The academy of werewolves

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The surrogate

( Jonas pov)

It had been a few months since Jake had left with Rieka Greg and I were still searching for an adoption agency who would find us a baby when out of the blue I got a phone call from the girl who used too be my be my best friend when we were children and all threw high school right up until we started going to the academy. Her name is Emily Jones we had been best friends since we were just two years old, she used too come over to my aunt Hana's and go swimming before Noah was born Jake and I would even have sleep overs with her. She was in the pool that day with us the day my mom brought Lizzy to first meet us ,it was the same day Noah was born. Emily is human and well she was never like the rest of the human children I came across she was kind but strong she never put up with nobody's shit. When we were seventeen I broke her heart , we were at a party and I knew danm well Emily was in love with me but I was gay so I showed no interest in her she thought I was joking when I told her that is until she caught me making out with Tyler Cree our friend who was hosting the party now according to Jake that night Emily went home sick but...I know she left because she was heartbroken. That night she stayed at our house like always but she spent the night in Jake's room she wouldn't even talk to me. Then one night at her boyfriend's party he decided too kick my ass for being gay Emily was so upset with him that she hit him in the face with a Steele shovel and set his car on fire. The guy nearly killed me, but I was grateful too Emily that day after that my family decided to move we started going to the academy . " hello ...who is this?" I ask waiting for a reply on the other end of the line " Jonas it's me's Emily...I'm sorry to bother you so late but your brother he showed up at my house with a little girl who he says is his daughter...I just called because I was concerned about him and you ofcourse is everything alright?" I smile slightly as I lean against the wall my father watches me from a distance " everything is fine Emily, don't worry about calling so late I hardly ever's really nice to hear your voice Em " my father smiles at me nodding " it's nice too hear yours too Jonas, so how have you been ?" I didn't want to chance breaking her heart again but I wanted to be honest with her " I'm better now that I'm talking to my best friend again, but seriously Emily are you married kids?" She sighs heavily " No, unfortunately after your family left my boyfriend left me for some one else and no kids but I'd love too have some some day. You have you married?" There it was I couldn't lie to her about being married too Greg, she knew I was gay " I'm happily married Emily his name is Greg " she breathes a heaven sigh " well I'm happy for you Jonas, I'd like too meet him " she says sounding less heartbroken then I thought " you would?" " yes, I want too meet him how about tomorrow does that sound good you can come to my house it's brand new! Loads too do here " " sure Emily sounds nice what's the address?" " 1485 crescent road you can't miss it I'm the biggest house " " got it...Em thanks for calling me I missed our late night calls " " yeah I did too Jonas...I better go look after Jake he just put Rieka to bed ill seeya tomorrow good night Jonas " " good night Em " the phone hangs up and I sigh looking at my dad he smiles at me " so Emily finally called you...boy that girl loved you she used too follow you and your brother around constantly I always liked her she was a good girl " I look at him sighing " yeah she is , I fucked it up when I broke her heart " my dad pulls me close hugging me " son you were seventeen...I'm sure she's forgiven you by now. Hey why don't you ask her too be your surrogate?" I look at him shaking my head " no dad I can't, what if she says no or is still mad at me ?" My dad raises his eyebrow at me " son just ask her...she'll want to do it for you ." ( Emily pov) " alright Jake so why are you here ?" I ask now that I have time to chat with him while Rieka is sleeping " it's a long story but ...I was in a co- relationship with Noah and Brianna and she raped me because I refused to give her a baby she found out she was having faternal triplets the two boys are Noah's Rieka is mine. Oh and I'm gay too so incase your thinking of trying anything don't bother " he laughs I glare at him " I wasn't going too furthest thought from my mind was sleeping with you jake . " he looks at me sighing heavily " look I'm sorry for not telling you about it you lost your virginity too me the night of the party and I never told you the truth Emily...about me or Jonas I was feeling bad for you and feelings were getting in the way I should've just left you alone. I