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The Mystical Prince And The Pauper

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Emira Evans, an 18 year old high school student transfers to a new school where she makes herself a new friend. Curiousity gets her on her first day as she finds herself following her new friend behind the school yard to the school's greenhouse. What she finds there surprises her beyond measure, but what will her new friend say and think of her when she catches Emira spying on her? Crowned Prince Nicholas, an honourable young man is left intrigued when his younger sister brings a strange girl into their world. But what's he to do when he finds himself connected to this young woman? Cover by: sparkle_980

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Emira’s POV

“You’ll be fine, Hon. Just take a couple of deep breaths.” Mom softly coaxed.

Taking a deep breath in, I felt my lungs starting to burn in suffocation before I let it out. My chest and lungs instantly felt relief, also making my nerves calm down at least for the moment.

A boy about my age, wearing the same uniform as every other boy I’ve seen so far from the school, except his consisted of a black blazer instead of the royal blue of the school, walked in our direction. He stopped in front of Mom and I with a small, polite smile.

“Hello, I’m Xavier. I was sent to come and take Emira Evans to class.” He politely explained.

“Okay, thanks.” I smiled appreciatively, before turning to my mom, my heart beating at such a fast rate as my hands became sweaty.

“It’s alright, my Love.” She reassured, leaning over to press a gentle kiss onto my cheek,” You’ll have a fantastic day, I know it.”

I shakily smiled and gave her a nod,” Thanks for the encouragement, Mom. I guess I better go before I’m late.”

With that, I got up on shaky legs with my school bag tightly clutched in my sweaty palm.

“Have a good day, Mrs Evans.” Smiled Xavier before leaving the foyer with me at his heels.

The school was so huge that I forgot about my anxiety for a second as I admired it. Its history went a long way, but the infrastructure said otherwise. It was clearly well maintained.

We passed many excited students. Others were hugging their friends and chirping away about their December holidays. Lucky them, my friends are all the way back in Lakewood. I will admit that we weren’t exactly that close but they were still my friends. I have no one here.

“We’re here, Emira.” Came Xavier’s polite voice, bringing me out of my thoughts. My feet have basically been aimlessly following him as my mind travelled through Emira land.

I was greeted by an open door where silenced chatter came from. There were still a couple of students standing in barely maintained lines as they chatted while waiting for their homeroom teachers to come and open the classroom doors for them loitering around us.

“Thank you.” I smiled, but I could feel that my lips were loopy and that my smile would fall at any moment from the nerves.

“It’s alright. You are always free to find me if you need anything, or any black blazer actually.” He lightly chuckled,” Well, I’ll be leaving now unless you want me to walk you in?” He offered.

I lightly shook my head,” No, it’s okay. That won’t be necessary. Thank you for offering though.”

He smiled at me with a nod before turning around to leave,” Have a good day and take care.” And he was gone.

My eyes stared in the direction that he took off in for a few seconds before I collected myself and faced my classroom. I took a deep and shaky breath before raising my hand and bawling it into a fist before gently knocking against the already open door.

Multiple eyes simultaneously turned in my direction, making me feel more uncomfortable than I already was. I almost stopped breathing as I awkwardly shuffled in my spot.

“Yes?” The teacher kindly smiled at me.

“Hello, I’m Emira Evans. I think this is supposed to be my homeroom class.” I quietly explained to the middle aged man.

“Oh, Miss Emira. Welcome. Please come in, Dear.” He softly coaxed with a soft, encouraging smile that thankfully helped to calm my nerves. I obediently followed his instructions and shuffled to his side without turning towards the curious eyes of my new classmates. I managed to awkwardly make it to his side even with the, piercing eyes of my fellow classmates piercing through my being.” Students, this is Emira Evans. Please treat her well and make her feel welcome.” His voice boomed throughout the classroom, silencing all conversations.” Miss Emira.”

I shyly looked up at him, avoiding eye contact,” Y-yes Sir?” I slightly stuttered.

“Please feel at ease, Miss Emira. I’m Mr White, your homeroom teacher for the year if all goes well. The rules for my class are simple, you respect me and I respect you. You listen when I talk and vice versa otherwise, you’re free to do as you may as long as it’s not illegal or troublesome, alright?”

