The Great Escape

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In book #1 of the Ingo series—The Great Escape—we get to know the character Ingo, who is the protagonist and mastermind of several contemporary adventure books to follow. A touch of magic realism provided by Ingo’s ability to understand human speech and the first-person mixed human/dog POV, together with a humorous and at times self-deprecating tone of the writing, make this stern and troubling subject an amusing yet educational read. Without being preachy, the book teaches new words, concepts, the idea of consulting dictionaries, and in general, solid core values. Ingo grows to experience the effects of the draconian “Eastern Block” regime on his beloved human family. His daily activities, no different than those of a human child, all involving lots of human characters and very few dogs, continuously provide opportunities for him to experience life and emotions from a mixed human/dog POV. With his excellent education and magical ability, the character develops into a reliable family member and a life partner for his young Master Lani. The book is funny, realistic fiction books with spot B&W illustrations—beautiful old-school graphite pencil illustrations manipulated digitally—is also expected to resonate with all dog lovers, regardless of age.

Fantasy / Humor
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INGO Tales

The Great Escape


Ilana G Holloway


To humans of all ages,

If you love dogs,

if your family has a dog,

if you have been blessed with the love of a dog, then

I dedicate this book to you.


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I am Lani, the Master in Ingo’s tale. I may not be sure of many things in life, but I know this—

A dog doesn’t know how to lie.

A dog never says anything stupid.

Dogs are honest, smart, devoted, and friendly.

Dogs are great companions.

They are compassionate and caring.

They are intelligent, funny, and obedient.

They all qualify to be my best friends.

But most of all,

A dog is the only thing on Earth that loves you more than he loves himself.

Josh Billings

Dogs can’t talk, but I do understand all the messages they send my way. Humans communicate through speech and body language. Dogs do, too, through all their movements, noise, and the sounds they make, but they also use their sense of smell. Dogs can smell our joy, our stress, our sadness and are ready to share them.

Ingo and I lived these stories together. He asked me to put them down on paper because he can’t write. At least not yet. He is fourteen years old in human years—age two in dog years.

He can’t speak, but he can understand human speech. A small, magical creature cast a spell on him, and you will find out about it soon.

I wrote this book for him, showing life as seen through a dog’s eyes.

You know what? A new way of looking at things is always helpful because we can learn a lot from it.

Let me give you a simple example.

A child receives half a glass of juice. He can think about it in two ways depending on the child and the conditions. One way is to be upset that the juice glass is not full. The other way is to be grateful for the juice because he is very thirsty.

Growing up is hard to do. Children learn each day about life, school, friendship, family, responsibility, honesty, joy, play, happiness, and much more. Children learn from their successes but mostly from their failures.

Discovering how dogs learn and understand can be very helpful. In Ingo’s Tales, readers have the opportunity to find the many ways to look at life’s events. They show us how fortunate we are to be humans and how much in life we take for granted. By comparing children’s lives to the life of dogs, we can all learn empathy, responsibility, devotion, true friendship, and love.

In this book, we will travel back in time and space to get to know Ingo well. We will look through his eyes at the world of his childhood and then return to today’s time.

Ingo Tales is full of magic realism. Don’t worry because I can explain what that means. Most of the stories happened, so it means they are real. In art and writing, realism with touches of magic is called magic realism. It paints a realistic view of the world while also having magical elements.

This book is about Ingo growing up and adapting to the many changes in his early life before starting new adventures.

I’m looking forward to the new adventures, also. Enjoy the story!

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