made things worse I'm sorry. " " no Jake it's fault for being so vulnerable and stupid I should have been more careful and I should have been able too see who you both were. " I wonder if he ever told Jonas about any of this ? Poor Jake was such a fucked up teenager he had no idea what to do with himself his father wanted him to be one thing while every one else excepted him too be someone else all I wanted them to be was them. No fakes ,no masks just them . " Jake listen ... I never cared who or what you and Jonas are whether you were werewolves or gay or both I didn't care and I still don't because I'm your best friend, I'm not labeling you I love you both the way you are so just be yourself that's all I ask. " he smiles at me nodding " oh Em, by the way Jonas is looking for a surrogate him and Greg want a baby real bad. " I sigh looking at Jake " time for bed Jake " he lays down and closes his eyes I walk into one my spare rooms looking at Rieka while she sleeps I nod sighing " a baby huh ...your uncle wants a baby...ok ill help him " I whisper softly the next day arrives and Jonas and Greg arrive I open the door smiling brightly, Jonas's face is lite up he looks happy to see me he hugs me tightly " Emily! It's been forever " he says smiling at me " Greg this Emily, Emily my husband Greg " I smile at Greg shaking his hand " now I see why you two are married, you're very hadsome Greg " he smirks at me " thanks your not hard on the eyes either Emily if I wasn't gay I'd probably be hitting on you by now " he laughs I giggle a bit flipping my hair back over my shoulder " so Em did you build this house yourself I remember when we were younger you used to talk about becoming an architect " I nod at Jonas " yes I drew out all the plans designed it all then had some one build it " Jake walks out of the game room smiling " hey guys you're going to love this house she has two pools an indoor heated pool and outdoor heated pool plus hot tub how cool " I nod looking at Emily " not bad Emily, shall we sit ?" Jonas asks I nod we sit outside by the pool " so Jonas I understand you and Greg need a surrogate is that right?" I ask him curiously he looks at me confused " not sure how you know that but yeah" I sit up removing my sunglasses " I want to be your surrogate Jonas " he looks at me in shock " ok but Emily why ? I thought you were upset with me?" I shake my head at him " goodness no! Water under the bridge...Jonas we've been best friends since we were toddlers...I've accepted your family for what they are your parents even fostered me when my parents died please let me do this for you " Jonas smiles at me nodding " yeah it would mean a lot to me and Greg if you would " I get up and hug them both tightly " oh great yay! Jake! Your going too be an uncle!" He grins from the pool as swims with Rieka. A couple weeks go by and I'm in the doctors office as they inseminate me I'm trying to ignore Rex as he continues to talk too me as he does the procedure. " dad can you not talk please..." " there all done ! Come see me in a month we will see if it took okay " I nod at him smiling Jonas follows me out " so that's it now we just wait to see if my sperm took ?" I nod at him " we wait if I start feeling like shit it took okay I'm going home to rest you're welcome to come " Jonas and Greg decided too move in with me until this was over. I was working at my desk one day about two months after my visit with Rex and I gripped my stomach running to the garbage my head in the basket " oh God! Jonas! " He ran in hearing my muffled screams " Em! Are you alright?" He knelt beside me rubbing my back " I think it took ... oh God yup...I'm definitely pregnant " he kept rubbing my back " Greg get in here! " Greg poked his head " hmm...what's going on?" He asked " Greg call my dad I think Em might be pregnant " Greg's eyes lite up excitedly he got on the phone calling Rex within a matter of minutes Rex was at my home and doing blood work and tests on me he sighed looking at me smiling " wow! You're good Emily on the first try not too many can do that congratulations " he says Jonas and Greg hug eachother happily and Jake butts in " it's Em you should be thanking she's going threw all this for you brother, why because her love she has for you is that strong. By the way the night you broke her heart I took her virginity!" Jonas glares at him and grips him by the collar " you did what ?! You insensitive bastard " Jake raises his eyebrow at Jonas " me insensitive! That's a joke! You're the one who broke her fucking heart " I get angry at them both " enough both of you! Jonas let him go...and Jake stop instigating!" They both lower their heads in apology " yes he took my virginity, and you broke my heart but that's in the past so both of you move on because I have !" They look at eachother