“Yes Sir.” I quietly answered.

“Good. Now for the seating arrangements.” He said in thought as his eyes scanned around the classroom for a vacant seat in the already full, clustered room,” Ah, Miss Rosella.”

“Yes Mr White?” A girl with brunette, pin straight long hair with blond highlights tied in a high, tight bun except for the short tendrils that framed her face responded. She had the softest, calmest and most welcoming smile I’ve ever seen. It not only made her look approachable but it highlighted her effortless beauty. Her striking, ocean blue orbs warmly smiled in my direction, making me want to dodge her stare due to their intensity. She filled me with insecurities just by me merely looking at her.

“Miss Emira will be your table partner for the year and as such I expect you to explain to her about what our school entails. Please help her to her classes for today if possible, just so she is familiar with her new surroundings.” He asked.

“Yes Sir.” She slightly nodded in the most elegant and graceful way I have ever seen. Her voice not failing to maintain its rich and calm tone, regardless of how cheerful she spoke.

“Miss Emira.” Mr White lightly nudged me with my shoulder in the direction of Rosella’s table.

I nervously made my way towards Rosella’s table, not failing to feel the constant curious stares of my classmates. I finally made it to my table and plopped down in urgency as to try and ignore as well as hide away from the uncomfortable stares.

“Hi there.” Cheerfully chirped Rosella when my butt touched my chair.

I nervously smiled at her and quietly greeted,” Hi.”

“You’re shy, I can tell. I’m Rosella but you are free to give me a nickname of your choice as long as it not an insult.” She winked, her grin not slipping off her features for a second,” I’d like us to be friends if you’d like.”

I’ll be honest, I was slightly taken aback by her boldness. I mean, the girl is brave. She’s a bit overwhelming for me in all honesty.

“Umm sure,” I nervously chuckled,” I’m Emira.”

“Well Mira, you don’t have to feel shy around me. I’m just too bubbly, but not dangerous. Please feel free around me.” She giggled, her words managing to sooth some of my nerves for some reason. I think she just has a way with her words and not to forget her friendly, bubbly personality.

“I’ll try.” I smiled.

“May I see your timetable?” She politely asked.

“Sure.” I agreed, opening my bag and pulling it out before handing it over to her.

“Hmm, seems like you and I share the same classes. Great. We’ll have even more time to bond throughout the day.” She excitedly squealed.

“I guess that’s true,” I quietly giggled,” May I ask where you’re from? Your accent tells me you’re not from here.”

A look of panic crossed her blue orbs for a second before disappearing just as quick. Her facial expressions however, remained unchanging making me think that it was probably just my imagination.

“I’m not. I just moved here during the year last year and sadly I haven’t exactly made a very close friend during my time here so far, but I feel like with you it will be different.” She softly smiled.

“Me too.” I admitted with a shy smile.

We spent the rest of homeroom learning more about each other. We talked about our likes and dislikes, our hobbies and all those things. Turns out, she’s only a day older than me, what are the odds. We even found that her and I are similar than we thought which was a bit scary as it seemed too good to be true.

“Well time for your first period of the day, English.” Mr White announced from the front, his words effortlessly booming around the walls of the classroom thanks to the deepness of his voice and the firmness and sternness of his tone.” I hope you all enjoy your first day and most importantly, I hope you all BEHAVE. Enjoy your day and I’ll see you all for your last period. You are dismissed.”

With those words, screeching sounded throughout the classroom as the learners left the classroom in a haste. The room was soon left with only a few learners including Rosella and I as we took our time to leave the more or less empty classroom.

“What was that all about?” I curiously asked.

“Well, nearly all the learners fear Mr White. He’s a nice teacher but he surely gained his respect when he entered the school.” She explained with a shrug as we walked down the buzzing, crowded sea of students in the hallway.

We finally walked into a barely filled classroom after being crowded by many other learners. We made our way to the second row and sat down at the large table next to each other. I couldn’t help but to release the sigh of relief from my lips.

“Are you alright?” Rosella asked with a soft smile of concern.

