Warm embrace

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When she's at her lowest and doesn't believe what's she wants to believe because then maybe she'd be okay but people keeping telling her "It's not actually real something like that would never happen so stop being delusional." Well what if it is really, and Iit does actually happen?

Fantasy / Romance
Summer Dawn
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Chapter 1

A 17 year old teenager sighs for the hundredth time as she watches as Stiles and Derek get into it on the tv.

Shivering she pulls the blanket up to her chin freezing, she rolls over as she closes her eyes bored and lets sleep take over.


"Shh love its gonna be okay, I'm here now." A deep baritone voice whispers. "Wait! Who are you?" She says turning in every direction searching for the person the voice came from, feeling the presence retreating she starts to panic an overwhelming sense of coldness filling her as the presence seems to retreat further away. "Please don't leave!......Please I dont want to be alone anymore.." she whispers falling to her knees hugging her self.

Feeling arms wrap around her she tenses before realizing it's the same presence as before "I'm not leaving love I'll always be here."


Shooting up panting she looks around to realize she's still in her room. She slumps forward as the realization hits that the comforting voice with such warms arms from last night was just a dream, "heh...guess I really am alone.....look at me dreaming up a presence just so I have someone to lean on. How pathetic." The teen says snarling at her self in disgust. "But....w-what if it was real?" She whispers with a slight tone of hope. 'Pfft real? God, are you really that stupid? Look how pathetic you are thinking that a dream is real.' Her self hate snides at her. 'No one would ever want to hug or even care about someone like you.' Her self hate says. "Shut up!!" She yells frustrated.

Her door swings open banging against the wall her father standing there arms crossed glaring "Do you have to be so fucking loud this early in the fucking morning!? Huh? Do I need to beat the fuck out of you to cement that into your little fucking head for your dumbass to understand!!??" He yells seething, trembling she cowers back against the wall on her bed curling into a fetal position "n-n-no sir....I-I-I'm s-sorry." She whispers voice trembling. Not moving she listens to him storming away grumbling, she sighs relaxing slightly. "I'm always here love" a faint whisper says, her head shoots up "b-but it was just a dream.." she whispers hugging herself "I-I can't take this." She says lip trembling. Wiping at her eyes frustrated she stands up deciding to forget about the voice and dream, "I gonna be late for school at this rate." She sighs opening her closet and grabbing her favorite pullover and black ripped skinny jeans.

Looking up a small smile graces her lips as she stares at the clouds making her way to school 'at least I can escape his furious eyes at school.' Seeing the school a quarter a mile ahead she picks up her pace hearing the first bell ring "Shit!" Running she burst through the front doors as the second bell goes off. Panting she walks towards her locker grabbing her history books before making her way to class.

Walking in she tries to quietly make her way to her seat "I hope you have a good reason for being late Ciara?" Mrs.Coal says not looking from the board writing today's lesson down. Freezing Ciara turns around looking down "sorry Mrs.Coal I had to walk today." She mumbles. "Well take your seat then Ms.Anders." Walking to the back she sits down looking next to her at her bestfriend Dallas, smirking she flips her off "sup bitch" she mouths. Scowling playfully Dallas flips her the bird "sup whore" she mouths back. "Is there something you would like to share with the class, Dallas, Ciara?" The teacher says crossing her arms. Sitting up straight Ciara shakes her head "No ma'am" Dallas say biting the inside of her cheek trying not to laugh. "Don't disrupt my class again or you both can leave, got it?" She says frowning at them. "Yes Mrs.Coal" Ciara says almost laughing, biting her lip she looks down trying to calm down. Side eyeing Dallas, Ciara snorts slapping a hand across her mouth her eyes widening. "Okay that's it, out, both of you!" The teacher says frustrated, grabbing their books they rush out of class snickering.


Ciara's pov.

After getting kicked out we just skipped the rest of our classes hang out at the bleachers laughing. Making our way to the cafeteria we pay for lunch before making our way outside sitting under the tree by the woods next to school.

"Bitch I can't believe he fucked holly!" Dallas says exasperated. Chuckling I shake my head "I told you he was a player, but nooo you don't listen." I say taking a bite of my burger, snorting she shrugs taking a bite of her burrito "well atleast we weren't really together so I could care less who he fucks." She says trying not to snarl in disgust.

"BUT WHY HOLLY!?" She snaps throwing her hands up defeated, laughing I shake my head "cause she's the school whore and he can get it easy." I snort in disgust.

Grumbling we dump our trays before making our way to the restroom. After washing our hands Dallas turns around leaning against the sink "hey wanna ditch the rest of the day and go to our hang spot?" Dallas ask looking at me as I apply chapstick to my lips, shrugging I shove the chapstick into my back pocket "sure, let's go." I say hooking my arm with her as we walk out of the bathroom.


Normal pov.

Stumbling over a root Ciara laughs at Dallas as she catches herself "girl you need to look where you going." She says still laughing. "Ha..Ha bitch keep laughing" Dallas grumbles crossing her arms. Wrapping her arm around Dallas's shoulders they continue walking, "So what are you gonna do about Luke?" Ciara ask looking over at Dallas. Shrugging Dallas looks down "I don't know.." frowning Ciara nudges her "hey don't let it get to ya." She say softly. A small smile graces Dallas's face as she takes off running "RACE YA!!" She shouts laughing, scowling Ciara runs after her.
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