and nod " good now if we are finished with that...Rex please tell me how my baby is doing" he turns back towards me smiling " fine Emily...infact the baby looks strong and very healthy just keep looking after yourself and everything will be fine. " I smile at him nodding once he leaves the room Jonas walks over too me he looks nervous " Jonas is everything alright?" I ask him smiling placing my hand on his he looks down at my hand sighing " can I touch it ?" I look at him confused " you mean my belly ofcourse you can !" I take his hand placing it on my belly softly I look up at him smiling " you probably won't feel a whole lot just yet but by four months the baby will be moving around for sure." I told him he kept his hand in place then carefully laid his head on my belly I sighed as I ran my fingers threw his hair . All my feelings for Jonas were rushing back like a wave hitting a rock I sat up and he looked at me in confusion " Em are you alright?" I pulled my top down and stood up" I'm fine Jonas just tired " Jake raised his eyes at me " you slept all morning Em, what's really bugging you?" He asked me I stood in the doorway hesitant too tell them both " when Jonas laid his head on my stomach just now...I'm sorry " I said as I ran from the room both Jake and Jonas stood up I shut my bedroom door and cried I herd a knock on the door " Em, it's Jonas please let me in. " I wipe my eyes and sigh opening the door he pulls me closer hugging me tightly crying " Jesus Em, I had no idea how this made you feel I never stopped to think about you for a fucking second...I'm so fucking sorry!" I stare at him in shock clearly he was heartbroken. I lift his chin " Jonas...your giving me the greatest gift I could ever ask for " he looks up at me mesmerized by my words and pulls my face closer his lips touching mine I push him away gently though all I want is to continue " No Jonas we can't...I'm sorry " he shakes his head at me " no I'm sorry Em, I got caught up in the need to understand Em that I care about you just a different way then Greg " I nod at him smiling " I know that Jonas, it's okay you don't need to explain anything to me I'm just glad to be carrying your baby " he pulls me close hugging me tightly " I'm glad you are too Em, infact I wouldn't want anyone else " my face turns a bright shade of red I quickly look away from him hiding my expression he takes my hand and gently pulls me up to my feet and brings me to the kitchen Jake places a plate infront of me smiling " eat up !" He says as I look down at the beautiful plate of food by now my stomach was growling and I was starving. I sat there sighing heavily and Jonas just looked at me confused " what's the matter Emily?" " Jonas we can't keep doing this." I said folding my arms and pushing my plate away " doing what Em? " He asked with a confused look on his face he looked at Jake then back too me Jake shrugged at him. " we can't keep playing pretend Jonas! It's not easy for me you with you both knowing you're both gay and I can't touch either one of you. Especially the father of my baby " Jake nods at Jonas realizing what's going on " ah I see your upset because you can't touch us is that right ? And you think Jonas is leading you on am I close?" Jake asks me looking at me I nod at him looking embarrassed Jonas sighs " oh Em, I swear I'm not leading you on ...and if you feel that way I'm sorry I never meant for you to. Honestly Em, I wish I wasn't gay so that I could touch you " I look at him my heart racing " you mean that Jonas?" He nods at me happily " ofcourse I do " I sat on my bed and looked out the window soon time began to pass by more quickly I was home with Rieka one day as she was watching TV and I was feeding baby Zoe as the doorbell rang Jake , Jonas and Greg were outside swimming with Rex I smiled at Reika and brought Zoe with me to the door I opened seeing Brianna I glared at her annoyed Noah was standing behind her. I herd Jake walk in " Reika where's mommy?" He asked her concered I replied to him my voice shaking " I'm here !" He walked to the door and leaned over me against the door frame looking angirly at Brianna " Emily take Zoe and Reika and go out side now!" He demanded I took Reika's hand and opened the patio door looking frightened Jonas and his father looked at me confused " Em, what's wrong?" I began too cry sitting in a chair near by " she's here with him...." Jonas looked at Greg " look after Em and Zoe I need to go make sure Jake doesn't do anything stupid!" Rex followed him. Greg took Zoe from my arms and comforted me ( Jonas pov) when I got to the front door Jake was already yelling at Brianna " what the fuck are you doing here?" He shouted at her Brianna raised her eyebrows at him " why is Reika calling Emily mommy?" I sigh at her " Brianna do you really got ask that