The academy of werewolves

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The Lowell triplets

We had been living in the mountains now for six months and I was as big as a house and four days past my due date I wanted these babies out! I was exhausted ,angry and very moody I sat there on the sofa my arms folded angirly Noah had just came back from hunting he walks in kissing me softly and I growl under my breath " still no babies?" Jonas smiles at me grabbing juice out of the fridge. I raise my eyebrow at him annoyed " no! and I feel like they'll never come out!" Lizzy laughs " relax Brianna dad is coming over they'll probably order you a c section because you're due date was four days ago. " I sigh looking at her in relief Greg looks at Noah and I " you two could always you know have sex ....I herd it helps " as Greg says that I tug on Noah's shirt in a panic he looks down at the puddle on the floor " Bree your water broke! The babies are coming...Jake get the vehicle, Lizzy call your dad and every one. Jonas ,Greg...luggage " Jake pulls up the car and Noah helps me in meanwhile Lizzy is calling everyone we know. With Jake driving it doesn't take long for us too arrive to the hospital when we get there Rex helps me out of the car and onto a bed rushing me too a room I scream in pain " ohh fuck....Noah I'm going too fucking kill you!" Rex laughs " she doesn't mean it Noah " okay Brianna time too push " I begin pushing out the first baby they didn't have time too give me any pain meds so I was doing this all natural as Noah held my hand tightly I cried shaking my head " I can't do it Rex nodded at me " yes you can ...Brianna we've already been at this two hours and you've already pushed out one " I look over realizing my son is crying I keep going Rex grabs the second baby smiling " it's a girl! Ok Brianna one more...just Kade left ..." I lean back in the bed and I squeeze Noah's hand tightly and I push Rex gently grabs Kade and smiles handing him too the nurse. I hear all the babies crying Rex brings the babies over too us and hands Rieka too Noah and the boys too me " I'll send someone in shortly to teach you how too feed them. " I look at him confused " wait Rex! What are they?" He smiles at me " you haven't figured it out yet?" He asks curiously I look at Noah shrugging then look at my sons and my daughter " no, I'm sorry but I haven't " Noah rocks Rieka softly smiling at me " Brianna, the boys are werewolves and Rieka here is a human. " I look at Rex and Noah " so no vampire gene's at all ?" Noah shakes his head smiling at me " no none , unless they get speed which is no big deal but we can handle that." I knew that it would be hard for Rieka growing up but that Caspian and Kade would make sure that she was well protected, I knew that because they were Noah's son's and Noah was the type of person who would protect someone he didn't even know that's what made him who he was. I was proud of him for that, and I knew my children would grow up the same as their father. Noah's mother walked in smiling she had brought Ella with her. " my God Brianna they're gorgeous!" Hana says stealing Rieka from Noah snuggling her I smile at her " awe thank you Hana, it definitely wasn't easy but I'm in love all over again they look just like Noah " Ella grins at me " Rex said that the boys are both shifters but that Rieka is human...she may just be a late bloomer." Ella sits next too me and looks at Noah " hmm okay Brianna so take Kade we just latch him on like so and you can feed Caspian at the same time " she says smiling Noah blushes looking away shyly I giggle at him as I finally finish feeding the triplets Hana and Ella leave and Jonas ,Jake ,Lizzy and Greg walk in my room with balloons and teddies I smile at them Jonas leans over Rieka's basinet smiling " shit Noah she looks just like you, can I hold her?" I smile at him nodding " ofcourse Greg looks hesitant as he is looking at Caspian " Greg go ahead hold him , I trust you " he smiles picking him up gently Lizzy picks up Kade " so... dad said the boys are werewolves and that reika is human?" Noah nods at them Jake's shrugs " who cares what they are, and if anyone teases Rieka because she's human ill kick their ass!" I laugh at him " thanks Jake, but not necessary she'll be fine " Jonas kisses Rieka softly " so when can we take them home?" He asks curiously Noah looks at me " anytime and Jake don't get any ideas and imprint on my seems too run in your family " Noah laughs slightly Jake rolls his eyes " relax, I won't do what dad did ...that's just weird imprinting on a baby ...I mean I love my mother but when I imprint on someone I want her too be my age." We all raise our eyebrows at him confused " well who did you get matched with Jake at the matching ceremony?" I ask him curiously " uh I didn't " I look at him confused " what do you mean you didn't " three different wolves followed my scent but they turned around and left making excuses " I take his hand looking at him " Jake who are they my cat eyes clearly visible he sighs heavily " Bree your eyes are ...uh " he says looking away I adjust myself in the bed looking around the room " I apologize every one I have a short temper " Jonas smiles at me " oh we know...all good wonder which kid will take after you for that ?" I shrug at him " dont know ...I'd rather they have Noah's temperament " that day I had a surprise guest Rex knocked on my door and we all looked at him " Brianna you have a vistor my dad Kai walked in with flowers and gifts for the babies I hadn't seen him in almost a year now he shows up I look at Jonas who is holding Rieka he hands her too Jake " Jonas can you please escort my vistor out " Rex glared at Jonas " Jonas....wait! Please I understand you have your duty as alpha now but let him see his grandchildren " Jonas sighs grabbing onto kai's shirt " five minutes...hurry up!" Kai walks over too Jake and looks at Rieka smiling at her " she looks like her daddy " he says Jake quiets her down rocking her Kai walks over too Greg who is holding Kade Greg glares at him " no touching!" I smirk at Greg he's come along wat from being a bully too being a protector of my family. Rex sighs looking at Kai " ok Kai you saw them you can call Bree later she needs rest let's go!" I was a little bit upset with Rex for just over riding Jonas, Kai left the room and he shut the door I didn't look impressed I knew every one could see it. " I'm sorry Brianna I shouldn't have let him over ride me like that " Jonas said I sighed heavily looking at him " it's okay Jonas it wasn't your fault, Rex seems to do that alot too you guys I've noticed " Jake looks at me sighing " yes but Brianna he is still our father, so we can't just ignore his orders " " I'm not asking you too ignore him Jacob...just stand up for yourselves the three of you it breaks my heart watching you all get bossed around like you're working for him. We started this pack for a reason, and I wouldn't want my children following orders from Noah if all he did was bark at them. " Noah looks at me " Brianna that's enough...I'm sorry guys she's exhausted and it's been a long day she doesn't mean any of this" Lizzy feels my head " she's burning up! Jonas go get dad right away !" ( Jake's pov) Bree fell nearly fell out of bed luckily I was standing right there too catch her our father rushed in and checked her out " Jake, Jonas help me get her too the emergency room now! Every one else stay with the babies!" I carry her too the room and Jonas clears the way we get her too the room and I lay her down gently Jonas looks at my dad concerned " Dad what's wrong with Brianna?" He takes out his surgical tools and puts a gown on a few nurses come in and he quickly hooks her up too IV he starts giving her cpr " come on Brianna! " Jonas and I stand there with tears in our eyes this didn't feel real I was just talking to her . " I've got a pulse! Prepare for a Brain scan immediately and surgery to follow if I'm right she has a benign tumor that needs removing " Jonas and both look at him sighing and he looks at us " go let the others know " we head back too the room and Noah is pacing back and forth crying he runs up too us in shock " where is she where's Bree!?" He shouts Lizzy and Greg walk out of the hospital room " Jonas, Jake where's Brianna?" Lizzy asks concerned I sigh " dad says she's going for a brain scan then surgery if he's right... she has a benign tumor that has too be removed." Noah drops too his knees crying Jonas kneels down beside him " Noah it's going to be ok, she's strong and it's not cancerous " Noah looks up at him " how long is the surgery?" I sigh " probably a few hours your job is too look after your babies we will help you out. " I didn't know what else too tell him because at that moment I was terrified I'd lose her too . Brianna was right , I knew when I'd find the right person...only problem is it took her almost dying for me too find her . I was in over my head I knew how much Noah loved her and I couldn't tell him not now , not ever! It was four in the morning when my dad finally came out of the surgery room he smiled at us " she's going to be can go see her now fair warning though we had to shave the right side of her head too do the surgery to remove the tumor. It was removed successfully now she does have stitches it's not pretty and she's kind of out of it but she will live. Oh...there was a bit of nerve damage so she's going too need therapy too learn how to walk again " my dad escorts us too her room Noah goes first dad was right Brianna looked like a creature from a zombie movie but still was as beautiful as always. She was the only person I knew who could make brain surgery look good. Noah sat next too her she was hooked up too machines all kinds Lizzy walked out the room in tears Jonas went after her too make sure she was alright. Greg had tears in his eyes watching Noah and Brianna " can we bring the triplets in here ?" He asked my dad " uh yeah sure I'll allow it maybe she'll wake up if she senses them. " I sigh looking at Noah " Jake watch her for me ok ill go with Jonas and