My name was Robin

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“Have you heard the news, my daughter?” I chuckled hearing him say the words he used to lure me out of my room as a teenager. I loved Christiane Amanpour she is such a brave journalist and she inspired me to work hard and follow my dreams. My dad used to tape her interviews for me and we watched her diligently. I wanted to be a journalist just like her! I wanted to write, and travel to reveal scandal and intrigue. The power of words always fascinated me. Even if I do not have her flair I do have passion and tenacity. So you may think that I am a badass who works for CNN or something. Sorry to disappoint, I have not made it that far just yet I’m just somebody who mostly edits columns for the local newspaper. The only real journalism I practice is my little passion project; a blog I work on diligently in my free time.

Coffee in hand and absent-minded I dropped into our old sofa, not really paying attention “Dad can you drop me off at the police station later today? I need to make a report...” He shushed me! He never shushed his precious little angel! “Listen!” I turned to the t.v dad turned up the volume.

Now live over to our reporter on scene. “Thank you, Dirk, as you all can could see there has been a great disruption around the appointment of our new Lord Mayor Nolan, who was elected by the council to be the new Lord Mayor of our fair city of Nottingham. A group of Hackers has hijacked the broadcast and kidnapped him on live television!”

I watched the fade-out with open mouth hackers? Kidnapping! The images switched to a red-faced Nolan who was working himself into a frenzied serenade about integration as the projector behind him static-ed and no longer showed his face but a clip of the good man dancing with a young girl who was probably hired and high as a kite. His hands skimmed down her inappropriately revealing dress. And I highly doubted if she was a day older than 16! Trying to avoid his groping hands she spoke to him in a softly accented voice in a language I did not understand.

Then a voice from the crowd shouted: “Look at the man you elected for Mayor! What a great man, an example for you all!” You could see panicked faces of security and curious onlookers searching for that accusing voice but no one seemed to be able to find the source. A dark silhouette dropped down behind Nolan something resembling a bow in hand, face hidden behind a cap and dark glasses, the only part of him that was visible was his nose. He was attached to some kind of rope by his... Uhm... bow? The rogue held a knife to the Mayor's throat on live television! I shifted on my seat my hands clenched together.

Then he shouted: “This Lord arsehole, loves to blackmail young lassies who do not even speak our language well yet! To give him nasty favours in exchange for Visa’s! Nottingham! Is this a man you wish to follow? A man who extorts favours from the most defenceless in our society! Those without a Voice! Well, we voice their complaints to You tonight Nottingham!” He moved so bloody fast it was almost a blur, with one precise blow to the head the man lay in his arms, head lulling like a rag doll! He wrapped the cord around the beer belly of his quarry and with one tug of that rope they were both lifted into the air and the lights went out at a moments notice. Panic erupted from the crowd. And the reporter faded back into view. This must be a stunt right!? For stuff like this only happens in movies with at least a Brad Pitt or other over-payed A-Lister.

The next shot was from a while later, Nolan was bathing in light a close up from his muzzled face as he dangled above the room tight like a Christmas turkey with a green card around his neck. An arrow stuck proudly between his lips like the rose in the lips of a tango dancer. He was squirming and red from anger. His team was combing out the area and help was underway. I thought they should rather send the cops. But this was nothing but terrorism right? No way that clip was real. Pure slander... still. I hoped at least the cops would investigate. This man had already all the support he needed to be admitted into office... My dad’s lips were slightly white because he had them pressed together so hard.

“I hope this was just some nut-jobs if not... well something really rotten is about to be uncovered and I fear it will not end with Nolan. I do not know if we should applaud that guy or hope he gets arrested real fast.” I felt much the same, and I wanted to know more! I wanted to know about him! He could be my ticket! Any reporter wet dream! “I am going to interview him one day” I mumbled.

I changed out of my ‘work cloths’ tussled my hair, and dismantled my bow, tugged it with my other burglar tools back into my backpack. I smirked at how easy it was now to carry around this stuff, for I could never have imagined the day you could simply fold your bow to a size that would fit a bloody bag! Technology was a great marvel but also a hazard for sure. It was so easy to be caught one tiny mistake and not only my criminal escapades but also... un-normalcy would be plastered all over television much like I had exposed that Lord Mayor.

“Robin, you made headlines today” Ash's voice rasped out of the ear-peace. Ash was a middle-aged lady, who loved to pester me at all hours I swear it was her hobby to startle me. She could literally haunt everything electronic! She took over my phone, computer even television and could make cars appear as they had their own mind. Yet I had still managed to keep most of my secrets well secret.

Also, Ash was probably not her real name. She did not sound like an Ashton or Ashley or something that sounded Ash-like. “Listen Dimples all I did was hoist him up in the air you worked your magic getting that clip from that flashing drive” “Flash drive lord 19th century! How can you be so bloody hopeless like a newborn pup?" I chuckled "I'm an old soul Dimples. Anyway, great work you know what to do with my share." "Robin how long will you play for Hood? Why give every bloody penny to the lost and hopeless it's a bottomless pit you know." "I simply believe in charity, and I have more than enough." I turned off my tracker and earpiece I did not need to hear her say her bank account could work just as well as my new bottomless pit. Besides that work had made me hungry.

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