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The Søren Trials

By Doohl All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Fantasy


A group of unprepared boys must race against time to secure an ancient and powerful artifact before it falls into the wrong hands. A highblood girl is caught between saving her family and fulfilling her duty to her country. In a faraway land, a tribal girl suffers through the Tests of Adulthood, a scarring and traumatic ritual that kills a third of all tribesmen before they reach Adulthood. Meanwhile, political tensions grow between the Five Kingdoms of Videslev.

Optional Intro

Before Eternia, there was Atmos; a broken world lorded by God, a cruel, omnipotent being who tore his world apart with an endless war between good and evil. Fires burned the lands for millennia, and chaos ruled supreme. God and his archangels observed idly since the dawn of time, waiting to see whether good or evil would dominate this conflict. No victor would ever emerge.

It was our father, archangel Kraus Eternia that decided to rebel against God. He could not stop the war on his own, nor could he save the doomed world from the damage already done. He elected to gather his three-hundred most loyal angels and flee the universe of Atmos forever. Tearing reality asunder, the All-Father lead his cohorts into the endless beyond.

It was then that our world - and our ancestors - were born from within the grasp of his loving hands. A world untouched by the unimaginable evil of Atmos. And the angels saw that it was good.

Eternia is a fantasy, Earth-like world home to many different kinds of people and species. It is primarily dominated by humans - a race of sentient creatures created in the image of the angels, capable of using Magic to bend reality and shape the world around them.

There are many large - and small - continents in this world, each separated by their own “barriers.” These barriers were put up to isolate each continent from its neighbors, in order to prevent the catastrophic wars that plagued the world in its early years.

Among these continents is Videslev - a very cold land roughly inspired by real-world Denmark culturally and geographically (only slightly). It is about 430,000 square miles in area, and is the primary setting of The Søren Trials. Thank you for reading!

(Geographic map of Videslev circa 1530 A.C.)

Political map of Videslev(Political map of Videslev circa 1530 A.C.)
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