question? Emily has been our best friend since we were kids you've known her as long as we have, she's mother of my daughter! Now answer our question why are you here?" She looks at Jake " I want you back please , Noah agreed to it " Jake shakes his head at her angirly " no Brianna, I'm happy here so is my daughter there's no complications and we all share Emily " I roll my eyes at him Noah looked sad and heartbroken at his words he spoke up " you mean you share her sexually?" Noah asks not wanting the answer I shake my head at him " No, definitely not I mean don't get me wrong Emily far from ugly but not our type ...she understood this the moment the three of us entered the house. " Noah blushes looking at Jake I knew Noah still loved my brother blood bonds didn't matter too Noah he was only still married to Brianna because of the twins. Brianna looked down disappointed in herself, she looks up at me " I'd like to apologize too Emily if that's ok?" I look at Jonas sighing " Brianna did you say something too her because she was crying when she came outside ?" Brianna frantically shakes her head " No I didn't I swear ! Emily just opened the door Jake showed up telling her to go outside and that's when you showed up " I look at Jake I Invite them outside Rieka is swimming with Greg and Emily is sitting there holding Zoe. Emily sits there looking frightened I have no idea why Brianna tries too take a peak at the baby but Emily pulls away standing up hiding behind Jake I look at my dad concerned and whisper" dad why is she so afraid it's not like her ?" He sighs looking at me " Emily was locked away by our family Brianna's mother was in charge they locked her up claiming she was a witch because she isn't a shifter she told all her friends including you and Jake she went to camp. I tried to stop it she hid it well all these years but after having your baby I guess it took its toll on her. " I had no idea what our family had done too Emily no wonder she was afraid of Brianna Emily climbed up holding Zoe onto the bench behind Jake " I'm not a witch! Please don't lock me in that horrible place again!" Jake turns looking at her confused " someone explain what the fuck is going on?!" He says angirly Greg walks over too Emily and helps her down gently I sigh in relief Brianna sighs looking at Noah " Noah's mother was in charge of ....locking away any mythical creatures that could harm us back then when we were children a fire ignited near where you , Jake and Emily were playing our family just assumed she was a witch so Noah's mom was in charge of locking her in the hole " Jake raises his eyebrow getting pissed off at Brianna " so our parents didn't even bother hearing her fucking side of the story because I clearly remember what happened that day , and Jonas should too!" I look at him confused Emily grips Jake's shirt tightly " please Jacob don't do this" she says as tears continue too fall from her eyes he kisses her cheek softly " dont worry about it Em, I won't let them hurt you or Zoe " I was getting angry why was he touching her ....she was my baby's mother , not like I was in love with her or anything but still my brother had guts our father raised his eyebrow at him " get to your point son!" My father growled annoyed at him Jake looked directly at Noah shaking his head in disappointment " you want too know what happened that day ask Noah he was with us that day" my father looked at him confused and his attention turned to Noah " well explain Noah " my father demanded folding his arms as his gaze went towards Emily. Noah cleared his throat " the four of us were at the falls by the pond we were just playing around going swimming we were twelve at the time. Look the reason poor Emily was sent away was because Brianna was was hidding in the bushes watching us Brianna set the fire blaming Emily for the fire she told my mom that Emily had us under a spell. " Brianna's face dropped and Emily handed Jake the baby as she cautiously approached Brianna " Emily I'm sorry...wait !" Brianna shrieked as Emily grabbed hold of her collar Greg, Noah and I all grabbed onto Emily " ten years I was locked away in that cave! Where your mother had people spit on me , rape me day in day out and beat me for what ? All because you were jealous you selfish arrogant bitch!" Emily began too cry I wrapped her into my arms hugging her tightly I had no idea she'd been threw all that and I was selfish enough too ask her for a baby and bring her back into this mess. Jake stood there crying holding Zoe Noah brushed the hair from his eyes and wiped his tears. Zoe began to cry and Emily smiled slightly taking from Jake's arms " Jonas I'm feeling tired now can you please take me back too your room?" I nodded at her letting my father and Jake deal with our guests when we got to my room Emily sat on my