The academy of werewolves

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The Guardians

( Jonas pov)

Brianna , Noah and my brother had been together for the last three years but all Noah and Jake did was argue it was sickening the triplets were turning three today and I couldn't stand this anymore they weren't happy I could tell. Now they were just together for the sex . Greg and I were trying hard to find a baby threw an adoption agency but nothing was working....Lizzy was finally married with a son , he wasn't hers the boy was ten years old his father was named Jax from our old academy he was a hybrid of another kind his father was a werewolf and his mother was a fae or fairy as we call them not too many left around his son is also a fae. Greg and I were running out of options and thought about asking Brianna if she'd be a surrogate but we were afraid the guys would lose it on us . I was babysitting my niece and nephew's while my brother , Noah and Brianna went too get the triplets birthday stuff with Lizzy and my dad Lizzy's son Cameron was with us helping Greg and I watch the kids with Jax. Reika ran up too me smiling her up in the air " up uncle Jonas!" She said excitedly I knelt down infront of her " Reika is a big girl now you can walk right?" She stuck her tongue out at me I just laughed at her shaking my head at her. Cameron smiled at her " hey Reika do you want to play catch with me?" She jumped in air excitedly " yes! Cam cam !" She shouted excitedly Greg watched as Caspian and Kade came running with raised eyebrows. " uh oh , every time Cameron goes near Reika they do this ...Jonas did you notice?" He says Jax nods at Greg " they're protective of her that's okay ...but I remember you saying Reika is human right? So that's probably why" Jax says I nod at him smiling. We hear a car door slam shut as we hear Jake and Noah yelling at eachother and this time Bree is yelling back Lizzy and my father are trying too calm them . Reika runs towards Noah excitedly I stop her noticing that he and brother are about to fight " Reika!" They all stop hearing me shout her name I'm holding her tiny little body in my arms crying Cameron looks at me sadly " let me help dad and I can save her ...please " he says Jax nods at me I had completely forgotten that fae have healing power that can even bring back the dead. My brother couldn't even watch he started crying and tried too walk away until my father turned him around " No! Jake you stay and watch no more running!" My father says watching Jax and Cameron trying too heal Reika Brianna was on the verge of a panic attack and Noah was in tears all I could think was " good you all need too see this, all three of you did this too her!" My father walked over to Brianna and Noah whispering something to them Brianna dropped to the ground crying all I herd Noah say too my father was " please Rex give us another chance these our our children " I swallowed hard as my father walked over too me and stopped " you and Greg are now the new legal Guardians of the triplets please take care of them. " I was in shock but heart broken for Brianna and Noah I didn't want this for them or for my brother. Jax stood up " she's okay!" He shouted, Brianna slowly walked over to me and hugged me tightly crying " Jonas please ...look after my children " I lean my head against hers crying " Bree I'm so fucking sorry I never meant for this to happen, you can come see them anytime. I'll talk to my dad about you and Noah getting them back . Jake is sitting against the house crying, Lizzy is talking to him I sigh looking at him I excuse myself and go see my brother I sit next too him " this is all my fault Jonas, all I do is ignite the flame ...I love those kids ! More then anything Noah and Brianna don't deserve to lose them over my bullshit I'm such a hot head " I sigh looking at him " Jake, maybe you should tell dad everything you just told me .... " " even if I did he won't listen Jonas, we've been arguing for the last two years over nothing....and he was just waiting for us too fuck up excuse me...waiting for me to fuck up. Your his favorite I'm the rebellious lost messed up kid that no one wants , Brianna only made that deal with me because Noah wanted it she never loved me I'm not stupid I never imprinted on her sure I fucked her a handful of times but I never left my mark on her I'm no idiot!" I smirk at him nudging him " good job bro, by the way Jake I don't think you're fucked up you'll find a girl who loves you for who you are when that day comes let your walls in. Who knows maybe you will meet a nice guy like I did never know maybe that's why you fight with Noah so fucking much " he shrugs at me confused " wait are you saying I'm gay that I wasn't into Brianna but Noah the entire time?" I nod at him smiling " ah fuck ! But he's our fucking cousin " Jake blushes lowering his head . I wave our father over " ah no ! Don't tell dad he'll laugh at me" I shake my head at him " no he won't Jake, despite what you think he loves you " our dad walks over and stops looking at me " what's going on?" I look at Jake smiling " I've figured out our problem ..." " oh what might that be?" My dad asks curiously " Jake was never in love with Brianna he was in love with Noah. " our dad looks at him sighs and hugs him tightly " oh Jacob...I had no idea I'm sorry son . " Jake looks at dad and begins to cry dad smiles at him " it's okay love who you love . You need too tell Noah how you feel about him ...have you ever done anything with him ?" Jake blushes looking at me " we kissed that's all we were drunk that night and he kissed me ...but I couldn't stop it I kept going he just keeps at me to not say anything too Bree I'd never tell her anything it break her heart. " I look up seeing Brianna