Death and his Maiden

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If you told Katherine that she would marry death himself, she would have said you were crazy. Now on her wedding day she cries beneath her viel and cowers from the being that would be her husband.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1: The Wedding

The attendant draped Katherines delicate white viel over her face and as the soft fabric hit her tear stained cheeks she made no movement other then to brush the nonexsistant dirt off of the front of her pearl white dress. It was a beautiful thing, with a long skirt that fell to the floor in elegant waves, the silver trim giving it a certain air of class. It was a dress that any little girl who thought of marriage would dream of and she hated it with all of her soul.

The off shouldered top made her skin feel bare and cold, the lace sleeves kept getting caught on her nails, the waist line was too high, and of course there was who she was marrying. How he would surely admire her in such a dress. Part of her wanted to ruin it somehow, so his soulless eyes would not see her as beautiful. The only reason she refrained was because the attendant would surely try to stop her.

Katherine sighed then glanced back at herself in the mirror to find a cracked reflection staring back at her. She let out a yell of frustration before swiping at the contents on the vanity, letting out a wince as they all came crashing down to the ground. That was when a woman peered into the door of her dressing room with a kind smile.

"Katherine?" She turned back to find her self staring into the bright green eyes of her sister in law. "It's time."

She sighed while she stood up, the attendant going to hold the train. "I...I am ready." She choked out.

Life frowned, coming into the room. She was a beautiful woman with soft tan skin and long white hair that was covered in orchids. She was wearing a short green dress with a large rose on her shoulder. "Katherine you don't have to go through with this if you don't want to."

"I made a deal."

"If you say so.." She held out a hand for her and she took it with a sad smile.

It should have been her father walking her down the aisle of this dreary gray church but he couldn't bring himself to do it. He was sitting towards the front, looking uncomfortable by himself in the Pew. Katherine found herself looking at the priest instead of the man she was supposed to marry, taking in his clean white robes. Did the Bible apply to such a creature? She wondered as she turned towards her fiance, soon to be husband.

He was wearing his usual long dark robes with his hood covering his head. The dim light only revealed his skeletal features as he stared down at her with an eyeless dark gaze. She barely heard the priests words as she stared at him until he said "Does anyone object to this union?"

She could see her father start to stand out of the corner of her eye, but she turned her head slightly to him and shook it discreetly. It was because of her future husband that he was still breathing. She did not want that taken away. He sat back down.

When the golden ring was slipped onto her finger she tried to suppress a shudder at his rough touch. Soon it was time. Time for her to pledge herself to him.

"Death." The priest said lowly "Do you take this woman to be your bride?"

Deaths gaze never wavered from hers as he donned his human disguise in order to kiss her "I do."

He turned to her next "And do you, Katherine, take this man to be your husband?"

She could feel fresh begin tears run down her cheeks "I do." She stated as he began to lift her viel.

"Then by the power vested in me, by the almighty God, I now pronounce you husband and wife."

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