bed she looked at the photo of Greg, myself and Zoe then her eyes drifted back towards me she got up and placed Zoe in her basinet I watched Emily as she slowly walked towards me as I was sitting on my bed she knelt down infront of me smiling " uh Em, what are you doing?" Before I knew it she had my belt off my pants down and my dick in her mouth I wanted too scream " Stop! " but my body didn't want her too stop I moaned as she sucked deeper and faster my eyes rolling my hand in her hair all I could think was " it felt so danm good but it was wrong!" Before she could finish I jumped up frantically she looked at me disappointed " Em, please stop this wrong I'm not in love with you...I love Greg and I'm so fucking sorry for what happened to you but this ....this won't fix it it'll make things much worse " she got up grabbed Zoe and stormed out I got so angry for hurting her that I threw a vase across the room. Jake ran upstairs seeing me picking up the mess "not now Jake " " well you're going too want to hear this bro!" He says sounding upset about something " what is it ?" I ask him confused " Emily drove off in your car's not good bro dad said she's hurt " I had no words I began too cry and then a thought popped into my head " what about Zoe is she okay?" Jake nods at me " she left Zoe with Greg Zoe is fine but dad said Emily is banged up " I look at my brother " take me too see her Jake " he nods at me happily when we arrive at the hospital my dad meets us in the hallway " is Em, going too be okay? " I ask in a concering tone my father nods at me " she's tough she'll be fine just some minor bruises and a broken leg . She told me what happened are you okay?" He asks me looking worried I sigh heavily " this all my fault dad, if I wouldn't have made her feel bad. But shit she knows Jake and I aren't in love with her so why hit on me?" Jake looks at me shocked smirking and my dad smiles at me " perhaps Jonas it's because you and were the only ones who believed her story she's a human being and cannot control who she has feelings for she's been in love with both you and your brother since you were kids. Now the co relationship thing didn't work for me but maybe you, Greg,Jake, Emily and Noah can work something out you all seem to be found of her and she'd make a great mate plus makes attractive babies " I look at Jake sighing " it's up too you jake , if we do this we protect her for life" Jake nods at me " I have no problems with that " I blush a little bit thinking about what happened in the bedroom earlier with Emily my brother noticed me blushing and giggled " was she that good Jonas fuck if that's the case I'd better have her suck my dick too " my father raises a brow at him " boys that's no way to speak about a lady " I smirk at him " I assure you dad Em, is no lady" Jake laugh fills the hospital hallway as Greg and Noah arrive Greg has Zoe in a stroller and Noah has Rieka glued to his hand my father smiles looking at them " great glad you boys showed up because the four of you need a conversation I'll take the girls to go see their mom ok? Come Reika let's go see mommy " my dad takes Reika and Zoe heading into the direction of Emily's room . Noah and Greg look at us confused " Jake you're scaring me what's wrong is Emily is she ok?" Jake sighs " Emily's fine Noah Jonas have come too a huge decision but we want too know if the two of you are okay with it first " Greg looks at Jake shrugging his shoulders " what kind of decision?" I bite my bottom lip nervously " the co relationship didn't work for my dad but he suggested that the four of us try it with Em" Noah looks at Greg sitting back in his chair " you mean like the four of us fucking her at once ?" He whispers leaning closer to us Greg breathes a heavy sigh " uh wow ...well not going lie always did wounder what was under her sheets ." Jake rolls his eyes Noah looks at Jake " the only other woman I've ever been with is Brianna and she's the fucking devil, can I atleast have a go at it alone first with Jake until I get used too it ?" Noah asks blushing shyly I nod at him smiling " sure if that's how you want it we can pair up. Then switch nights every other night " Greg looks at me confused " but that's means you and Jake would end up in the same room together fucking her at the same time " I nod at him " no big deal, it's not like I'm in there too fuck Jake I mean unless Emily tells us to kiss or so shit but I doubt it. " my father comes back out I stand up quickly " dad who's watching the girls?" He smiles at me " relax your mother is in there with them Emily is asking for the four of you. So your mom and I will take the Reika to the gift shop Emily is feeding Zoe " we follow my dad in the room Emily is laughing and playing with Reika, Reika gives her a hug and slides off the bed leaving with my