I am Fairy

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On April 14, 2018, Fairy was born. Fairy is a build a bear for Sophie. Sophie has a best friend named Olivia. Olivia has a build a bear named Niki. Niki and Fairy are best friends. They also go on many adventures together.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Birthday Shopping

It’s Tuesday. Sophie’s older sister, Hailey, has her permit and is driving us to the party store. I keep hearing ‘Slow down!’ and ‘Slow into the curve, Hailey’. Whenever Sophie’s mom raises her voice, I can see that Sophie gets butterflies in her stomach, because they might crash. “Stop!” I hear Sophie’s mom scream. The car came to an extreme stop. It was just inches from a tree. “Let me take over,” said Sophie’s mom. In about five minutes, we were at the party store. Sophie unbuckled me and went inside. “We need a cake,” said Sophie as she adjusted me in her arms. She ran to the bakery. “What kind of cake and ice cream did Olivia want again?” Sophie’s mom asked. Sophie put me in one of her arms. She took her phone out of her pocket and pulled up texts. “Chocolate cake with vanilla frosting and vanilla ice cream.” A short lady with black hair came up behind the bakery counters. “Can we get that?” Sophie’s mom asked, pointing to a cake. The lady grabbed the cake and gave it to Hailey. “Could we also get some vanilla ice cream?” The lady got some vanilla ice cream and gave it to Sophie’s mom. “Sixteen-fifty two,” the lady said with a very annoyed and stressed voice. Sophie’s mom gave the lady twenty dollars. “I won’t give you change,” the lady said as she put the twenty dollar bill in the cash register. Sophie set me on the floor and grabbed a sharpie. She wrote THIS on her fingers and drew a bear face on her palm. On her other palm, she drew a bear face with Xs for eyes. “Look, Hailey,” she said. Hailey turned her head. “This is teddy. Teddy says hi. Teddy says clap your hands. Oops teddy died.” Sophie picked me back up and went on buying things for Olivia. Soon we came across a baker set for ages five and up. “I’ll get Olivia this,” Sophie said, grabbing the box. She put it in the cart next to me. We were done shopping now. We walked out after we paid.
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