The academy of werewolves

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My two mates

(Brianna pov)
I had been out of the hospital for about a month maybe two, I was doing alot better and the triplets were finally getting into their routine. Noah and I were finally getting sleep ...well some anywase . Jake seemed hesitant too date Marcie now , I was curious as too why Noah and Jake were constantly arguing I'm not sure about what I decided to investigate I was laying in bed and had just finished feeding the triplets when Noah walked in slamming the door angirly. I put my book down glaring at him knowing full well he and Jake were just arguing I sigh looking at him " have been this way with Jake since I came home from the hospital what the fuck is going on?!" I demand an answer from him " Jake is in love with you and that's why things with him and Marcie aren't working " I raise my eyebrow at him and laugh then realize he isn't kidding " oh! You're not joking .... " I sigh heavily and I pull him close kissing him softly " Noah you're afraid I will love him over you?" I ask curiously he looks down nodding at me I sigh " Noah I love you, you're my mate and the love of my life. Not too mention the father of my children " I try too ensure him but he still doesn't seem convinced " Noah what can I do too make you believe me that I only love you?" Without hesitation he looks at me " fuck us both ! " I raise my eyebrow at him confused " Noah are you serious?! " He nods at me blushing " I want the fighting too stop between me and Jake and the only way that can happen Brianna is if you become his mate too. " I drop my mouth in shock " you mean like what your mother did with your father and my dad ? Co mating ?" Noah nods at me he kneels infront of me " Bree , I will do whatever it takes too keep you in my life including having my own cousin who is in love with you imprint on you so we can all be happy. " I sigh at him " Noah do you think fucking your cousin will make me happy?" He looks at me confused shrugging " isn't that all women's fantasy to have too have more then one man in their bed ?" He asks with a confused look on his face I blush and start giggling " if this will end your fued my love I will do it , but on my terms only understand!" He nods smiling at me " anything! What are your terms Bree?" I smirk at him blushing " you and Jake allow me too be in charge when in the bedroom " he blushes smiling " you mean like ....domination?" I nod at him " except this will be different I will only use toys on you unless you want me to use other objects. Deal!" He nods at me blushing " I get out of bed and smirk at him " I guess we better go tell Jake all this " Noah nods at me blushing and follows me down the hall we stop at Jake's door and I knock he opens it sighing heavily " what are you doing here?" He asks confused I look at Noah then back at Jake " Noah and I have an offer for you Jake....we want you to become our co mate . Noah has agreed too stop arguing with you so long as you imprint on me " Jake's face goes red and he is silent for several minutes " what do you get out of this Brianna? you don't even love me! " " I told Noah that I only had one condition, that was that I would be taking over in the bedroom too please you both is what I want in every way possible. " Jake looks at me sighing heavily his face still red I wanted the three of us too co exist as one Noah's mother had tried once before with my own father and Noah's father and Hana ruined it. I wasn't going too let anyone tell me who to love or how many mates too have this was my life and I was in charge of who stays in it. I lean in kissing Jake deeply his eyes grow wide his hand pulls me closer as he kisses me more passionately we break apart and Jake blushes looking at me " okay I'll do it " Jake says blushing I drag both him and Noah by the hand and pull them into my bedroom locking the door they both look at eachother then at me blushing I smirk at them as I push them both onto the bed " hurry up and get undressed!" I say too them as I begin opening up my robe without hesitation they both undress eagerly. I smirk at them taking the silk tie from my robe and tying each one of their hands too the head board so they are laying side by side. With one hand free I tie my hair back and I place Noah's spare hand on his dick " dont move my love " I say smiling at him he keeps his position but Jake is unsure what is going on he struggles too break free of the tie . I make my way over too him and place my mouth around his large hard thick cock I begin to suck hard and fast he moans as the ribbon let's lose I remove my mouth from his cock and slowly climb ontop of him as he grips my hips thrusting and moaning I let him imprint on me as I now have Noah on his knees with his cock in my mouth. With all the pheromones flying around the room it didn't take long for the three of us to climax . We were now co mated and there was nothing anyone could do about it . It wasn't anyone's business anywase , if I wanted two mates that's what I was going too have!
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