My name was Robin

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I watched her, smelled her and saw her fear. Her tear-stricken face haunted me as her shaking legs made it down the empty dirt road. I had not even left money for a cap. I felt like the bastard I knew I was. It was not that I had given in to my nature, ow no she would not have faced me so brazen if she had seen the beast that lurked behind my taunting words. Closing my eyes I felt those first droplets fall knowing I had called the rain. She would be soaked, scared and exhausted and never would she return. Like a wolf I stalked her, letting my senses take over, informing me of every slight movement she made. Woods gave way to pavement. The urban jungle that was this hunters playground. I had been so lost lately, no goals, no reason to even get up in the mornings but no end in sight so I told myself this was just something to keep me from wandering and doing something even more despicable.

But the truth was I had no fucking inkling why I was trailing her. There had been times in the past that chased people like this, but there was one big difference... They had deserved it. I was the one who would have stood up for a lady like her. Protecting her from the creeper in the woods. I was so fucking noble was I not! I even died for others! Who the fuck was I kidding? I had been nothing but a fool, playing with others lives. I had not changed not really. I was never a Hero. I looked down at my hands, just a thief. I wanted to show the world, Robin of Locksley Robin fucking Hood was nothing but a monster, I beast that devoured the innocent and left only pain in his wake. So why not start with the one who resembled my true victim? My Marion. No, I was just walking her home I chuckled to myself.

Have you ever had the feeling you were fallowed? That tingle down your spine? I knew he was stalking me, for this was not the first time I felt this fear. My body remembered, but this time I knew who I was running from and where safety would welcome me. This asshole would not know what would hit him! If only I could make it a little further. I could already smell the sweet scent of bread, it welcomed me back home.

“Robin? come in! Hey Redbird! We have a Job!” I sighed as I watched her head inside what must be her home, and turned on the earpiece. ''How much?" I had scared her half to death with my stupid actions and I should feel at least bad about it. Yet I did not. Not really, better this little damsel in distress knew there were hunters about then remain ignorant and stupid like a sheep. "one thousand up front, sixteen after delivery" Let her save herself... The voice of my accomplice washed away my dark mood and became something of a conscience. “Do you want me to get out of bed for that Ash?” Yes please, let me pretend I’m not this monster for just one more day. One day then another and another, that is how we erase that red from my ledger. "Let's not pretend you ever sleep boy" “I bless and curse thee, Robin of Locksley, for all the lives taken by thou hand, for those you will wander.”

My father was standing behind the counter. His pepper and slat hair popped out from all angles from that idiotic hat. He wore it proudly but the smile dropped the moment he looked me in the eyes. “What in the high heavens got you so rattled? You look like something the cat dragged in.” His arms were already wrapped around me. His partner Jerry chirped “Ben, Miriam is crying!” Ow shit... “Who is it we need to teach a lesson my Marrybug?” Jerry’s voice was sweet and caring but I knew that if I had a name to give that person would not walk again. See my father used to be a lawyer, he did a lot of pro-bono work, and Jerry for one still thought he owed my dad. There were a lot of people my father helped and felt that way. People called them thugs, and us scum by association but for me, they were just my family. They had kept me safe, taught me well, sheltered me. “Its... It's nothing I was mugged and I’m a little shaken that’s all.” My dad went into full mother hen mode. No, I had nothing but a couple of bruises and yes I would go to the police first thing in the morning. No, I did not need an escort... I needed a hot shower.

“Camera’s are down your on Robin!” As if that was my command I released my arrow, the soft rustle of the rope that fallowed as the iron shattered glass and dug itself into the sealing of the building across from me. I did not even test the rope, my feet just left the ledge. And for a moment I felt free as I was carried true the air over that zip-line with just my bow overhead to keep me from plummeting down. I did not even feel the sting of the glass. This was what I was made for. How I lived how I kept myself semi-sane. Still descending I dislodged my bow my back hitting the ground in a silent doge roll. Fluent I found my footing and smacked the guard who peeked his head curiously around the corner alerted to the sound of breaking glass right in the face. My hand muffled his scream as I pulled him true the open door. Moments later he was unconscious in my arms. I let him slide down lay him casually against the wall. Dislodged the arrow and put it back in my quiver, only a broken window and a knocked out guard left in my wake.

“Ash do you have eyes on this floor?” I whispered. Her voice echoed “You will have company in 10 seconds” My hand traced the cap of my hat and made sure my sunglasses were on, I pulled up my mouth mask knowing my face was hidden well. I inhaled and smelled two distinct male sent’s... human sweat, adrenaline a hint of excitement. Trained both of them, no real fear amt up for action. My elbow smacked one in the face the moment he skitted around the corner, as my free hand found the other hair blindly. Using the speed from that hit, to yank the poor guy by his hair against the wall face first. I could hear his nose break and he slid down like a sack of potatoes.

The smell of blood hit me as hard as my punches hit those poor lads. The one I smacked in the face was only dazed for a moment and retaliated by a hard kick to my sternum. I flew back, my back hitting the wall, air escaped me. I smirked and shook off the blow. My hand found the arrow seamlessly, relentless in my precision a dance I had done for over a thousand years. I dove down slamming the sharp tip into my opponent's foot, and in the same graceful move I stood up trusting the top of my head right into his chin. Before he could even let out a holler he to dropped. After I checked if I had not done any irrefutable damage I dragged them out of direct sight and went on my way. “Ash? Any more surprise visitors to be wary of Luv?” Ash chuckled in my ear and replied with a nope all clear.

I was in and out in less than ten minutes, a plastic computer stick thingy in my hand. That shite was for Ash to decipher. Leaping true window’s and kicking arse was no problem but ask me to enter a passcode and I’m as helpless as a baby’s bum. Well for a thousand and a bit-year-old immortal I’m rather new age I tell you! And for the hard stuff like operating a television, I have Ash and her instructions. You know click the red button to close. And move cursor to the right upper corner.

You see I’m not hopeless. And I was in a much better mood now. Free running towards the rendezvous point with the sound of sirens that were heading towards the building I just left! Yeah, that was the life. I used to live for the look on the face of the crooks I stole secrets from. Giving back the hard-earned money to the people those entitled prick stole from. Now? It was just what I was good at, what else could I do? My condition would not let me get close with mortals, So operating from the shadows was something that worked. This way no one would know me, no one would miss me and I would not miss them in return. The Shadows of those passed were more than enough for me. So without even showing my face to my accomplices I just left what I stole in a locker box at the train station, or handed it to my little minion without showing my face. So I would be gone without a trace.

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