“Yes, I’m alright. I’m just not that good with crowds. With people actually.” I weakly smiled.

“Oh, I get you.” She smiled in understanding.

We spent the rest of the time in silence as the class slowly filled with students. Our English teacher, Miss Williams introduced herself once the class was full and went over the rules of her class as to be expected.

The day went by in a breeze and as Rosella said, her and I got to ‘bond’ more as she calls it. We didn’t do much during the day except for noting down what the teachers would like for us to have for their classes.

We had lunch and I got to meet Rosella’s friends who I’ll admit were not at all bad. They were pretty welcoming towards me. And now its finally our last period of the day for today, homeroom. As much as school was nice today, I don’t think I’ll ever be a fan of it so it’s always refreshing and nice knowing that I’ll be home free soon.

“You look like you’ve had enough for today.” Giggled Rosella in amusement at my exhausted features.

“I’ve never been a fan of school.” I admitted.

“Really? Why?” She curiously asked as the register was placed in front of us. Mr White told us to write our names on it so that they could make sure that they had everyone in our class on the system.” Would you like me to write yours for you?”

“Yes please?” I asked.

Rosella lightly chuckled but pulled her pen out of her pencil case that laid on the table and neatly scribbled our names onto the piece of paper. Her handwriting looked so intricate and neat that it still surprised me, even after seeing it the whole day. This girl was so perfect in everything that it scared me. Everything about her was just so otherworldly.

She passed the folio paper down to the next table before turning to me so we could have a conversation for the rest of the period. Finally after a long but nice last period the bell graced us with its presence by ringing.

“And that’s your last bell for the day. Enjoy the rest of you day and prepare for tomorrow Ladies and Gentlemen. You are dismissed.” Mr White excused us.

Just as earlier, everyone scurried out of the class except for the few of us that took our time out. Rosella and I left the room and stopped right outside the door.

“Well, I guess I’ll see you tomorrow, Mira.” Chirped Rosella as energetic as she was in the morning.

“Yes. Thanks for helping me around today.” I thanked with a smile of gratitude.

“It was my pleasure, besides, what are friends for?” She lightly nudged my arm with her’s,” Well, I better go. See you tomorrow.”

She gave me a quick hug before turning around and mixing in with the sea of students.

“Miss Emira,” Came Mr White’s deep, familiar voice from behind me, nearly making me squeak and jump in surprise alongside my heart even as I turned to him,” May I ask if this is yours? I found it on Miss Rosella and your table.”

He lifted the familiar white pencil case that belonged to Rosella.

“It’s Rosella’s, Sir. I can try to catch her and give it to her.” I offered.

“That would be greatly appreciated, Miss Emira.” He smiled, handing me the pencil case,” Now run along before you completely miss her.”

I smiled and gave him a nod before speedily threading through the sea of students. I know catching Rosella is close to impossible at this point but there’s nothing better than trying, right? Besides, she might need it.

I finally spotted her familiar figure from the distance, in the field. I hurried towards her, just to almost stop at her suspicious actions. She cautiously checked her surroundings before hurrying towards what I remember her saying was the school’s greenhouse.

A part of me didn’t want to follow her, I mean she could be involved in dirty things to be hiding like she is, but another part of me just urged me to follow her. Before I could even think over my next moves more, I found myself slowly following behind her to the greenhouse.

I nervously bit my lip as I contemplated on my next step. Unfortunately my curiousity got the best of me again because the next thing I know is I’m lifting my foot and walking into the greenhouse.

I was immediately engulfed in scents. Some sweet some not as much as I looked around at all the plants in here. I was so amazed as I’ve never seen something like this all my life. The way the sun pierced through the glass roof onto the plants was beautiful. The greenhouse had its own type of mystical feel to it, that said mystical feel somehow filled me with a sense of peace and I will admit that I liked the feeling.

“Got ya.” Came an amused, but hoarse female voice from behind me, making me instantly freeze in my thoughts and in my moves. My heart started racing as my mouth went dry. I tentatively turned around to face the person behind me with my heart still beating in my throat and my hands tightly balled at my sides as they profusely sweated and slightly shook from the fear, shock and nerves.

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