parents. She adjust Zoe we can't help but stare at her exposed breast . " you want more don't you ?" She asks me smirking as she looks at Noah who is turning red in the face. Greg steps forward " what the hell is talking about huh?" Emily looks up at me " oh you didn't tell him , but I can tell you four made a pack too fuck me am I right ? I know because your father asked me too agree to it. Do you know why our daughter is so beautiful?" I shake my head at her in confusion " no why Em?" Jake utters some words " Mermaid, your both Mermaids that's why you are so fast when you swim but how are you able to hide your fins?" He asked curiously looking at her she smiles at him lifting the pedant around her neck " this , it keeps me hidden has since I was a child. When I feed Zoe the magic from the pedant flows into her hidding what she truly is . " I sit on the bed next too her " Em, we would've understood we love you. " she begins too cry and slaps me across the face " don't lie to me Jonas, an hour ago you said the only person you loved was Greg!" Jake walks over cautiously and begins hugging her tightly " shhh it's ok " he kisses her which quiets her down slowly she looks at me crying " I'm so sorry Jonas, just I feel so alone and I'm always sad especially after having Zoe she never stops crying. I feel like I'm a horrible mom " I look at her sighing " Emily, you're not a horrible mom and I wasn't lying when I said I love you because I do and I'm really fucking sorry for how I treated you it wasn't right. " Jake's nudges me smirking " yeah you idiot I would've let her finish giving me the blow job how stupid are you ?" I roll my eyes and look back at Greg he looks at Emily " it's okay I'm not mad , honestly Emily I myself tried hard not make a move on you ." She smiles at him slidding out of bed and putting Zoe in her stroller she walks over too Greg looking at me smirking even though her face was covered in bruises by the accident she was still beautiful. " Jonas I want you and Greg to makeout passionatly and if you chose to go further don't let me stop you " Greg pulls me close pushing me up against the wall kissing me hard as he gently bites my neck I moan slighty feeling his hand graze my cock. As I continue to get distracted by Greg I see Em, walk towards Noah and Jake . As Greg gently pushes me onto the bed I catch a glimpse of Em kissing Noah so passionatly that causes me too gently shove Greg off of me. Emily stops what she's doing and glares at me smirking " jealous are we?" She asks me looking at me smiling as she makes her way over to Greg and I she looks at Noah and Jake grinning " boys if you will excuse us I need too teach Jonas a lesson, Jacob my love can you please take Zoe with you " they leave the hospital room locking the door behind them as Em approaches me closer she climbed ontop of me smirking as she un did my belt handing it over too Greg his face was beet red . She then used my belt to tie him to the bed my heart pounded in my chest as I watched her take control of us. I struggled to get up as she hovered over me " Em, what are you doing?" I asked her confused as I gripped her hips so she wouldn't fall off the bed. She stretched out her arms over my chest and kissed me deeply " I'm teaching you that lesson silly ...don't worry it won't hurt I promise she un zipped my jeans and smiling at Greg she looked at me sadly " oh its because I don't look like like Greg isn't it ?" She began untying Greg he rolled his eyes at me annoyed I sighed heavily what the fuck was wrong with me?! There was the hottest woman throwing herself at me and for the second time I blew it! " Em , your gorgeous I guess I'm just not used to this that's all . " she looks at me sighing " but you were super jealous when I was making out with Noah five minutes ago so why stop me now?'s just the three of us locked in my hospital room well seeing as you ruined my fun again you'll have too make up for it Jonas fuck Greg infront of me " it sounded more like a Sargent giving orders then anything I blushed and stripped down we acted like Em, wasn't even there making out four play fuck he even gave me a blow job I got behind him and began thrusting as hard and fast as I could Emily joined in keeping Greg quiet kissing him as I continued to fuck him she was stroking his cock until we both came. I was out of breath she leaned in close stroking my face softly planting a soft kiss on my lips " good boy Jonas " she said smiling at me we got dressed and by that time Noah and my brother had come back knocking on the door I opened it up putting my shirt back on ofcourse my brother had to comment " oh did the nasty did we ?" He smirks at me happily I shake my at him Em giggles at him " nope your brother was too chicken to fuck me after being jealous of me kissing Noah and you he still