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Darkling Academy only has two rules. Number one; don't die on the first day. Number two; try not to die over the next three hundred and sixty five days. Hayden Mikkelsen, a seventeen year old, already had enough to deal with as a teenager with a supernatural gift that she knows nothing about, but after she finds a mysterious app on her phone, her world is thrown into chaos as she stumbles across a hidden academy full of elves, witches and vampires. You know, just all the things that could kill you without even trying. And to top it all off, people from her home town, including her one of her best friends, have gone missing without any trace of where they could be. Will Hayden be able to find them, whilst also trying to survive at her new school?

Fantasy / Romance
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Did I just kill someone?

I glance down to my once white shirt that’s now soaked with a dark crimson liquid. I suck a quick breath through clenched teeth as salted tears blur my vision.

No, I-I couldn’t have. It has to be my blood.

The image of a freshly dug burial in the forest flashes through my mind. Squeezing my eyes firmly shut, I bring both my hands to the top of my head and pull at the roots of my long black hair, creating the only pain I feel throughout my numb body. wasn’t me, I don’t remember killin...hurting anyone, and if I had, wouldn’t I remember?

I drop to my cabins wooden floor with a muffled thud and clutch my arms to my chest as my head ponds harder with each wheezing breath in.

Why can’t I remember anything?

With each minute that passes, a new question surfaces from the deep depths of my mind. Questions I have no answers for. After a few minutes...or hours of my thoughts conflicting with each other, I carefully pull my arms away from my wet, sticky shirt and push myself off the floor. The muscles in my legs weaken beneath me as I stand and the next thing I know, I’m colliding with the wall beside me.

Why do I feel so weak?

Groaning, I push myself away from the wall and try not to focus on the pain radiating throughout my shoulder as another image flashes through my muddled mind.

I wobble a few steps forward as I recall the torn-up shoulder pad covered in dried blood. The one that was lying beside me when I had awaken in the forest. A sob falls from my wet lips as the warm tears that I’ve been trying to hold back, freely fall down my paling face.

What happened? And why can’t I remember anything after I left the school football game?

I push my forehead against the door I’m leaning into as I take in short gasps of air, but my face falls forward suddenly as the sound of the door I’m leaning against creaks open. I collide with the cool tiled floor beneath me with a thud.

Pushing my hands against the ground, I pull myself up to see the only light come from the entrance behind me. Breathing out softly, I feel the wall behind me until I hear the flick of a switch. A dull yellowish light bursts throughout the room as I recognise where I am. My red puffy eyes move from the white walls to the bath behind me. My muscles ache at the mere thought of the hot boiling water. With tears still weeping down my face, I turn the warm water on and try not to focus on the dried blood coating my forearms and hands.

Wouldn’t I remember hurting someone, or at least recall something?

My throat closes up as I turn away from the streaming water and move towards the sink behind me. I turn the tap on and let the scolding water run as I relentlessly rub the blood off my bare skin. Through blurry tears, I watch as the last of the crimson water swirls down the cream sink, but my thin brows furrow at the grey tinge still covering my arms. I continue to roughly drag my shaky palm across my skin, but the strange tinge doesn’t wash away to reveal my usual pale complexion.

I move my eyes up to the foggy mirror above the sink but stumble back at what I see gazing back in the reflection.

My eyes widen.

I bring my wet hands up to my face and gently rub them down my cheek, removing most of the dirt stuck there. My eyes water at the site of the small, ashy symbols covering various parts of my skin. I stare straight at my reflection and notice my usual pale blue eyes turn a bright glowing violet colour. A strangled cry rips its way from my throat as I gaze at the inhuman thing in the reflection.

"Whats happening to me?”

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