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Auriga thought she was a simple woman who braved through the waters of the business world with her boss. With statistics on one and graphology on the other, she was the kind of assistant everyone wants. But when a group of witches attack her in her office with an aim of killing her, she digs into her past, especially when truths that should have been long buried start to resurface. In just a night, her whole life was turned upside-down and she searches for something to ground herself to the reality she knew. That was not all. Even her handsome boss, Gem, who cared for her more than her family ever did, might not be who she thinks he was. Well, he definitely was not a human who could jump off an aeroplane and survive. But despite everything, despite knowing that he had not been exactly truthful to her, she was certain about one thing: had it not been for him, she would have long died.

Fantasy / Romance
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Nothing fazed him as he walked out of the dim-lit dungeons. Before him, the storm showed the world its might and behind him, the female’s painful cries echoed. One of the two lights fought until the end, and the last one began to panic.

Night had crept everywhere, invading with its army of darkness, winning every battle it had with the day. As its reign grew mightier, so did the courage of the storm.

The female before him lowered her gaze, but her eyes flickered to the dungeons occasionally. When she saw him observing her, she controlled herself.

After a few minutes, the female’s painful moans halted.

“Was that necessary?” the male next to him asked as he leant against a swaying tree.

The strong winds tried to sweep him away in its arms, but he stood there steadily.

“What would you have done?” he asked, folding his arms.

“I would have killed her alright,” another female said as she came from the dungeons behind him. Her white clothes were clean and pristine, as if she did not execute someone just now. “But not the way you did.”

Gem frowned. “What I did was wrong?”

Her white clothes would be a giveaway in the dark night but who would dare to harm her?

She glanced at the other female before she shook her head. “You were just warning some people. I am in no position to comment on it.”

The other female flinched, but she did not reply.

“I know she was involved in the massacre behind the royal family, Libra,” the male said, leaping away from the tree. Just as he did, the tree snapped, and the storm claimed another one as its war spoils. “But what Gem did was harsh.”

“That was not, Scar,” he said, looking at the cowering female. “What I did was nothing compared to what they had planned.”

Scar’s eyes widened. “Don’t tell me that-”

He nodded grimly. “If their plan had succeeded, everything we did in the past years would be futile. I hope you know how high the stakes are.”

Libra frowned. “Why do I feel like you both are talking in a language that I don’t understand?”

“Cause we are,” he replied. “Get going. I will ask Dakshi to clear this up.”

She was about to ask him something, but then she shook her head and disappeared.

“Should we keep it a secret from her? From them?” Scar asked.

“If you tell others,” he said. “It will backfire. We will lose it all. Even you don’t know everything.”

He scowled. “That’s very reassuring, buddy.”

“Get going,” he urged. “I will leave after I have a lovely conversation with Hasseleh here.”

With that, even Scar left, leaving the two alone.

The storm raged on and the sky churned to the beats. Lightning ripped where it came and a peal of thunder followed it. Before the sound could catch it, the lightning fled to another place.

“What do you want to talk with me?” she rasped.

A smirk as cold as the cutting winds crept his lips. “Do you think I don’t know what you are trying to do, Hasseleh?”

She gulped audibly. “You killed my friend, but she aided the ones who wanted the Royal family dead. That was just and fair. What does it have to do with me?”

He smiled sweetly. “Am I a kid that you can fool?”

She froze. “I am not-”

“You were not involved in Royal’s murder,” he said. “But you sure are involved in what I am talking about.”

“Impossible! Impossible!” she whispered as she took short steps back.

He cocked his head. “What is impossible, Hasseleh?”

“Y-you can’t know!”

“I know,” he said softly, unlike the storm he had created. “I know that I should not know, but I can’t help it. In order to keep my family and my lover safe, I would do anything. Even if I had to break the mandate of the universe.”

She gaped at him. “It was you. It was you all along!”

He straightened his back. “Glad you realised. Now, get all your friends who are still trying to kill the last Royal and ask them to flee.”

She clenched her hands, but he had her where he wanted. She could do nothing. She crumbled on the wet ground.

“And,” he said. “You better complete the work Surva gave you. If I see you slacking-”

“Don’t push too much, Gemini!” she cried.

Ignoring her, he continued, “-I have your son in my hands.” Fear resonated in her eyes for the first time in the night. “My hands may slip and... suddenly you will have to arrange a funeral. We don’t want that, do we?”

“You are despicable!”

He shrugged and bent down on his knees, to see her in the eyes. His knees were an inch above the wet soil. Her betrayal was something even he could not take. How could she take it? “Call me what you want, but make sure you do the job given to you. Do it well, and your son will live to see another day. Understood?”

Her body trembled in anger. “Are all of you like this?”

“If they all had their memory,” Gemini smiled. “This universe can’t take it. Now, answer my question. Did you understand?”

“Understood,” she whispered.

He stood up in satisfaction. With that, the Third Warrior who represented the magic of the Moon left.


A/N: Hello, fans new and old!

You can read this book as a stand-alone if you want.

That means you don’t necessarily have to read the two books prior to this book. But if you want, you can find it on my bio with the titles, ‘Aries’ and ‘Taurus’.

Leave your thoughts on Gemini! What image you had of him (from the description and ‘Aries’) and how different it is?

As said earlier, I will be updating Gemini regularly after I finish at least half of Blaze. I just put the prologue earlier so that, if I had random bursts to write Gemini, I could update on a whim.

That being said, hop on and enjoy the journey!

Until the next update,


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