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Tracked: A Valkyrie Saga Book 2

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Ray risked everything to save her new friend, and now the entire supernatural world is finding out all of the secrets she has spent a lifetime trying to hide. How will the Royals react to her unheard of strength and five Gifts? What will Ray do when she is tracked by her long-lost family who demands that she return with them. As Ray continues to discover what it means to be a powerful female Valkyrie, her relationships with the Oakland, Blade, and Royal Clans further develop. Her determination, strength, loyalty, and independence will be tested when different factions strive to take control of her life. This is a supernatural slow-burn reverse harem novel.

Fantasy / Adventure
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I readjust my grip and dig my fingers into the vamps cool pale flesh as I continue to pound into her mercilessly from behind. Her voice is hoarse from screaming and I revel in her hard won compliance as I use her body for my pleasure. This one took me hours to break and I can feel the tell-tail signs of fatigue in my own, well-trained muscles. Vampires are quick to heal and live so long that they become detached and hardened to the world around them, making them even more difficult to break than your run-of-the-mill whore. This particular Vamp was given to me as payment when Giavanni needed help clearing out a herd of kelpies that had started to nest in his territory. I looked forward to adding her to my collection of submissives.

I felt the familiar tightness in my balls and I pulled out to mark the bitch’s backside before backing away to guzzle down a glass of water. The vamp lay boneless on the bed that I had her tied down to and I admired the red whip marks decorating her white ass and thighs. I smiled to myself and pulled on my jeans. Within the pocket I found and fished out my stash of moondust and spilled the blood red powder onto a small mirror that I had specifically made for this purpose.

I picked up the sterling silver razor blade and cut the powder before molding the dust into two perfectly straight lines. Then I pushed the left side of my nose shut and snorted the magically imbued drug before repeating the process on the other side. Moondust didn’t have an instantaneous high but I knew that within the next ten minutes the strength of the Shifter whose blood I had just inhaled would seep into my body, lifting my fatigue and infusing me with a new vigor to continue my new vampire’s introductory session.

While I waited for the Shifter strength, I sank into an armchair in the corner of the room and pulled out my phone, looking for any updates. A text from Carlson indicated that there had been an incident with one of our labs in the San Francisco area. I frowned down at the words on my screen as some of the fury I had released on my little vampire rose again within me. I step away for just a couple of hours and things are already going to shit.

I press the green phone button to call Carlson. “What the fuck happened?”

“The Castro Valley location has been compromised, sir,” Carlson stated in an emotionless voice probably knowing that I was about to lose my shit.

“How? What the fuck happened?” I repeated my voice getting loud enough that the vamp tied to the bed let out a small pathetic sounding whimper.

“Blade Hunters discovered the site and the witching line knocked them out. But instead of reporting it, the witches decided to torture the three Hunters. From the surveillance footage, it looks like they were thinking of trying to make a batch from their Valkyrie blood and see if they could make a different product. Several hours later, another group of Valkyries just appear directly in the lab and well behind the witching line. They took down everyone but Patricia was able to shoot one of them before she was killed by a Val with Energy. What happens next does not make much sense and you will want to see the footage yourself to believe it.”

That piqued my curiosity and I opened the video attachment that Carlson sent me via email. I watched as a young, beautiful, female Val that I didn’t recognize knelt by a huge boy who had been shot in the chest. Another teenage Val with Healing tried to save the injured one, but it was clear that it was too serious of a wound to heal. Things started to get interesting when the healer put up a Shield and the female actually touched it. Doing so is excruciatingly painful and literally drains the life force of the Val touching the Shield into the person whose Shield it is. It is unheard of in our world to go through that type of pain just to power up another’s Gift.

It is completely unbelievable that a female would be the one to do it.

Understandably, one of the Blade Hunters pulled the female away from the Shield and after a short struggle the female gets free of the Hunter, and then her, the injured boy, the healer, and a Shifter simply disappear into thin air.

“What the fuck just happened?” I ask into the phone as I watch the hunters dumb founded faces on the screen. Apparently, they were just as clueless as I am right now to what the fuck had just happened.

“About thirty minutes after the group disappears, another group of Vals show up including Prince Hernan and Edison Greer. They search the factory but are unable to find the group. We do not have sound so I do not know what they discussed. After another two hours, the group with the female simply reappear and the one with the gun shot wound is completely healed. They get checked out by healers and the female gets her hands healed. Then the group of teenage Vals walk out with the female accompanied by two other Valkyries that I have yet to identify,” Carlson states in the same emotionless voice.

My go-to man always takes everything I ask him to do in stride without showing any outward signs of emotion, but I am impressed that this hasn’t rattled him. I mean, it looks like there is a new female Valkyrie in the game that somehow my siblings have kept completely secret from me. Not only that, but this female can make people fucking disappear. Did she teleport them somewhere?

Clearly, they are no longer in that factory or the search team would have found them. A female with a unheard of Teleportation Gift would be priceless and give the kingdom with dominion over her a huge power boost. There is no fucking way that I am going to allow my spineless, selfish, and silly sister to keep this kind of advantage. Florence already got the Americas West Kingdom solely because she was born with a cunt instead of a dick. I am the eldest and I should have been named heir.

A mistake that I plan on rectifying when I steal my sister’s kingdom from right under her upturned nose.

-- Eli Norwood, King of the Americas South Kingdom

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