relieves pressure " oh that feels good don't stop " he kisses my neck softly " just thought I'd help " I place my hands over his smiling " where'd you learn to do this Noah?" He giggles " my mom told me that my dad used too do it for her whenever she was pregnant with me ...she said it helps relieve the back pain and pressure you carry around. " I moan softly " mmmm this feels so good I'd let you fuck me right now " he laughs " Bree , I think that's the hormones talking not you much as I'd love too you're four months pregnant with triplets and I don't want too cause you anymore pain. " I sigh laying there as we cuddle " Noah just hold me like this please ... until I fall asleep " he sighs smiling " anything for you Bree " I feel his hand stroke my hair as I begin too slowly drift off thinking of nothing but our beautiful babies.
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