couldn't do it so he fucked Greg instead " I roll my eyes at her sighing " I wasn't jealous fuck I'll prove it to you I'll come too your room tonight this time Jake comes with me !" Jake looks at me confused Emily folds her arms " I'm being discharged we are going home Jake can I have Zoe please ?" He nods pushing the stroller over to her Emily goes behind the curtain and changes then we watch as she begins leaving her room we follow her out she stops at the desk to sign forms and Rieka hugs her leg Emily picks Rieka up and while pushing the stroller heads to the car. ( Emily's pov) I stop at the car Rieka in one hand stroller in the other seeing Brianna with Caspian and Kade I place Rieka on the ground. " what do you want Bree? I have no time for games nor am I in the mood " she looks at me with tears in her eyes " you're fucking Noah aren't you?" I raise my eyebrow at her though her accusation was close at hand I hadn't even touched him yet . At this rate I doubt I would he was so shy and frail and too loyal too Jake and Brianna that made my stomach turn. " No! I haven't touched him ...nor any of them I'm not sure where you got your information from Brianna but it's wrong and spilling this infront of our children is not okay with me!" She glares at me annoyed " Rieka's not even your daughter she's mine! Just because you are best friends with Jake and Jonas doesn't give you right too kidnap my daughter, as to where I got my information you can thank Lizzy for that." I sigh rolling my eyes " ofcourse makes sense look Brianna, Rex mad a deal with the four boys to have a co relationship with me I had nothing to do with it. As for Rieka you're the one who fucked things up with Jake not me he came too me for help saying the girl was his you raped him remember? Or does that not ring any bells for you ? As far as I'm concerned Brianna you don't deserve Caspian and Kade because all you do is try too control people. " she points at me frantically " I know what you are throwing her water from her waterbottle in my face I glare at her angirly " Reika sweetheart take Zoe go find daddy " reika holds tightly to Zoe as I wrapped her around her she bumps into Jonas and Jake at the hospital entrance " Reika! Where's mommy?" She points too the car Jonas and Jake see Brianna that I'm dripping wet " come on guys this is bad!" Jake says carrying Rieka when they got to me I was already in full siren transformation a beautiful aqua colored dress flowed around my body as my pedant lite up . Jonas called out my name " Emily wait you don't have to do this " I look back at him sighing " there's only one way for her too leave my family be I must return home." They all gasped in shock Jonas got down on his knee " no Em, you can't...go because I love you and Zoe what about Zoe?" I stroke his face softly kissing him gently " she has all of you our daughter needs to grow in a normal environment after all she's a hybrid " Jonas looks at me sighing heavily Jake pulls me in hugging me tightly crying " your sure you can't stay ?" " Jake you and Noah will be fine Reika loves you and I will come back too visit. " Jonas looks at me crying then takes my hand the words just came falling out of his mouth like it was natural too him " Emily marry me!" I starred at him in shock and confusion, Greg raised his eyebrow at Jonas angirly " what ! What about us?! " I honestly couldn't blame Greg for being upset with him I mean the deal we made was for me to be their surrogate not for all this to go sideways. Once Zoe was born I was supposed to be out of their lives I couldn't hurt Greg or Jonas that way it wasn't fair for me to do that just because of how much I loved Jonas. " I'm sorry Jonas I can't, Greg loves you
two deserve too be happy ." Greg was shocked by my answer and as I go to walk away he grabs my arm stopping me " Emily wait!" I stop dead in my tracks looking at him confused " what's wrong Greg?" He sighs looking at Jonas " you deserve him , and Zoe she needs her mother so for me please say yes " I look at him sighing heavily " ok yes I'll marry you Jonas but on one condition " he grins at me brightly " anything you want!" " Noah, Jake and Greg stay you are all mine understand?" Jonas nods looking at them " deal !" Jake rolls his eyes at us " can we put this behind us and start re producing now or what ?" I laugh at him as I load the girls into the car Caspian grips my arm I look down " yes Caspian?" " we want to go home with our sister is that okay?" I nod at him smiling " hop in !" I tell them as Brianna grabs my arm gently " wait just a minute, they are my son's and you can't just take them!" Noah glares at her removing her hand from my wrist " no but I can ! Come on boys let's go home!" Noah buckled them into the car and we headed home.
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