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–Love is a beautiful thing. I expected it to be mine to own but I ended up taking what was never mine.– – Rules I always kept, held high regards for them, but the only one I could never keep, cost me more than I deserved– – This life was never mine, my heart was never mine, she was never mine but was promised to be mine– – His fate was written but he chose to fight it, run away from it but most importantly he chose forget and run away from me– 💎🔸🔸🔸💎 Gabe, a noble, held at high regards for he has been betrothed to the princess, the future queen and the king's firstborn daughter. He is made to leave his kingdom inorder to train to rule after his return. He trains with his strength and heart,but a voice keeps calling him home. Years later, he returns home to take his rightful place as the army general but most importantly as the now queens husband. Things are different when he returns, the King is at his death bed, the crown being sought after by the royal heir's and him discovering something that the King had hidden for many years. This something/someone, is what begins to question the young Noble's true self and choices. Life for the predictable yet closed of noble is about to turn out chaotic as his very Identity is put to question. Welcome to ¹⁴Walls.

Fantasy / Romance
Age Rating:

⚜️🔸 Prologue 🔸⚜️

It was chaotic. Everything was being destroyed by an unknown entity. The fear in the eyes of the villagers was obvious. Blood reeked throughout the kingdom, everyone trying to find shelter from the power that remained unknown.
In the midst of the chaos, a man stood, motionless, fearless and held a stoic expression.
He stood near the palace gates, completely drenched in blood, but he seemed unbothered by his state.
Looking closely into his eyes, you would see a fire. Not a fire of pain, anger, sadness or vergence, but an actual burning flame, and within that flame stood a woman;a strange woman. Looking at how comfortable she was in that flame you could tell she wasn’t human at all.
Her eyes though, those eyes held more than she was able to communicate.
They were pleading for the strange mans attention, but again, he was looking at her but sadly couldn’t see her.
A strange blast from the palance gates then boomed, all the villagers seemed as though they had stopped their movements.
The man’s eyes then widened, as at that moment he could see the young woman and could make out her distress message.
She was asking for help while reaching for his hand.
He tried to take her hand but his fingers only managed to ghost over her fingers, before she screamed in pain as the burning flame devoured her flesh, leaving behind a black shadow that the man swore he remembered.
Immediately after that, the chaos began to die down. He finally gained his composure as the darkness was replaced by the morning light.
He slowly matched towards the village market, still reeking of the blood that was over his clothes.
The villagers all began to disperse from him in both shock and fear; he didn't mind their stares though.
Loud thumping of palance horses then echoed through the city.
Four palance soldiers began approaching the man. They stood in front of him before one descended from his horse and quickly rushed towards him in shock.
“Master, bless the goddess. We thought you were killed.” he voiced out his disbelief. “You’re needed at the palace by the princess, she is hysterical after she heard the news.”
The man looked at him confused.
“What news?” his deep exhausted voice beamed.
The messenger hang his head low in respect.
“Master, the King is dead.”

🔸First prophecy🔸
"It will be the saddest tale of love ever told throughout time.
The strongest shall no longer choose the weakest, nor shall the powerful choose the wreched,nor the richest the poorest.
Power shall choose greater power. Their union shall conquer all.
Death will no longer be a barrier but the continuation of where it previously ended.
Neither mortal, nor immortal shall break this love that will be known throughout all the ages.
Many will rise and many will parish, for a love like theirs will bring back peace that was once taken away in their land.
The two will not live to conquer but to restore.
Anyone that will dare try to destroy their bond will suffer a fate worst than the king's torture or death.
They shall be made lower than dog's and will be treated as such.
They will drive wickedness from the land and bring back justice to their lands.
The two will not be like any other mortals.
Their births will be as strange as their love and will be continuous until the woman ends it by making the ultimate sacrifice."

🔸Tehe’s Vision🔸
She was blessed by the sun, born of a witch and protected by the moon.
She was dazzling as much as she was beautiful.
Her energy and presence brought joy and good luck to all that accepted her.
In the darkness she found comfort, for in darkness she was protected and safe, and in the darkness, her heart forever would beat.
The love in her eyes was pure but the love in his eyes was selfish. They kept it hidden but even the darkness that witnessed their love knew it was wrong.
What followed after that was tragic. The beautiful love gone in the wind as though it had never existed. Both the lovers were in pain and both hearts were broken but alas both hearts had been deceived.

🔸 Second prophecy 🔸
It came again, that which destroys. Two heart became entangled into two other heart's.
The love that was once pure was made into something of mockery.
Tears, pain, lies betrayal and death.
Surviving the trauma to come will see to it if their love will survive or if it will crumble once again.

Tell me what you think.
Much luv 🐾 dalitsozl 🐾

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