Lizzy too get the triplets " I nod at Noah " sure no problem " I say sitting in another chair I sigh heavily. Waiting for them too come back I was holding Brianna's hand talking to her just rambling " Brianna listen you were right ...about finding the right person " I began to cry noticing that she started squeezing my hand. I called everyone back into the room and they all came running except for Noah he stood there glaring at me " Jake can I uh speak too you outside for a minute?" Noah asked me I got up and walked into the hallway " something wrong Noah?" As I asked him that question he slammed me against the wall angirly " you stay the fuck away from my wife you hear me she's my mate you can't have her !" I raised my eyebrow at him annoyed " dude calm your fucking nerves man ...I'm not into Brianna " I was totally lying but I knew if Noah found out he'd rip my fucking head off. He let me go and sighed " your not into her then who were you talking about in there ?" I raise my eyebrow at him " a girl I met here at the hospital.... in the waiting room " thankfully for me I had met a girl that night . She was from a pack nearby named Marcie I point too her showing Noah I call Marcie over she walks over " hey Jake who's your friend?" She asks curiously blushing at me " Marcie this is Noah Brianna's mate remember I mentioned him " she nods at me happily " it's nice to meet you Noah, Jake told me alot about you guys ...I hope to meet the rest of his family soon . Jake and I our going on a date next week " I blush at her words I had to admit Marcie was extremely beautiful and she was the only known tribrid around. Dating Marcie was alot safer then getting killed by my own cousin. I wrap my arm around Marcie she smiles at me blushing " are the babies born may I see them?" She asks Noah smiles at her nodding " they are and you Marcie give us a few minutes okay my wife just had brain surgery and the doctors are hoping that if we bring the babies to see her she'll wake up " Noah explains Marcie smiles looking threw the window of Brianna's hospital room " well I think she decided too wake up all on her own. " Marcie says pointing as Noah turns watching Brianna interact with the babies and my brother and Lizzy Noah walks in and stares at her in shock. I'm now leaning against the door frame my arm around Marcie Brianna smiles at Noah as he kisses her deeply " God I was so scared of losing you Bree." She shakes her head at him " I'm a lot harder too kill then that Noah " she smirks at him she looks at me and waves at Marcie " Marcie! I didn't know you knew Jake?" Marcie giggles blushing " yeah we met today in the waiting room my older brother passed away today from some kind of bite " I hug her tightly " God Marcie I'm sorry " Jonas looks at Brianna " how do you know Marcie Bree?" She smiles at us " oh ...ugh I know Marcie 's family she used too be in my second grade class. " Brianna smiles looking at Noah as she giggles " actually...not sure if you remember or not Noah but Marcie used to have sleep overs at our house, and if I remember correctly you had a crush on her when we were children " Noah rolls his eyes looking away shyly he embarrasses easily. Marcie grins at Brianna " may I hold one of your precious babies?" She asks Brianna in her adorable voice Brianna nods at her " sure ! " Brianna leans forward handing me Rieka I smile passing her to Marcie, Marcie cradles her " oh she's so small...I wish I had a mate " Brianna sighs softly looking at me " Marcie be paintent love takes time....your mate will find you . Then you'll have your family too." Marcie grins looking up at me mesmerized I see the love in her eyes and how badly she wants a baby, I sigh looking at her I knew I wasn't going too get anywhere with Brianna and Marcie was really sweet I liked her. " Marcie why don't you join our pack stay with me ..." I say too her holding her tight she blushes brightly " really Jake you mean it?" I kiss her deeply my heart starts too pound . As I feel Marcie being ripped from my grasp I look up seeing a woman that must be her mother. " Marcie stay away from these trouble makers ! Their entire family is nothing but liars and cheaters!" My brother and sister get defensive I wave them too stay back " you're wrong...our family is dysfunctional like every other family but we look after each other and are loyal too our mates ." Her mother pulls Marcie out of the hospital I sigh looking at my family Lizzy hugs me tightly " I'm so proud of you Jake for standing up for our family " every one nods at me happily my dad comes in smiling " good news Brianna can leave in a week so long as we get her walking again " every one was smiling we all left letting Brianna rest Lizzy, myself , Jonas and Greg all brought the triplets home Noah stayed with Brianna. It took a few days but Brianna never gave up she managed too walk out the hospital before the week ended. She was determined too help me get Marcie back , that was her new goal in life was making me happy.
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