walk toward us and I meet her half way " Brianna they're taking what's wrong?" She places her hand on my arm "'s alright Noah told me everything he told me that he kissed Jake and that for two years that's why they've been fighting because Noah didn't want me to get hurt. Jonas does this mean Noah's gay too?" I shrug looking at her " I doubt it Brianna, you don't turn gay over night infact you don't turn gay at're born that way so if Jake is gay he's been that way all his life like me he was probably afraid to tell you he was gay so told you he was in love with you too feel normal like when I dated Carrie woods at the academy it was wrong too do that to her , people get hurt that it's why Greg teased you for so long. " Brianna looks at Lizzy who is play with the boys as Jax is still looking after Rieka " does this mean I get my children back Jonas?" She asks in a sad tone " Brianna, despite what my father and I have learned about Jake and Noah...the truth is Rieka could've died's my job as your alpha to make sure everyone is safe " she pauses watching Jake walk by she realizes he is going to go talk to Noah she goes too take a step I grab her arm gently " Let them talk Brianna " she burries her head in my chest crying I sigh hugging her . ( Jake's pov) my stomach is in knots all I want is for Brianna not to hate me and my dad too give back the kids. Shit! What fucking mess I made all this over a stupid kiss and how it made me feel. Noah starred at me looking confused and a bit angry I can't say I blame him what happened to reika was all my fault. I lost my temper because I was scared too lose him and scared my family would find out but none that matters now ...all I care about is that those kids are safe and that Noah forgives me. I stop infront of Noah and take a deep breath he folds his arms glaring at me I cautiously and nervously walk up too him " Noah...we have too talk " he turns around trying to ignore me " I have nothing to say to you jake" I nod at him " yeah I understand, you're pissed off at me and I don't blame you but I have something to say too just hear me out. First off I'm really fucking sorry for what happened to Reika, all these arguments over the last two years are my fault ...because I'm too scared " he glares at me angirly " your danm right it's your fault!" " I was scared Noah too tell you how I really felt about you..." his facial expression changes too a confused look " wait...Jake it was one drunk night I'm not gay ! Are you saying you're in love with me?" I nod at him looking embarrassed he sighs " that explains everything...Jesus Jake I'm sorry...but I don't know what to say , I don't feel the same way I love Brianna. " I nod at him " I know you do Noah but I had too tell you myself, I didn't want you hating me forever over something so stupid. " " Jake we may fight but you're my family and I could never hate you I'm proud of you for telling me I'm sure it wasn't easy. " I turn too walk away he gently grabs my arm " for what it's worth Jake I liked the kiss " I turned back kept walking Bree was all curious as to what happened I just walked past her " he's all yours" I said heartbroken Jonas sighed looking at me " what happened?" I looked at him " isn't it obvious he's in love with Brianna....I should've just left well enough alone . At least he doesn't hate me " Jonas looks at me sighing " Jake wait ! Where are you going? " He shouts as I walk away from him " I'm leaving where else would I be going? Stay here and feel heartbroken and guilty no thanks!" I walk in the house grab my bag of stuff and walk back out Brianna grabs my arm " wait Jake please stay ...." she begs I pull my arm away angirly and hurt " why the hell should I Brianna it's not like you ever even cared about me...let's face it the only reason I agreed too your deal was to get closer to Noah but he wants you. I'm sorry for what happened to Reika I'm leaving so you won't have too worry about it again. " Reika ran over too me hugging my leg tightly " dont go ! Please don't go!" Her tiny voice shouts at me I bend down scooping her up as tears fall from both our eyes. I kiss the top of her head softly and put her back down " I'm sorry Rieka I have to go , I love you and your brothers " she clings too my leg I couldn't let Noah find out the kids weren't even his . Brianna was having a hard time getting pregnant and she begged me too help her I kept refusing because of Noah finally one night she came into my room while I was asleep and she had her way with me . Brianna tried too pull Reika away as everyone watched " Daddy don't go !" Noah looked at her his eyebrow raised " what the hell did she just say ?" Brianna shook her head " nothing she probably just called him that because he's been around for so long . Right Reika?" I rolled my eyes at her sighing heavily Noah was ready to fight me but I picked up Reika holding her with my bag on the other arm . " Rieka is mine! She always has been , that's why her and her brothers are faternal triplets. Because Brianna kept begging me to help her get pregnant when I refused she raped me. Then a I found out that you had gotten her pregnant too , she refused to tell you what she had done to me ." Brianna drops to her knees my brother and sister look at me and hug me tightly " Jake we are so sorry we had no idea she did any of that too you. " Lizzy says wipping tears from her eyes I nod at them " it's ok I couldn't tell anyone, I have to get my daughter out of here so I'm taking her with me. " Jonas looks at me confused " wait! Where will you go? " " I'll call you when we're safe deal ?" He nods at me happily I get into the car and Rieka and I drive off . Leaving the only home, pack and family we've ever known behind.
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