My name was Robin

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A view good men

Miriam looked on as a young man strode true the thick overgrowth to make his way to the forgotten graveside. He was carrying a bag with a big yellow M that proudly decorated the brown sack. He knelt and placed his quarry down, next to the faded stones.

“I am so sorry John. It’s strange. People in this era... They are so very weird about age! I can’t seem to get my hands on that brandy you loved so much. They keep asking me for something that’s called an Id? And well I know I am ruggedly handsome and all, but apparently, I have what they call a baby-face and they are rather rude about it. So no one believed I was twenty! Give or take a couple of centuries! I promise you, I will make sure to steal some top-notch brandy next time I see a liquor cabinet, my friend.”

The man sighed and scratched the faint stubble on his chin.
“Well the Sheriff screwed me over one final time... he could not have waited with the executions until I had at least some hair grown! Now I am stuck as the eternal baby-face. But well you have to make do with the hand that was dealt.”

He sat there cross-legged among those crooked stones. His face almost disappeared into the bag, It looked like the strong fragrance made him long to have a taste himself. But he put the burger back in the brown bag.

“The Humans are always squealing how nice it tastes so we have to trust them don’t you think Tuck? Ow, I know it ain’t your mead. I can still taste that sweet honey. I miss you, my friends.”

Digging into that bag he proudly presented a cup that looked an awful lot like a milkshake... and the weirdo poured the milky substance all over the graves. And I almost shouted outright at this brazen act of vandalism there, but he shouted a: “Chears mates! You have to tell me how it tastes Will you loved sweet things” he sat down in the moist grass and blinked a couple of times fighting his emotions of what? loneliness... perhaps.
“Let me tell you about my week.” The boy had no clue he was observed but that changed fast.

A crack cleaved the silence as my feet crushed a small branch shattering the peace of this intimate moment. Who had dared to intrude! Anger radiated from him. The boy turned around startled and upset. As I made my way into the clearing intruding on his forgotten place. He moved swiftly, disappearing like a mirage before my very eyes!

Robin had darted up the tree. Catapulting true the branches like lightning agile he climbed up the overhanging limbs of the great old Willow tree. It could not be...

Crouching, hidden by the shrubbery. I observed the woman, as she looked with disdain at the carnage I had left behind. But that was not my fault right! She should not have been here! My breath stocked... No that could not be! Almost had I dropped down, was I so lost in my past that I saw ghosts now? I closed my eyes, chasing away the irrational thoughts that we deceiving me. I would not let this slide.

This was my sanctuary my own little shrine to the ones I had to leave behind! Had I not carved those stones with my own two hands and had I not made sure all the names were shining true ages. Centuries I had faced alone. She was the intruder in My woods. Fair game...

I could see her mind was elsewhere, though she was looking around like a deer caught in the headlights. She finally made it to the Willows embrace knowing instinctively she was not alone. Her eyes were on the graves, then moved over the tree. I flatten my body against the bark. Holding my breath, knowing her eyes were not clear enough to see me, jet it was a rogues instinct, seeing her eyes darted back to the carnage. Not looking for the thief in the leaves above her I relaxed a little. The wind picked up and played with her lovely auburn hair and I was bathed in her alluring scent. The beast stirred, whispering seductively “Just a taste” Ow I knew where that would lead. Hunger and need I fought them deep down and just observed my prey.

Sighing she, convinced myself she was just overreacting. I could see her stealing herself. gaining the courage to confront any monster that would dare cross her path. What a brazen little one. Out grossed, mumbling something about daft vandals. If only she had known what was hunting her.

Bewitched by her I brushed away the green leaves to grant myself a front-row seat, I let my feet dangle over the thick tree branch and I looked on as she removed her “hoody” (again a term these young folks used that made no sense whatsoever) she cleaned the headstone’s with her makeshift rag that once was her clothing... letting the cold November rain soak her skimpy outfit and auburn hair to the bone until it fitted her like a second skin. Feeling like a leech I averted my gaze and hissed “What The fuck do you think you are playing at luv?!” Yet damn I could not tear my eyes away from her. I pulled my hood over my eyes and covered my face with the scrawl that had hung loosely around my neck. Softly landing behind her on the balls of my feet without making so much as a noise. I could not let her wipe away my offerings! Humans were fools and had forgotten the old ways. I knew how it must have looked to her but frankly, I did not give a rats arse.

A vine-like grip twisted around Miriam’s throat, cutting off all air and chasing away all sane thought till only fear and flight ruled her mind.

He pulled me back in one fluent movement against his rock hard body. Not relenting one bit, his fingers dug in the flesh of my throat and his other hand slowly lifted, shushing me with one finger. My back was so warm compared to the cold that clung to this guy. Adrenaline burned true my veins as he leaned in and inhaled deeply. Fuck that crept me out. God, he was shivering. And then he mumbled, “it can't be.”

My breath caressed her ear as my angry words bit out hiding the shock her presence had invoked in me; “Why don’t you get the fuck out of here princess, there ain’t nothing here for you. Private property, stay and I may steal more than you are willing to lose, luv”

The strange threat made my heart jump to my throat and my attacker hissed something inaudible under his breath.

Fear clouded my mind “ l..let go of me” I squealed and tried to trust my elbow in his stomach but his fingernails dug in my flesh to greet my now painfully outstretched arm. He trusted it up and let go of my face, I fell to my knees with a cry, down in the mud before him. His grip was strong like I was caught in a Vice that kept tightening on me. He is squeezing the life out of me! I clawed at him and trashed fighting for all I was worth as dark spots darted before my eyes.

And before I could even blink he had swooped my legs from right out from under me. My mouth opened in silent protest desperate to get a gulp of air, lungs protested as all the air left me by the impact of the cold hard ground. “Head forwards!” He hissed as he turned me from my side to my stomach, as his dastardly fingers slid down my body. Bile rose up in my throat fear stole my voice, red hot tears leaked down my cheeks “Get the fuck off me don’t do this! leave me be! Let go! I beg of you!”

Her tone indicated to me she thought I was about to ravage her, and I was rather aware of how my body was pressing on her and how fearful she was. “You think I have no honour, you're rather correct but I am not that kind of monster. So breath easy I’am just robbing you luv” That calmed her a bit before a wave of her anger made her sent humid with her rage. It put a smile on my face, not that she would know I was masked after all. "feisty luv, sorry but that won't help ya." A sling of insults was thrown my way with I courageously faced. Then she made me chuckle by asking who the fuck I was. “Asking a masked man who he is? And you called me daft” I chuckled, I swear I could not help it. She was funny.

Triumphant he fished out my wallet and phone. His foot planted firmly on the nape of my spine pinning me to the ground, giving me just enough room to flop around hopelessly like a fish onshore. He holds me down with ease. It infuriated me “Listen you shite for brains, I have not much... but please be my guest and take what you want. You lowly villain... just please don’t harm me.” fear had won out and was draining my courage yet something about this asshole made me fume at the same time.

He simply dropped my now empty wallet in the dirt like it was garbage, then tossed the inside of my bag next to it “Hum, What I want ye? I doubt you would be so eager to give, Miss Gallagher... However I do know your address, I may drop by and who knows princess, I may take you up on that.” He dangled her Id in front of my face and eased off. 'what did he want? Drop by?!' I could not hold back sobs spilt from my lips and tears and snot dripping down my dirty face.

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