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Chapter 2: Castiel

Cambion Dormitory, East Nicolaus, California, 9:37 AM

In exactly twenty-three minutes and fifty seconds, I will be on the first hunt of my life with an abomination. Fleur Corpis, my partner, probably thinks of me as inadequate. In a way, she is right, because I’m an absolutely jittery, instable mess.

If you let me free, you would be very stable.

Stop. I am fine the way I am.

Says the one arguing with himself.

I need… I need to keep my mind busy. If not, I’m not entirely sure what will happen. I quickly get up off of my bunk and look around the dormitory. All of the other cambions are training or off in the library to study. That leaves me alone with my thoughts and my demons.

I clear my throat and take a quick glance in the mirror. My skin is naturally dark, but it’s washed out in an unattractive way. Dark skin slumps under my eyes. I’m dreadfully tired seeing I didn’t sleep but an hour or so last night, nor the day before.

As I rip my eyes from the mirror, I look at my watch again. It reads 9:42 AM. I have eighteen minutes left until my work with the nephilim. I hope being early won’t affect our hunt, or perhaps her mood. The garage should be open now, seeing as it opens at 8:00 AM.

Sometimes the younger children in the plan wonder why only angels work in the compound. I had a little girl I had to explain it to, just a couple of days ago. She was a cambion, like myself, and her name was Saskia. She was only four years old. I had to tell her the truth. I had to tell the child that our demonic parents were very horrible people, and that we were unwanted.

This story sprung into my mind because of the guards, who are quite obviously angels, who are guarding the entrance and exit of the compound. Angels always have the same stance: they stand up straight and stare straight ahead. Oft times I wonder if they are statues, but I dare not get too close. Angels don’t work with nephilims or cambions, because, although we hunt the rogues, nephilims are still abominations and cambions are still atrocities.

I nod to the guards who continue to ignore me while I exit the main building and enter the garage. Now that I think about it, having an experienced hunter, even if she is an abomination, would prove to be useful despite the almost certain disputes. She would have the certainty of the hunt on her side.

To my surprise, the nephilim is already at the assigned car. It is an older modeled, red mustang that was bought by one of the older nephilims, based on the license plate that reads with an “N” at the beginning. Fleur looks up just as I enter the garage. It is oddly refreshing to see her in a lighter atmosphere, probably because she looked so much more menacing in the dark.

“Hello Casti- Cas,” she corrects herself during the middle of saying my entire first name. She forces an uncomfortable grin and opens the trunk yet again. “I wasn’t expecting you to be early.”

“I, uh… I don’t sleep very often,” I admit. She seemed almost relieved, and I suppose she misunderstood the connotation.

“Neither do I. Come on, get in the car,” Fleur orders as she shoves my bag into the trunk. I walk past her, making sure not to brush her in any way. Honestly, I am terrified.

Of her. You are terrified of a nephilim. If you just let me out, you will never be as pitiful as you are now ever again.

I ignore the voice in the back of my head and flop down into the car. The door slams shut with a harsh jolt to the body of the car, and I realize I’m not being careful enough.

“So it’s true,” Fleur interrupts my thoughts as she starts the car.

“Uh, what’s true?” I ask, absolutely puzzled. We haven’t been talking… have we?

“Cambions and their super strength. You can’t get distracted by anything or you might break something,” she states as though it was obvious.

“Yeah,” I nod, watching as she puts a CD in the CD player. I catch a glimpse of an odd looking “M” on the cover. Sound blasts through my ears and shakes the car. Rock. She listens to heavy metal rock.

Well, this will be a long trip.

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