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The Underground Summer

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Goblins dancing, foren music, two Kings of mischief, two Queens of magic. We all have a story but some are ment to be kept quiet.

Fantasy / Mystery
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Childhood Friends

I wake up to the usual, people yelling and screaming down stairs in the inn. I get up and get dressed. When I'm done I go down stairs, and out the door to the stables. I see my brothers playing and smile, they don't normally get along. I grab the pail and fill it with grain for the horses.

I then water the horses and turn to my horse Nightmare. Shes a black horse with a mane that twists into curls, that reminds me of the storys my grandmother tells. I start walking over to get a brush when I get hit in the back of the head. I know exactly what it is and turn around to see my little brothers hiding, like two little goblins, behind the end of the stables.

I am slightly grateful that this time the horse crap they threw at me was dry, but they were still in a world of trouble. I walk over to them and look them down. They look up at me and Liam the younger of the two grins nervously. I have a cold look on my face then ask who threw it and if it was on accident. Josh said he was trying to hit Liam but missed and hit me.

I smile and tell them to go play in the back were they are less likely to hit someone. I then saddle Nightmare and get on her back. This was my usual routine and everyone was used to it. I ride into the woods to the small clearing at the base of the mountain. I don't half to tie Nightmare because she doesn't run off.

I'm there for a good amount of time when Nightmare starts to paw at the ground. Out of nowhere she rares into the air and takes off, only to be stopped. A stranger has grabbed her reins and calmed her. I'm on my feet by now.

"Who are you?"

"You don't know?"

"I believe I don't sir?"

"You will, just ask your grandmother about a tall gentleman."

He was tall now seeing him as he handed Nightmare back to me.

"Also can you give her a message for me?"

"Well I see no harm."

"Tell her, It's time."

After that he left with a goodbye and I went home. I put Nightmare away and went inside running to my grandmother's room.

"Dear god child why are you...", She studies me for a second after I slammed the door and then continues,"...Running?"

"I have a messenger from a stranger for you."

"They didn't give you a name?"

"When I asked they told me to ask you about a tall gentleman."

Her face pales.

"What was his message?"

"It was two words, It's time."

My grandmother stands and looks at me.

"I guess it is....sit down child and let me tell you a story."

"But haven't you told me all your stories?"

"All but one because I didn't think you had the gift......but I should have figured."


Long ago there was four kingdoms one for each season. But over time generations skipped and didn't have the ability to claim the throne. For you see if you wanted to claim the throne you needed magic in your blood but the kingdoms magic only passed in certain ways. For the kingdoms Summer and fall the heirs to the throne had to be male, for magic only passed through the males. For the kingdoms spring and winter the heirs had to be females, for magic only passed through the females. There was normally a bond between two of the royals for each kingdom. And only once in history has the kingdoms bloodlines ever mixed. Those kingdoms were spring and fall. They say that the heirs of this generation are to be the most powerful.


"My child you know one of these heirs, you were childhood friends."

"I don't remember having any childhood friends."

"That's part of the underground kingdoms, when you discover who you are some people wont remember you."

"Not even their families?"

"No their families remember them. I mean like people who weren't there every day and night. Tho you two were close."

"Grandmother what does this half to do with the guy in the woods?"

"That's him the kid you used to be really close too..."

She frowns and tells me, that there is something more important to tell me. Sadly it will need to wait till morning or mother will be mad at her for keeping me up. I head to bed but when I fall asleep the guy in the woods appears before me. He asked what my grandmother told me. He looks at me and sees I'm confused.

He explains that he is able to enter my dreams but not for long. I tell him what grandmother told me and he frowns. He says he wishes he could tell me but it's not his place. He say goodnight and vanished from my dreams. When I wake up I do the usual but instead of going riding I go to my grandmother's room.

When I entered she said she would head down stairs in a bit. She looks at me and still has a small frown on her face. She says she doesn't know if I'm ready but I need to know, and listen. She then says I'm the hair to the throne of the winter kingdom. She says I have magic but it can only be activated; by the previous Winter Queen or another royal.

She says she can activate my powers because she is the last Winter Queen. My grandmother has me walk over to her and she moves her hand onto my chest. Her hand is rested right below my neck. When I feel a sharp pain and after a minute, collapse onto the floor unable to move from the pain. After an hour of laying there my grandmother softly touches my shoulder.

The pain had passed moments before and when I sit up, I see white strand of something next to my face. I grab it and realize its my hair. My grandmother says my hair wasn't the only change while grabbing a mirror. She hands me the mirror and my lips gap. I look at my reflection and I don't see a girl with green eyes and black hair.

I see a girl with white eyes and white hair. I look at my grandmother and realize that she is the same. She smiles and says we look normal to the people around us, unless they are one of the kingdoms leaders. My grand mother says she can teach me my magic, and how to control it by the end of two months. She says there is no rush and that it will be hard.

I except.
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